Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ping Pong Partay....!

A lot of open house this past weekend. I even have to skip some of them. Sorry people….! Im kinda tied up. Hopefully I got in. ANYwho… I did manage to catch Amir Din’s open house just now. Near by je.. kat Sg Merab, around Bangi area. Since I don’t know the place so much, I asked my sandal (kecik aka nadya) to tag along with me. She is my sandal cuz where ever she wants to go, ill be the one bringin her there. Tuh sebab namer sandal. Hueee…… I mish her a lot…dah larr jarang datang training… grrrr…..her lil bro muzz also came along. I know where is sg merab till the junction jerk…susah gak nak cari kan. But yet we arrived nevertheless.

They had a really nice home I must say…we were kinda early. On time but people tak datang lagik. So we stall our self. Manage to catch angel singing a siti nurhaliza song I suppose. Tak tahu sangat. They had this ping pong table up front. Lamer tak main oh…gotta try this one. We had lunch with arya. Was fun hanging with her, nina and also angel. Merepek je kejer. Purely innocent. As we finish eating, izzy n family came by. Tak nak larr lepak lamer2 kat dining table. Giving other people chance to eat lak. So we went outside to play some ping pong instead. Back in the days, we use to have a ping pong table at home. Almost every day we be slamming our bats. Those was the days. As we were playing, zamaril n family arrived. azry hitch a ride with them from summit.. I told him I wasn’t coming…he was kind mad..cuz minggu nee je dah kene tipu dua kali…wooohaaaa….!

As they arrived, the party started. wE played ping pong, took some pic and also karaoke session. the others found out a certain someone still sleep with a bantal busyuk...we gat a pic of it too... gaggaaaaa..... Wish the crew was here too…hrmmm…..they are on the other side of KJ I suppose.. as some one said to me recently, “jaoh lar kajang…” errrr yeah it is. thank god I could teleport to usj n kelana jaya easily. Tak lar rase jaoh sesangat…. Lalalaaaaa…. Things people do to work…

Tear Jearker

I don’t know bout you, but I like movies. But my choice of movie are really weird. Just now, I finish watching Bridge of Terabithia. Again..! 5th time I guess. Pathetic..? may be. But who cares. I love those kind of movies. It make you think a lot bout life n stuff. And also it made me cry. Not proud of crying bout a movie. But if the movie happen to moves you inside, can’t do much bout it. Here is a couple of movie that I would watch again and again.

Tombstone of the Fireflies (anime) – award winnner

Bout a siblings who lost their parents in the first world war in japan. They stayed in a cave as the brother assure the little bro that they are coming back soon to save them. As time goes by, hunger starts paying them a visit. As well as illness of malnutrition. He would cook rocks so it sound like he is cooking something till his brother fall asleep. Things war does to people. basically its an anti-war anime. Who say cartoon always makes you fell happy..?

A Walk to Remember

Cool soundtrack, great story line, what is there not to like bout..? It’s a chick movie..? So be it, I love chick.

Children of heaven (Iran) – award winner

Apparently the clip of this movie was showed at SUKMA camp. But the whole story is a bout a little kid lost her school shoe. So she and her brother have to take turn wearing the same shoe they had. He is a runner. One day there’s a running competition where the 1st runner up will be getting a pair of new kicks. So he trains so hard to get number 2. completely innocent.

Bridge of Terabithia

honest relationship between friends and siblings. And also how a kid is push to be responsible person at such a young age... its sad what happen at the end. Just cause of one stupid decision, he suffer a total lost. Blaming himself for everything. I guess you really need to think before you react in life. You might regret it. Leslie “close your eyes, but let your mind wide open”

Ps: annashophia robb’s hair is so cute..and the substitute teacher eyes is like woahh…! opsss….

So there is it… my list of favorite tear jerker movies. As my mum would say, theres several type of movie. The type that entertains you and also those that made you think. a good movie is not how much they spent to make it or how many tickets sales that they generate. But is based on the quality of the acting, cinematography, story line and also dept of the script. Movies that made you think are really an art. Even if it is a low budget movies.

UM Power..!

So it has been a long tiring week.. awhh mann….last Thursday was the famous weekly gathering at esha’s crib.. Sadly I had to skip it cuz I got to prepare a team for the up coming NUSS games. Sorry people.. I mish pita nyte..?! arghhhh……. Gotta blame it on me tho. Hope yall had fun with or without me… since the tournament will be held on Saturday, I have to cancle my trip to atien’s open house at shah alam. Hrmmmm…..

This tournament is actually an Alumni game between UM (University of Malaya) and NUSS (National University of Singapore). Alumni means graduates association. This year will be the 23rd times it been held. And all along, UM team never won for bowling. Hrmmm.. NUSS must be really good. That worries me.. haven’t been competing for ages. Last major tournament was may be 1st Selangor Open 3 years ago..? only time I qualified boys and mens open category.. giler sedyeh kan..? And yeah I do envy all of yall who are still competing in a regular basis but don’t really pun your heart in the game. Almost forgot why I really fell in love with this game. I suppose my time is over.

I was given the duty to get a 8 bowler team ready for the competition. Manage to get rizz, amin, nicky, shegra, wan mat, kka norma n a late entry baby. Most of them knows how to bowl. No problem with that. Its good to see most of them again. Almost forget bout nicky (dayang adlina). Shes actually from Sarawak, and a senior of rubee back in the days. I hate her so much. Dunt ask why.. this gathering was about time. We check out on each other current situation and work description. They don’t change much. Kinda mish them all. Hope we could whack them all. Was worried we don’t win anything. God do help us.

As the tournament goes, I felt like a newborn. Energy flowing throughout my system. How I miss this tingling feeling. 3 events, single, doubles and total of 2 events. I fared well in the singles. Hit a 835. woaw….! Haven’t hit an 800 series for a long time. Wasn’t that good actually, but still I was shocked.. the Singaporeans that played said to me, you must have win a lot of girls heart.. Gasps… “Bhahaaa…..I WISH…!” . I had a lot of support from my fellow teammates. Thankz people…!

So I paired up with rizz in doubles event. He was only 12 pins away from me. He is good, got to give credit on that. In the 2nd event, he played 935 (236, 227, 279, 193).. I was like… Aaaaaaaa… (jaw dropping)… argh snapp…..! thank god he was my teammate. But yet I still envy him.. good job mann…! I suppose being a trainer in fitness first do paid off with your endurance huh..? UM power…! So we won 3 – 0 against NUSS. Glad that’s over. Wish I could bowl some more in tournament like this. Later that night we went for dinner at KGPA. We had roast lamb.

Would like to give a warm thank you to those who came by n support me in pin junction. Among them were, AINA, Anis, Jac2, Emi, ZD, Kean Hoong, Dilla. Luv all of my adek. And my fellow teammate. Next year it’ll b in Singapore..lets get them again ok..?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About the crew

How did the crew happen?
Why only 4 people are in it…?
Is yasser really that dark?
Doesn’t emi felt uncomfortable being the only girl?

these are the type of question, you might happen to ask bout us….we don’t know how we click but I suppose it start when liya (aka liyana) last day as a selangorianz.. were we celebrating her departure..? I dont kno….not to me at least..it was also the day we came to pyramid to give aina a belated birthday presents…..jersy, strap and a SMILE…. WOO HAAaaa…!

Here’s are photo of our unofficial crew back then;

as day go by and several nyte out, we realized it will always be the same people that keep on hanging. Kat radhi corner ker, nasi lemak abg best ker, ili’s cafĂ© kat KJ ker, maner-maner lah…. So as we hanging out one day during the Olympic at a restaurant by the lake, we agree to do it on a weekly basis.. I ask them what name we should call our crew..then mamak kept saying “crew crew…..” budget nak drop my pronunciation. But the joke was on him as emi and udin burst into laughter as yasser sounds like a bird… from that day onwards we were call The Kruk Kruk Crew..!

saying all that, it’ll be an honor for me to introduce every each and one of us.

Emi aka the bosh / dodo / emi emo elmo
born on: 19 september 1989
kampung : Kelantan and Johor
fav food : butter prawn
trademark : big round eyes

she’s actually my teammate (nadri) lil sista. Back then she was like, the quite person during training session. kept a very low profile. You cant hardly mish her in the group. She is with the ‘KEWL’ hair do J… after knowing her as a person in 2004 onwards, realized that she is really a nice. You can talk to her bout anything in ur life but still she would just listen and keep it a secret. She doesn’t share much of her problems tho, but yet she is willing to listen bout ur life story.. that is how unselfish she is. She has tons of my secret lately.. gagagaaaa….felt comfortable talking to her as it would stay with her only..as the only girl in the crew, was kinda weird for her at first. But yet we still treat her with respect (that’s why she is call the bosh) and tons of bullying. Hueeeee…….! She doesn’t get angry at all…. But she do keep it down inside..hope she finds the guy of her life. So to all perfectly decent single guy around, please inquire quickly….!

Udin aka the rawker / si jepun
Born on : 30 october 1991
Kampung : negeri Sembilan and Melaka
Fav food: sushi
Trademark : really white skin (mmg mcm jepun)

He is a really huge guy ok…bigger than me. but yet, he is just 17…woah…..consider one of my 3 Uranium. He’s ½ of the reason I wear a black guitar pick on my neck. An excellent guitarist and a fan of all thing ROCK (music wise ok). from the very first time I knew him till now, he lost a lot of weight… packed with sickness and meds.. I think all those steroid and drugs in his meds are composition as growth enchantment drugs.. bahahhaaa….tak lah, he sick most of the time..been single all his life…till he met a certain someone at SUKMA. I remember this one time I even brought him to meet her in pantai hockey stadium… that was fun.. glad he meet up with someone special.. he been following me around most of the time. I don’t mind, he is like a lil bro I never had.we went to urbascape, to bbq chicken (nadya mum place) n etc. recently he kinda broke 2 of my only SUKMA records (record laen tak nak…! Sibuk jerk…at least leh banyakkan namer Selangor laen…) nevertheless, im really proud of him and his achievement.. hope he is happy with the path he choose in his life. Support him all the way..

Yasser aka the comic / mamak / si melayu
Born on : 6 mac 1988
Kampung : perak and selangor
Fav food : unidentified (mamak food kowt, ntah larr)
Trademark : killer smile

I knew this 4 step walking bowler thru my teammate (jo2). He is a tru mamak… the most laid back person I ever meet. No matter how stress out the situation is, he would keep his cool down and make a joke out of the serious situation. He Is really a comic.. without his presence, the party wont be fun n havoc. I really respect his fighting spirit. When he was studying in unisel Kuala Selangor, he would travel back everytime theres SUKMA training. He manage to make the cut and even hit a perfect game a day before the official practice.. he is also a trend setter in vocabulary. Like his famous “owkayyyyy…” or his si melayu concept. Theres more actually.. he share a lot of story with me Bout ‘stuff’.. frends, family, relationship n etc. even ask me to help out with situations. I could only try my bwest. Tons of scandals I suppose. hrmmmm… He is now in the national youth glad he made something out of his life. Pray he would have a smooth sailing In his upcoming life..

Jaa aka the dreamer / jaahat / si giler
1st breath : 14 july 1983
hood : Penang/Perak and Kedah
fav food : roti jala
trademark : upside down twister eyebrows (mummy said)

errr….this would be bias.. but ill try ok…I know my self all my life. bahahhaaa…. Usually he be the type of person that blame himself on every single thing. Take it to the heart normally. Has around 14 diamonds in the ruff (lil pet sis n bro). and luv them all.. like kids so much.. write sorrow rhyme as a hobby….as a mater of fact all thing in his life is sorrow..life, rhyme, MUSIC….(padan larr suke lagu yuna..lagu2 sedih je kowt) people really misunderstood him as a person. cuz he tend to put a really tough front that make people scared towards him. He stutters and mixes up his words a LOT. He is a tru dreamer.. he dreams of a better life, to be a better person, to be accepted…DREAM ON homie….the rest you could read the bebels written by others…

so there you have it…maybe ill try and do a logo or something…next tyme ill tell yah a story bout the legendary LYRICAL KILLERZ…that would be fun…till next tyme… much luv…..!

late nyte moon light

Havent been blogging for a while lately.. Though I got tons of things to share with yall. I came back late at night and got an early morning ish…owh well, that’s life…I just got to make it up for all the time lost last week. Pluz I dunt want to waste time for those readers who b having their xam in a time near by..go baca buku lahh…

On last Wednesday (I guess), the crew went out for our weekly dinner.. right after training, me n udin went out to pick up mamak and also bosh…we even had a red carpet (red mat) to welcome our bosh…that was fun…but the video wasn’t that clear..boo hoo…

We ate at this place in Kelana Jaya (mya call it Indomee). Within seconds we sat down, 4 person came by to take our order. Woah…..! siap gado-gado lagi tuh… bosh was kinda piss off with this uncle who kept pushing us to order from his stall. That was a turn off. Terus tak jadi. instead me and emi went to the stall beside his…we had butter prawns… YUM YUMM…! While yasser and udin went to the nasi lemak stall way at the end. All along, the food was nice and reasonable.. but the only thing we regret is, the uncle that we ditch earlier on kept walking back and forth saying we all should take from him, much cheaper and tastier..adoi…..! udah-udah larr…..next time jek larr kan.? Dunt make a scene…then yasser said, food from uncle tuh sedap…owh shooot….! NOW YOU TELLING….! Duhhh…but no matter what lar kan, the food was nice and worth going again..tho leh buat gado owh…grrrrr……mmg tak puas ati. if he touch emi, terbalik meja nanti..dont test us yall. cIan kat bosh…tak aman makan..

Imagine this..As we were eating peacefullykan, someone sneeze…”AAahchooo….! Owh sh*t….” it was yasser..it happen all the sudden..habis the food he was chewing kelua to his hand (thank god dia sempat cover idung dier)…eyewwww….virus.. emi beside him and saw it happen. terus pandang tempat lain and kept on chewing.. takot dia pun geli nak makan nanti lak..bhahhhah….we ask for tisu paper larr kan as he was still covering his nose… then the mamak stall said ada yang kene bayar saja. Nothing is for free now… what everlah…cian nengok yasser still covering his nose.. while he finish cleaning up his nose, we found out it smear to his hair, training shirt and also pants.. yukk…! sorry mannn…we had a great laugh that night…

As usual, we had our late nyte photoshoot…apparently, behind the food court was a park. Whoot wot…! On the plus side, it was a full moon..so you could imagine how kewl was the picz….heres are some shots….im saving some of them for a very special project…. Do wait for it…thankz for dropping by…..

the kruk kruk crew

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mummy's bebel....!

as you all know, i wrote something bout my mum recently..
now its her turn to get even n bebel bout me.
(to us young people bebel means describing a person)
hope yall enjoy it...
kutuk later2 k...



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mixup / messup

namkul: hello , leh tak jangan LOFTING...? mentang-mentang larr kat shopping center nieh tak der sign kater no lofting.

eenir: aper merepek nieh..? sign no lofting? bahahhaaa.... LOITERING larrr....!

eenir: owh,he is no longer in the NY kan..? what does he do now..?

namkul: niaga cacing and lintah i suppose...they are really making money k.

eenir: ok, dier COACHING on call ek...? cool larr tuh..

namkul: ternak CACING larr, maner ader cakap pasal coaching lak..aduh....

noris: ........PERTALIAN darah. (meant to say, PERALIRAN darah)

ahse: kiter kener keep all this score nieh, EVERY AFTER GAME ker..?

noris: ....tuh team SUKA ek..? (meant to say SUKMA)

moral of the story is, we all make really stupid mistake..
some may do or say more than once..
sometimes its just in the moment...
sorry people.....

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today I went to KL PAC…last time I was here was with my “chair” and also my “sandal” (aina and nadya). Urbanscape 2008.. This time around its YUNA EP launch.. It started at 3, but arrived there kinda early.. So I hang around.. Manage to catch up with her during sound check.. Actually ngah sit down layan lagu and writing some lyric…Then she came by, ”hye….! awal nyer datang…?”, “just trying to get the best seat.. Thats all…” I said. Actually I wasn’t allowed to be in the set yet.

So I went down. Hang out for a while at the corridor down stairs.. Was working on my rhyme, tgk2 Aunty Anum (yuna’s mum) datang to me, kater “thanks for coming.. jaa dah dapat ticket lum..?” not being disrespectful, but I was memang ngah kusyuk tulis new emotions…so tak perasan orang langsung…usually that’s what I felt when I’m in trance.. It was nice meeting her mum.. I expect some familiar faces will be around to support yunn. Ngah lepak2 lagik, then dad dier lak datang. Aduh, I felt like segan lak. All 3 people of the family came and greet me. I’m just a fan…Thankz for having me around. Went up and terus beratur to get in.

It was really packed owkay…all 250 tickets sold out…mmg tak der chance larr nak selit2…even yuna pun gi beli sendiri tickets for her frends.. manage to get a hold of ½ a dozen of YUNA EP’s. Ramai yang pesan larr, what to do. Opening act from Sundae, Otam..eh2 apsal Paolo Delfino pun ader gak..? He sings nice tunes. Supporting fellow indie artist I suppose. Kewl…..

1st opening act: Sundae

  • When did I fall for you?
  • Fall for it
  • Hati
  • Hilang (kalau tak silap lah)

To tell you the truth, SUNDAE is really lay back tunes that sooth the ear. Apple had this Cool looking head gear on, while Bryan was banging d drum like no one bizznezz….! kewl.. last time I saw them was at la Voix’ de Femmes – Acoustic Nite @ the Annexe Central Market (25th May). Hope to see more of yall… but the only thing wuz tak dapat dengar sangat Anis and Apple nyer voice…tak clear sangat....as you know, Im more into lyric.. Wasn’t much crowd that time around. And people kinda blur with the act.. People! If you like lay back music, do check them out at:


Wanted to take some pictures with them actually. But segan lak.. Sorry, memang nak tegur korang. Tapi tercuak lak.. So just walk by.. next time may be..Fav song in that set is WHEN DID I FALL FOR YOU and also HILANG. Congrats SUNDAE…!

2nd opening act : OTAM

  • BOBA
  • Aku nak naik (dedicate to YUNA)
  • Pulau Perhentian
  • (tak ingat title)
  • Making new friend (that’s the theme)

If I’m not mistaken, he was part of the Urbanscape 2008 acoustic session. Otam voice was really deep…I really loved BOBA…That song really suit him the most…if yall interested, do check out:


After a 15 min break, we were back. People there were a tad bit more massive. Now baru lah nampak 250 people around that area. Late comers I suppose.. yall mish out the bwest acts earlier on… Owh well, your lost..so the performance yall be wating for:

Main act: YUNA

  • Permission
  • Backpacking Around Europe
  • Dan Sebenarnya
  • After Midnight
  • Peer Pressure
  • Rockets
  • Missing Star
  • These Street
  • Blue Sand
  • Deeper Conversation (with violins – mcm Metallica S&M album lak)

The crowd was kinda new and tak giler2 sangat…ntah semuer2 macam control jerk.. biaser larr. I was like them too back then. If you were wondering which one was me, I was at the back sitting leaning to the wall and singing to every each of YUNA’s song.. I must say, tho we knew each other way back when. But I never notice she such a sad person. I don’t know, its how I interpret it. Lovin the lyric anyway..its like :

It’s not her face, that made me smile,

Nor that angelic voice, that made me wild,

But the pain she through, adding to a pile,

A never ending storm, as long as the Nile,


*sempat lak nak letak own rhyme kat sini*

Actually when I gat the EP mcm kinda disappointed gak larr. Cuz banyak lagu lamer. But the quality sound of the EP is 10x better than the DEMO. Obviously…Both ada strength. Demo would be nice if your into acoustic session. Her EP is like the finish product.. They said they work a total of 2 months on the EP. A good job well done. Owh we all got goodie bag.. consist of 1 EP, I mineral water and also 1 cup cake wit the word yuna on it..


Kalau Sundae wat EP launch ader dapat ice cream sundae tak? Ill wait for their EP at least. Ana Raffali nyer ker, Mia pelencia ker. Paolo Delfino nyer tak sempat rembat larr… hrmmm….owh well, may be someother time..My adek still wating for KOKO Kaina nyer album. She’s singed under Jack Johnson kan adek..? Malaysian nevertheless. So I urge all Malaysian, dunt care who is your state ruling party.


If not you might lose it to foreign producers and labels. Tak larr. if people outside this country could appreciate it, why shouldn’t we..? thankz too yuna and bandmates, otam and SUNDAE…what a perfect Sunday afternoon… a total of 420 YUNA's EP was sold that day alone (250 that came and additional of 170 ep's sold seperately). I'll say its a great sucsess...

You Should Hear This (Original Rhyme)

Remember the time, when we were small..?

When everything was honest, we were friends and all,

But now I just do, more harm than good,

Maybe I’m drifting and forgetting my roots..

Hope you could understand the reason I call,

Trembling deep down, it feel that I fall,

Try to stop it, every single way I could,

Ask for your forgiveness, I probably should,

Sorry you have to find out this way,

I was about to tell you, but don’t know what to say,

One thing after another, Ill ended up delay,

I know it’s my fault, the one I have to pay


sorry if I made you sad / cry.

may be I'm just not good enough to be around

hope you could forgive me

Saturday, October 11, 2008

spinnig around....!

Woah…! still feeling the confidant after Thursday charades.. So if your sick of it, plz skip this one..owkay….did came back late last nyte. Tho I hav a 10 o’clock session early in the morn. Yawnnn….! Today gonna be a really long day….we having raya pot luck in ASB @ Subang USJ…

After jumaat, I went to dato’s office to pick up my salary…no one was in..arghh…..! tak per2, so I rush to Actors Studio Bangsar in Bangsar Shopping Complex. Just to get Sundays tickets for YUNA ep launch.. yeah, Ill b going. But still don’t know with whom I’m going with, my scandal tak sure lak lagu sedyeh2.. as I reach there, I saw a very familiar looking person from the back. Also buying tickets. I can’t confirm till she turns around. Yeah it’s her….It was Alis… hahhhaaa… I tot I knew that style of tudung wearing somewhere..

Alis: why are you here…?

Jaa: errr…nutting sajer jalan2….well, the obvious I suppose..

(dalam ati nak gak kater beli tickets for tonight theater..terlambat lak nak tipu)

Why are you here..?

Alis: buying tickets.

Jaa: for your own show…?

Alis: a’ah, buying for my friends, dier orang kirim… have to, since all tickets are sold by them and also kl pac…

Jaa: owh, ok ok….tak taw lagik gi ngan saper…

Alis: nadya tak ikot..?

Jaa: ntah senyap jerk…

Introduced to her frend and then shes off…was nice meeting her.. Humble though she a well known artist now.. She and her band is simply electrifying.. sad to the heart, but I suppose misery needs a company.. I just luv her writings and song…but don’t kno her much as a person.. gat my tickets and off to dato’s place again.

manage to meet up with this piece of GOD’s creation…rays of light from the heaven…? Anyways you want to interpret it ..but I loved it..makes you think how small we are and how naive to say that we know everything…

Off to aina’s crib…shez baking brownies..her mum was there too. While wating for her to get ready, I manage to talk to my adek’s mum..suddenly she said out loud..AINA, letter for you…! It’s the fon bills..well my adek got a habit of missing people so much.. I don’t mind, tapi itz does a lot damage to her allowences. Banyak kener baya bill jerk.. asar kejap. Well basically they gave me a place where they set up for prayers. I don't mind at all. But what I do mind was my head. It was under the stairs..nice place, but I guess they don’t have guest my size so much..they all laugh it out…I relocate myself..its ok, sorry to trouble yall in the first place.

Raya at the alley, felt like something wrong.. like itz was 7, but still tak ramai orang lagik….cuz was running a time schedule.. cuz you kno who, was coming.. the only thing I regret is not enough time for photo shoot..but actually wasn’t feeling like it pun.. pelikkan..? jaa, rather b skipping a photo shoot. People change… after training and LOOKING GOOD, (bahahahhaaa….ask udin why), we went to amer’s aunty house.. the rest of them were already there.. drove by to damansara and had some grub.. they were having bbq..thankz for inviting…there was amer, ili, emi, yasser and nizam.. so itz kinda havoc gak larr.

1st we played declare…this game is kinda intresting..we got to get cards less then 3 to win. Emi is usually the master of it. (me, menang gak, tapi termaen tipu lak kengkadang..tak sengajer k?) With more people, no domination is seen. After that the game we all been waiting for.. HEARTATTACK…! the rule of the game is to remember ur opponent key word, and calling them out if ur card is the same with them. at first we just played for the fun of it.. then all the sudden itz a dare thing.. it’ll be more interesting one said…owkay if you say so…but at least we gotta chose the names our self larr kan..

With 6 people playing, (including Yasser ok, takot tak Nampak lak). We got to remember a lot of names..among the category of names was, (brands, colour, places, hand fon n etc) Dah tuh amik namer pelik2 lar pulak…thank god max 3 syllables jerk.. the person with the most number of cards is the “winner” and is given the honor to do a dare.. part of the dare is:

- do like a chicken (with the flapping wings and everything. Background music the chicken dance song)

- smell worn sock and shoes with 3 deep breaths (3 pairs…..saper lah suh buat nieh.. giler disgusting)

- call up ur crush and let them kno you were tinking of her (pukul 1 or 2 pagi ker giler siot…!)

- call up a guy and talk to him like ur interested in him (bapak gay korang nieh) and say YOU’RE MY FRIEND…!

- call up and ask how to be in a commercial and sound really interested in it. And also say YOU’RE MY FRIEND…!

- Eat a piece of large meat (lamb I guess) without using your fingers and finish it (the meat was cook, but kinda cold…so its hard to swallow)

- Spinning ten times on one spot, after that stand on one leg, 1 hand on ur nose and 1 hand rub ur head…(weih aku pening lagik weih)

(all names are kept under wrap, segan larr kalau tahu saper kener aper..

just know what we did was enuf pain to us)

went back way late.. sorry to all the neighbors, all the participants and also all the people involve in the phone conversation..most of it they call back and said it was just a game. Some was left hanging cuz may be it what they really wanted to do. Sorry for those who puke out spinning in circle (ader sorang), one that felt guilty cuz the other person was not in the mood to play games, one that kacau org study ke…we were just having fun… arghhh….my head is still spinning…

raya charades extravaganza...!

It was Thursday again, so you know what that means….Parrtyyyy at esha’s crib….! Bahahhaaa….itz a weekly get together at Goodyear court 10.. I came by late…. Though I told someone that I might not be coming. I miss out last week’s editions cuz I got this raya dinner with MB or something…that was whacked… I waited in pyramid, just to fetch Yasser.. Glad I went there…SHC !!!…since it was so cold, I walk around EACH floor of pyramid…old n new wing…apparently it took me 30 mins jerk…yet I wasn’t running or walking fast. I luv too walk / stroll around doing nuttin but thinking…..Thank god I was bless a pair of long legs. After had something for break, then we straight away went to our destination…

Yeah2, “The Mamaks is in the house…!” no party is up to standard if we aint around… (perassan jap.. AS IF…!) we had spaghetti and pita meat ball… it was nice…. REALLY…! The pita cepat jer habis.. esha said the new badge of pita is hers…. But all of us have to finish it for her…Tahu pun tak larat….! Im getting as much protein as possible.. mama said next time itz a pita diet….all pita with diffrent2 fillings. Kewl…!

Our game of the nite was charades….! It was and encore from last week.…2 team captains.

In the wall side is mama’s team…consist of :

1st pick amer,

2nd pick siron,

3rd pick was emi,

4th was esha,

5th was eka n

6th was qina…

While on the kitchen side is babah’s team…consist of:

1st pick ili,

2nd pick ME (was pick 2nd tuh...I must be good. babhahhahahaa cowieee),

3rd pick nizam,

4th pick udin and finally

5th pick was Yasser..

I might say, both teams are kinda equal…separating the siblings n couples in the opposite teams was a fair deal…I manage to take the bigg furry dice from my car to use it…baru lah Nampak…! “Mari kita tgk sapa yang kena…?!” clip from P.Ramlee movies..

Kitchen team was really on a roll….we beat them by 4 freaking laps ok…kalau dalam amazing race tuh, kire kiter dapat fast forward larr kan…then we stop for a while tuk menghormati the show…some long faces at the wall side. Ader yang nak balik larr, ader yang nak gi summit larrr, ader yg tibe2 kener balik awal lah esok ader klass… dan dan larr korang…! Meanwhile, Babah was testing the dice. tanyer apsal tak dapat big numbers ek…kecik2 jerk..nevermind dah jaoh dah pun. Tgh2 main pun ader this verse that kept haunting us till today.
Alright larr Yasser, YOU’RE MY FRIED…! We laugh on it even until naw…

Then mama katerr kat nizam…

wah jaoh nyer nizam.. errr 2weeks tak leh jumper esha k..?

perghhh…! blackmail tuh….there were a lot more, tapi tak nak citer lah.. We’re just too good to be true kan…? So oleh kerana the show, we kinda lost our momentum…lagipun jaoh lagik kan..biar lah dierorg…we all could habiskan the game even before the show start.. Tapi tak nak blood spill ker aper ker, kite slow down a notch..pluz kalau tak bagi chance tak leh maen dah, maner larr tahu siron teluper bwk game ker, semuer2 bz ker….it could happen kan…? So just let them catch up larrr. Well that’s what I think. Its my blog, I cakap larrr aper2 pun..Whooot wot…! It was so hot I just need to took off my baju melayu..cuz team kitchen was


At last, they manage to catch up (its about time…! Penat nunggu owh). Sajer jek bagi menang kan..beat us by 7 paces. Biaq pi larr, at least leh datang lagik…suddenly all heaven break loose…the wall team, ek tuka2 the WALL – E team (ramai yg ader huruf E dalam namer dierorg, except fo mama n qina I guess) was all jumping up and down and dancing and such…we just happy to give them a chance to smile again. Pasal dah tinggal jaoh kan..bg chance larr, nagih lak kang….earlier on I did mention it’ll be a nice day to blog…! Not cause we were winnig ker terlampau terre sesangat ker...just Cuz I got to spent with all you special people…. Thankz fo makin me apart of it… MUCH LUV...!

Team Hell's Kitchen 0 - Team Wall-E 1


cowiee kalaw tekasar bahaser ker aper...
itz not arrogant, just confidance..!


Thursday, October 9, 2008


Is it fair to you..?
Just because I’m the most understanding person around,
So all my emotion is put aside to cater for yours,
Though every now and then I took it all in,
The beatings, all the frustration, the insecurity,
I don’t mind at all, picking up the broken glass,
Because I cared a whole lot about you,
But I’m human too, may be my life is not as important as your,
Nevertheless it’s my life,
I’m honor to be given the privilege
To hear things that happens in your life first hand,
Its not that I didn’t hear every single word you say,
Just that it’ll take me awhile to digest every single word given..

Should I just drop everything in my life and come running to you..?
Well, May be I should if I could,
If I were ought to listen, how could I recall all the things that has been said years ago..?
I need you more than ever now,
I mish those 4 lil words , “how was your day..?”
we need each other, even tho sometimes we make each other angry,
May be I just stop being someone else and just be my old self.
that will take my smile away for good...

a person is not what they are on their last conversation,
but how they are through out the time you know them