Monday, December 29, 2008

lyn n eddie's wedding

These are the names printed on the cards given to us. i was like, owhh.... never thought they have those type of nick name before. To those who still at blur, its Shalin Zulkifli and Azidi Ameran's wedding reception. Better known to us the new bowling generation as akak alin n abg zd. Was held at the TM tower beside my varsity in Bangsar.

As i finish my work at 7 in uptown, straight away shower , dress up and blast off to the place. Fetch rawker on the way. it started at 8. manage to arrived on time. Around 700 people was invited. they even have to open half of the number of table outside. especially for the bowlers. its all good coz the dinner is buffet style and all the stall is outside. im missing my crew tho. bosh and comic ain't around. if not it sure be fun. but nevertheless, had a great time hagging with rawker. and those wicked story we talk bout. forces of evil...bhahhahahaaa......

most of my diamonds in the ruff are working that particular night. either usherer, guest relation, and etc. so we didn't really gat the chance to hang out with them. just a bit here and there. and some pic sessions when its all over. everybody who is anybody in the bowling circle came and celebrate the occasion. so many familiar faces. they grew up well to a better life. it seems like yesterday that they are still bowling in junior circuit.

but still there is some had to miss out this event for either work related or off to holiday reason. understood. after all that we went to pick up the tshirts and trophies for super classic to send to summit. Abg din was all stress out. i could understand. sorry i cant be at help so much. but i tried my best to do it anyway. to the crew i mish yah all mann...biler nak menggiler lagik woiii....! to the kriptonite, haven't seen you for so long. heres are some pictures i manage to get from my camera. hope yall enjoy it

one of the 3 set of dressthey had to wear. looking nice yall.

me and my partner in crime. she be off to germany for a month. gonaa miss you miow2..!

the pwincess and the rawker...!

datz DINA - dangerous in normal attitude..
me joining the dark side.
n udin. why you texting mann..? hahhah

Sunday, December 28, 2008

nicey not

Have you ever herad the term good guys finish last..? Nice peple don’t always get recognized but badd people always do, regardless of what they do. If they act the way they are (bad), people will say. And once in the blue moon that they are nice, people would notice that they are nice after all. They even being celabrated as heroes now and then. But if being nice is your nature, people will take you fogranted while others will take you for a ride. Once in a while when they compress so much pain and suppression, they explode. And people will say they aint that nice after all. So you tell me. It is worth being nice..? not saying im nice or badd. Who am I to judge myself.

It brings you down to find that you,
Have lost yourself in a world that’s gone wrong.
If only I could find the answer,
Than life will be a brand new day..

Chorus by Cydal Bank’s - Tragic Exhale.

So what if im label as a naughty , badd or nice person. Aint none of that matter. Cause we live in a mess up world after all. So be it.! Im just keeping it real.


Recently me n all the other FI in my club went to a photoshoot. Its for this potrait of us individually to be hang at the wall of our workplace. It took us a while to get there as it was in Kepong. I did ask ti2 for the direction of the place. But it didn’t help much as we miss the junction. There was several route to get there. But we ended up getting ourself lost. Hahhahaaa…that was fun. And they commented my driving… awsome yaalll… ill be glad to drive yall to the next outing (if yall dare). We had fun getting there.

The photo studio looks creapy enuf. But it’s a place of art. Felt belong for once. Not cuz im about to be taken photos, but the art work they display on the wall of their palce is so frikingly awsome mann.. its like me in an art museum / showcase or something. Took turn taking our potraaits. Same pose and around 8 - 10 takes. Out of those we could only pick 3 of the best.. owh snapp…! Dah larr kene pakse senyum (something I rarely do when taking pictures). It turn out well. But we don’t have the legal right to take it with us. Owh well. Just got to wait till its readdy rite.. whenever will that be. Got back to the club just in time before it started to rain. We should do this often.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My I (Original Rhyme)

Felt so vauge, but yet so near,
The vision of you, always seem so blur,
Further you go, my heart will always fear,
Restless over again, try to hide away this tear…

So I just kept quite, so nobody know,
One step at a time, try to walk so slow,
Maybe ill look at you, and just say hello,
Just waiting my time, and act like a scarecrow..

Try to change my ways, this mess has already smear,
Think you should stop now, been said by all of my peer,
But still I wait, untill its all clear,
The sound of your voice, I just got to hear…

No matter how hard, the wind shall blow,
Or the blistering sand, down at my toe,
Came along way, cant just simply say no,
So I still keep waiting, for you to show…

21 december 2008

bring it back...!

Yesterday was the 1st day of shalin cup 2008. Owh boy I wasn’t suppose to be around. But I thought that I rather to spend my off day with the crew n such. I mish them a lot.. Rays was wearing the bday tshirt I gave him. Glad he liked it. Liya came around. Mish her a lot tho. Gave her this FF baby t. shez d only one that fits that particular size. Seen a lot of my diamond in the ruff. Rinee n fefe, PJunction crew n others. That should bring back some memories..

After a movie, Rawker brought us (me n azry) over to Rasta at ttdi..ya mann…dat wuz nice…havent been hanging wit them for quite a long time. Heard dat bosh gat a new hair do. Cant wait to see that.. PARAMORE…..!

Later today I caught up wit the comic. He just came back from penang. Great to have you around again mann..all star is a bust. But it just started. I havent been in the circle for along time. Those were the days.. How I wish I could turn back time.

I got tons of stuff to write n rhyme. But its like I never gat enough time these days.. ALASANN…! Gotta try to say yes once in a while…hahhahaaa….

At Hold (Original Rhyme)

Everything is at wait,
Even when I told you a story itll be so late
Came in with your story and start up a camotion,
All the sudden it became your conversation..

When should I start, telling you my story?
It has always been yours,to make me felt sorry,
An epic adventure, mix with a drama of worries,
Never ending battle, that would never get burry..

Caught up with life, whe will it end,
The pain so sharp, like carving my hand,
Been dragging so long, cant remember when,
So I barricade my heart, and surround it with a fence..

Im tired of waiting, for people to play games,
To be accuse of something, so I could be blame,
Keeping it down low, ill forfeit my fame,
Avoiding the spotlight, before my life itll claim

22 december 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

open day..!

17, 18 n 19 of december there will be a open day at my club.
entrance is free...
care to drop by and say hey...!
c yah then..!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

You need help..?

I happen to meet up with a girl recently. Shes was on a four legged crutches coming into a lift which I was in. Felt sad for her as she had 2 limping legs. She also had SHC with her. Such a young girl to face such difficulty in her life.. She wanted to go to the 2nd floor. So I press the button and hold the door for her. She was struggeling but had a big smile on her face. I could only smile to her back. She didn’t ask for help and pityness but she did it all by her self getting in and out the lift. In my heart I pray her to get better and thank God for making me as healty as I am.

That made me realized. God test humans in all kind of different ways. Some in health, fincial, emotional, and etc. Its all up to us to realized it or not. And how to bounce back from bitting the dust. I bealived everybody has it low point. No matter how happy they look outside. I got a friend who smile and make joke on everything in life incuding insult towards him. People tend to keep on doing it toward him but fail to realized that it hurt him the most. That is something we got to live and learn. Nothing wrong with that. So be thankful with what you have and not what you don’t. cuz you don’t kow what you got till its GONE.

working marathon..

Last nyte I was going all out. Am sorry for any delay in replying text, rejected call and being busy to the max. Was working my shift from 6.30-3.30 as usual.. drowsy then, drowsy now. Had a client at 7am n 6.30pm.. and coaching till 12. imagine dat.. 14 hours of working time. Mannn…must be loco. Did that cause im off today.. tons of things need to be done today.. snappp…I haven’t start a thing yet… owh nooooo…….but not to worry, I had plenty of food yesterday. Just kinda push myself abit to the limit. talking bout muscular endurance...pewwhh

Owh well. It just all gotto wait. Reminds me of the track by trey song - I cant help but wait.. got some good news and badd news… good news is my muscle has increase to 0.5 of a kilo while my fat decreased by 0.2 of a kilo….yeeehaaaa…..! hope to keep it on with this rate. Building muscle is really a long procedures. In fact losing fat is easier actually. This is reffering to the safe way of doing things. Badd news I just realized I was having a low blood preassure. Thatz explain everything. It wasn’t that low. Just 114/70. Compare to the normal reading is 120/80. But its all good. Just need to do a tad bit MORE of cardio I suppose.

Been pretty quite at the club lately. But manage to make some new friends. Old, young, student, working and different races. Im beginning to like this place a lot. Hopefully it stays that way.

Monday, December 8, 2008

You smell nice…

Hahahaaa….. weird title rite.? In this post im gonna tell yah bout the senses of smelling. I got friend who is really into it. This person once told me that everyone has their own scent. And its easy to differentiate them together with their liquid soap and body fragrances. It a habit for this person to smell people after they take a bath or freshen up. People and their habits. Weird but yet cool. I don’t know bout you but my smelling sense is not that strong. Back then thy call me sniffy (cause selalu running nose/ nose running away from me).

But now im kinda addicted to certain scents. Which is :

1. French vanilla (either in a form of candle, air freshener n etc)
2. Fruit tea in fitness first worldwide
3. Freshly baked cookies
4. Laundry wash with Daia detergent (it smell nice ok)
5. Mozzarella cheese stick (melted)

Never really appreciate the scent of smell before. Now jaa pun dah terikut-ikut my friend dah…owwwkayyyyy (low pitch)..

Hiphop you don’t stop

I know I haven’t been blogging lately. My badd. The pc at home crash down. Cause of that I have to format it all over again. Thankz to kelz for the help. But ive lost all of my picz..owh snapp….! Theres a lot of picture I collect thru out the years ok…owh well, just got to start from scratch.. yikes..!

Just now I went for a hiphop class with iqbal. It was my break time. So I reckoned why not giving it a try. Usually WEN comes by once a week only. Steps after steps… more than 50 moves in 1 hour class. I wasn’t that tired. Just that was a bit slow on the reflexes. This is my first time owtay.. but it was fun. Realized I need to learn the step double time. Mess up a lot. But finished with a bang.. should see how stiff I was in there. We were jamming to the trackz of "way I are" , "whine up" and "sexy back"… Right after the class I quickly change clothes and back to work. Yeah im working today since 9am. But its cool. Need to get use to be long hours in the club (my current office is a health club).

After all dat I went back and realized that the class really wore me out.. hahahahhaaaa….. I felt hungry and exhausted yall…if you happen to get a chance to join such class, just go. And have a blast… I know I did…living my life to the fullest.. till next time..

Sleeping awake (Original Rhyme)

Overstayed right here, away from my time,
Need a change in life, could you spare a dime?
Trying to escape, cause all I taste is lime,
At least it gives space, for me to rhyme…

Turning point of my life, way back when,
Vertically crash down, I thought it’s the end,
Vision turn blurry, gushed of blood at my hand,
Should been dead by now, but GOD have better plans…

Those unconscious nights, a long dreadful sleep,
My family and friends, all started to weep,
Don’t want to stay long, it gives me the creep,
Not ready to go, down 7 feet deep…

Ringing tone I heard, is that my cue?
Back into my body, my sleep is due,
Second chance in life, be given to a few,
Grateful for the help, always felt brand new…


I never done this before, but this rhyme is kinda vague (as if all the rest isn’t). So some explanation is needed. Here goes. When I was small (standard 4) I had an accident at home. Where I fell down vertically from level one upstairs straight down to ground floor at the first fleet of steps. Apparently my shoulder broke my fall. But part of my head still in contact with the stairs. I had blood gushing through my hair hands and face. My bro was worried and kept calling my name so I don’t fell “asleep”. Cant remember much but all I know I was rush to the government hospital by my neighbor’s car. Tak tau betul ke tak. I was almost unconscious. Blood don’t go to my brain that much to remember that time. It just splash out my head ok…!

They cant help much so dad brought me to pantai medical hospital in bangsar. A specialist hospital. Was under Dr Mohandas (for my head) and another Dr for my shoulder. Talking bout specialist. As I arrived there I cant remember a thing as I was in ‘deep sleep’. I was in a coma. They found out theres a blood clot as big as a 20 cent coin in my brain. Woah…. Well that’s what I heard from sources.

After while I was waken by a ringing phone noise in my hospital room. Who might this be so early in the morning (3am). So I stood up and pick up the phone. Then I heard this pleasant worried voice saying hello. I was like mummy…! Fail to realized I just woke up from a 3 nights coma. And the first person I talk to is my mum who was in London that time. Isn’t that ironic. Suddenly my bro and dad woke up a celebrate my come back. They talk to mummy for a while. After removing the blood clot and stuff, I had minor headache for a few months. But I extended my headache voluntarily to get away from doing my studies. Jaahat…!

Well that’s a partial of my life story. Hope you enjoy reading it. I would like to thank Allah the Almighty for giving me another chance even though I haven’t change to be a better person completely. But the transformation is so much, I am trying to get close to GOD. Regardless of my surrounding. We could die anytime when its our turn. For me if its today, I’m ready. As I already be given 2nd chance to prove myself. I’m not saying I’m fully equipped with good deeds, but it not for me to judge. Only god can judge me. Selamat hari raya qurban people… hope you ‘ll have a great time. Stay away from high unstable ground and low flooded lands. Somewhere in the mid would be nice (not referring to mid valley).

Monday, December 1, 2008

0.2 only??

First it was 5sec. now this.? I don’t know why with all these numbers lately. But it hit me all the time.. hrmmmm… hey yall… just finish my first month at my brand new work. new environment for me actually. Rather I try to fit in, I rather be myself. No point fitting in and playing along. Abide the rule and yet stay true to yourself. I must say it’s a change of scenery, crowd, mentality and hours. Its totally vigorous I tell yah. Yeah we do have break n stuff. But then we sometimes will be in the gym like the whole daylong. Including session with clients. Yeay I got my first client on my first month. Phew… month I’m going all out….hope its all good. On the way to grab the rookie of the month title…gagagagaaaa…

Early this month , I did my body composition on tanita.. no she is not human. Its a machine call the tanita. I got my first reading. 2days ago I did it again. Apparently I increase 0.2 kg of fat, 0.2 kg or muscle and 0.7kg of water. Grrrr…… yeah people, im trying to gain weight. Muscle bulk at least. But fat comes along the way….waaaa……but im staying all natural. No creatine, no protein shake and such. Don’t want to ruin any of my internal organs..

Our club is kinda small actually. But then, its so kewl.. the bwest place for me is the cycling studio. Fuhyoooo…..! I hate to cycle and some of the cyclist.(bahahhaa…don’t ask why).. but then the cycling studio has glow in the dark light…kewl since our uniform is white, its kinda reflecting towards the light. Totally amazed by it… sedyeh kan…? Bahhahahhaa.. bia larr lantak..

Im flat out from all of this ish..but manage to enjoy it along the way. With all the SHC, the weight, the free flow of fruit tea (I’m addicted to it). So far its been fun. But im staying in touch with love of my life. I mish bowling. But they treated me badly.. afternoon shift next week. Im gonna mish the morning crowd though. But further more I mish the crew, and all of my adek2…

“its hard to tell, if you ever come again…..
its hard cuz you dont come around anymore.
hope that you found what ever is you looking for”

-these streets-

I surely hope so…