Sunday, August 31, 2008

Addiction Of A Doubt (Original Rhyme)

Day in day out it all feel the same,
Should I stop now or lower down my aim?
I know it’s me got no one to blame,
Close down this chapter this never ending game
Before it became worst, my life it’ll claim

What do I get for being sorry?
I’m such a freak people don’t even know me,
My laughter and smile kept away from worries
Deep down inside I do feel guilty
The secrets I kept just waiting to be bury

It such an addiction could never figure it out,
The more I resist, the more I’m in doubt,
Go away rain! Don’t need this sorrow cloud,
I wish I could scream my lungs out loud,
To me its different, won’t tell what’s it about

Clear out my mind blocking all distraction,
Searching for myself, not looking for perfection,
I’m trying to live but prevent any friction,
Need some time to do all this correction,
Trust me when I say, wait for my resurrection

(back dated rhymez)
25 April 2008

Lost Hope (Original Rhyme)

Wishing upon a falling star,
You were out of reach, but never that far,
So much I keep, so few I pour,
Fail to realized, my heart still sore…

Excuse me for feeling this way,
My ignorance had got me pay,
Always there to wait, for your chance,
Patiently evolve, throughout the lens…

Without fame, you shine so bright,
Lit every corner, of my darkest night,
I know I’m late, but what could I do,
To be falling, to a star like you…

Out of your league, that’s what I am,
The more I think about it, my mind got cramp,
That’s all I could say, end of my part,
Maybe there’s more, of me in your heart…

(back dated rhymez)
3 December 2007

Grave Hesitation (Original Rhyme)

Looking you from a distant, by the corner of my eye,
Heart pound like a piston, I dare not lie,
The wind seems pleasant, I feel I could fly,
Wish you could stop and listen, or may be take 5…

Didn’t meant to scare you, like the scary panda,
Just another point of view, not a great pretender,
Though my time is due, my heart still tender,
Yet I found so few, in the opposite gender…

Hesitation to speak, my tongue felt tight,
Felt like a freak, dark prince of the night,
Don’t know what I seek, but know you’re as fright,
I sound so geek, that’s why I usually hide…

Without I realize, you are my understudy,
Always been so nice, I appreciate it really,
Time past and flies, I don’t want to sound silly,
Away from those lies, Your one n only….

(back dated rhymez)
7 October 2007

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

thats me....!

Some might say that you know me,
But do you really….?
So here’s a lil heads up…
Just to clear up the air..

First name lukman,
last name jasril
Please call me Jaa….
Something drastic happen in my life,
Till I even need a new name and image..

Actually I don’t quite like to watch….
In fact, on and about anything…
Well basically I’m not a spectator….
I’m the type that do stuff,
not sit down n watch other people do it.
That’s why I cant sit down n shut up..
But I do enjoy music…..

I love artsy stuff….
Audio and Visual…
Back then when I had time,
I would spent a lot at bookstores..
Though I’m not that good,
but I’m trying to better my self from doing stupid things.

this is my bedroom wall...
got this done 05 i think.
(i cant sleep in it for a week..aerosol addicts)

I do not EMO…!
Just that casually, I take it to the heart…
But people don’t know bout it…
Cause I don’t want to trouble them
with what’s on my mind
Even if they do, they would say I’m EMO…

My office is nearby creepy creatures…
They have dozen pythons…
Just now, I saw the owner feed them..
This is not your normal pet store
like the 1 u saw in pyramid or such…
Yes they do sell hamster and mice…
But they also use them as ‘lunch’….
I was like “I’m so gonna get one..”
But then again, since I’m working around there
So its like having a dozen of them..

(the stiker on my dashboard)

Got to start packing my bags now…
My bus to Kuantan is at 10am…
Considering I’m staying all the way in Kajang,
I just have to wake up extra early just so I can face the traffic…
But at least the oil price went down…
See yah around bloggers…

Much luv

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

that was just a dream...

i know the title is kinda controversial,
but if ur understand the real meaning of the lyric,
itz just plain deep n beautiful...

REM – losing my religion

Life is bigger,
It’s bigger than you,
And you are not me,
The lengths that I will go to,
The distance in your eyes,
Oh no, I’ve said too much,
I set it up,

That’s me in the corner,
That’s me in the spotlight,
Like losing my religion,
Trying to keep up with you,
And I don’t know if I could do it,
Oh no I’ve said too much,
I haven’t said enough,

I thought that I heard you laughing,
I thought that I heard you sing,
I think I thought I saw you try,

That was just a dream…
Try, cry, why, try
That was just a dream, just a dream, just a dream……


love ryan star's cover on this one...
to that certain someone...
you kno who you are...
you @ least..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

@ least (Original Rhyme)

Reading in the dark, by the corner of my eye,
Just to be alone, so no one see me cry,
Sick and tired of life, all I faced is lie,
Hope ill be fine, just leave me dry…

Who really care how low we feel?
Does it paid off, with a simple meal?
We ask our self, what’s the real deal,
Then we ask God, when we gonna heal…

Just too much burden, my shoulder don’t like me,
It seems so heavy, drop down to my knee,
Wish I could buzz off, fly away like a bee,
Take a break from crap, n have a cup of tea….