Thursday, February 26, 2009


I thought I lost you some where,
but you were never really ever there at all.

Goo goo dools – here is gone


dont ask me why n to whom.

just let it be as it is.

cuz i also dont know how to explain it..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I stood by you
I didnt have to
And if I knew
I would leave

Im not like you
I dont back stab
My dear you should be
Better than that

Sorry that I never called
And you did
And you did
But you know you dont really have to bitch about it
Try to come around you
All you really gave
all you really gave back was hatred

I think my best friends talking behind my back
i hope she goes to ....
Well I guess I can only depend on myself now
I dont need a knife on my back

Sorry that I never called
And you did
And you did
But you know you dont really have to bitch about it
Try to come around you
All you really gave
all you really gave back was hatred

music / lyric by : Yuna


just a lyric..
not address to anyone what so ever.
please take note...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

AP anyone..?

Was suppose to go and meet up fatin just now. To some unforeseen circumstances, I have to postponed it to another day. Sorry adek. Recently it was azry’s bday (18th feb). he was upset since the people he expected to know it didn’t even wish him . I was a tad bit late. Sorry bro. was really tied up with work and stress. Congrats on getting number 7 in Penang tho. Nanti datang balik sini we go makan2 kay..? Meanwhile yesterday was tyka’s bday (21st feb). Did try to call her up tapi tak mangun lagik. it was 7.30 in the morning for crying out loud. hahhahaaa… semuer tido lagi kowt… for the both of you, present are waiting for each one of yah. They are my Uranium kowt. Since I was kinda hungry, I call up nadya (platinum) as I was passing her place to grab a piece of bite. She brought me to this shop.

Yeah that’s rite. It’s the return of the ayam penyet craze… the last time we had this was when we were in Johor. Still remember nadya and rinee going gaga over it. And didn’t know why I had this danga bay competition shirt on today. Macam tahu-tahu jerk nak makan ayam penyet. Nostalgia kerr…? Hahhaaaa…. Nevermind all that. I was Supprise to see the menu. Specialized in all thing penyet. And the translation of the dish ayam penyet is smashed chicken….seriously…

That still cant get out of my mind. Such pleasant memories.

to bulk or not to bulk..?

This is the dilemma. Its either I want to gain weight/muscle or just simply tone up and just lose body fat all together. If I gain, I got to neglect all of my abs and eat like 6 times a day. Very long process actually. Or in the other hand, ill start to cut just to get ripped. Arghhhhh……. Such a stressfull thing to think bout. But if I cut now, I could never bulk. But then again, if I cut now is there enough to cover up my frame. All I see now is bones. Do I want to stay the way I am right now..? penin pening….. What ever it is ill do it the natural way. Regardless of how long it gonna take me to get there.

fired me dead

Recently in kajang or somewhere there was an incident. Where a worker was fired from his job by his boss. The ex employee was so mad that he took matter to his own hands. He open fire at his former boss point blank. Ended up dead and gone as the exit wound pass through his lungs Hishhh talking bout the risk of laying off your employee. Such a mess up world we living in. The world is at end people. Are you prepared..?

pledge leigon to capital

Has always been a sucker for the old skool music. And it seems that Capital fm suit my taste of music. Best music from the 80’s or 90’s. they would play weird song that is still very catchy. Call me lame but I think that music now day are jus repetition of the old one. Just another name and another remake. Truly salute all those indie artist who don’t bite others lyrics (bite : term use for coping). As you know I’m so much in love with lyrics. Deep meaningful lyric. The music can be a dud, but the content should be brilliant to catch my mind. Yeah im a freak so..?

da 100th

Yeay…. at last I reach the 3 digits post on this lil blog of mine. Would like to thanks to all the reader to make me write more of important stuff. At first this blog is only driven to be the birthplace and playground of all of my rhyme to the public. Recently someone ask. Who taught me to rhyme..? errr I don’t know actually. Though my mum is a writer, she never teach me such stuff. Even my dad who love to draw never teach me drawing. Could be because I’m surrounded with talented people who love arts, that I tend to pick up the habit by accident. It started by all those raya sms I created and pass to all my friends. Or may be it’s this poem I pick it up somewhere that give me the urge to write something bout myself instead.

So as an anniversary of my 100th post (hahahahaaa I know its lame), I would like to share it with each one of my undying blog reader. Hope you would appreciate it as much as I do. It turned me into a freestyle lyricist that I am now. Alhamdulillah..

Those who are afraid to fall, will never fly,
How will you ever know if you never try,
Might just reach your goals and your every dreams you can never be sure
If not you can learn from the mistake you make at least you’ll wonder no more,

The saddest thing is a life never lived, a desired task never tried,
Wishing stars never wished upon left floating in the sky,
Dreams left as dreams
Hopes and ambitions pushed to the back of one’s mind
If you never speak, you’ll never be herd
If you don’t seek, you’ll never find,

Never let them tell you that you can’t, shouldn’t or you couldn’t
Never give them the satisfaction of being the reason that you wouldn’t
Never let their jealousy or disbelief be the reason you don’t or won’t try,
Don’t let the only time you ever really fly be the day that you die.

even till now this is my source of inspiration. as it is hang in my room. n yeah thats a butterfly wing i found. when i got it it was already deteched ok....

Monday, February 16, 2009

what now?? (original rhyme)

Ain’t it enough all the help I gave..?
Try to fulfill everything that you crave,
When I was about to chill down in this cave,
Out of the sudden, I was hit by a wave..

Never did you wrong, for a fraction of a minute,
I still back you up, when ever there was panic
So now I know, you attitude I’ve seen it,
Still a long way, hope it won’t stay infinite

last time i see your face..?

I was never really close to the brother. But I don’t know why, but I can get along so well with her. Talking bout the bosh aka Emy.. Just two more days before she’s leaving us all to proceed with her studies.. Everyone is grieving, including herself. Babah Zainal n mama Radz had a farewell get together just for old time sake. I was extremely late. Sorry bout the delay. Something head banging happen last night. Argh that was a drag. Never thought that I would hear such words from the people I trust. As I reach there everyone had dinner already. It was a hectic day for me since morning at UIA afternoon shift at work and some other stuff at stba04. Had dinner and later see the charades battle. It’s a three way collusion. Babah’s team, mama’s team and siron’s team. Still can’t forget the verse ‘flying without wings’. Nice one esha..! yeah it was valentine’s day. And as a matter of fact, it was just after Friday the 13. I don’t get a ish on any of those days. Its just another day to me. So be it.

Mama’s team won it by a mile. Congarts… but the game is far from over. I came in siron’s team while rays in babah’s team. There we see a lot of cross over after the first team finish. They just cant get enuf. Hahhaa… me neither…all along it was a blast. Manage to get emy a present. Really hope you like it and forget us not…! Wishing you all the best in your studies. Kim salam to nadri and wife too. Since I not gonna get the chance to send her off, I hug her good bye. Yeah its weird, cuz I’m not the type who gives hug anyway. Hope you are safe always. Take care bosh… be missing all our crew late nyte dinner and photoshoot. hope to see you again sometime…

tempermentalist (orginal rhyme)

Been a long time since I talk to you,
Use to be so tight, definition of glue,
You suddenly change, turning all brand new,
Completely different person left me without a clue
So I patiently wait, just to get my queue,
Learning what it is, that made you so blue,
Was it something I said, or was it a flu,
Yet still can’t figure out, what just happen to you…


i wrote this actually for a certain someone.
but i refelect to another certain someone too..
am i making any sense at all...?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

leaving on a jet plane..?

Ever since I was a bit detached from my old crew, I kind lost out a lot. I heard that Emi ‘the bosh’ was leaving to Aussie. I thought it was just for a while (as in a holiday or something). Cause I know that his brother is there with his wife. But fail to realized, that she’s leaving for good. In a sense of she is going to go and study there for 4 years (if I’m not mistaken) . Ouch, that’s got to hurt. How come I’m the last to know..?

Any who, we went to the Ibumie / Har Mee food court in SS2. The long a waited Butter Prawn…! Hahhaha… and yeah this time we went to the uncle’s stall. Errr, the butter prawn wasn’t that nice, but the tempura calamari was cool. Last min substitute was Azry instead of Yasser ‘the comic’. As long as he live in KJ gak… wow…! This hang out session was filled with so much “praise” (particular someone). We trash talk almost about everything. Bowlers, work, gym, scandals.. I really miss the good old days. Bosh be leaving in the next 10 days. Sigh…. Well life goes keep in touch. Jangan larr nak block my msn ker anything.. Be missing you bosh...! and yeah tonights moon was owh so lovely. thanks for pointing that out.. just admiring GOd's creation. when was the next eclipse? this week nite was it..? hope i got the chance to catch it.

Later on when I sent Azry off to his house, he crack up this funny term.

Azry: abg jaa, lepas torchlight nieh baru u turn.
AJ: torchlight..?
Azry: yea lah torchlight.
AJ: traffic light larr…! Hahhahahahaa…. Ko jangan nak flashlight2 kat sini ok.

Owh well.. been laughing too much this week. Ader yang menangih karang.

tyka tremble

Last Tuesday I had a long chat with tyka. As one of my distant away uranium, she was kinda surprised that I call her up. Reason? Teringat lak tetibe. Rindu dowh…! Nak buat macam mane, jarang2 jumper. Haven’t been talking to her for quite a while. So we updated ourselves with each other story. Shes so into this local band. Apprently she had a crush with the lead singer. Wouldn’t want to say which one. But yeah she is still. So recently she met up with this 4 man band in pyramid playing bowling. As they were about to pay up their game fee they went across tyka. She didn’t really realized it was them. But later remember that the lead singer wear the same ol’ jumper when they are performing. The conversation goes:

Tyka: Serious abg jaa, dierorg lalu depan tyka.
AJ: Yer ke..? Maner tahu?
Tyka: sorang tuh ader pegang album (that band). Dekat je, dua kaki kat depan tyka..
AJ: dua kaki kat depan..? are we talking feet in distance or dua2 kaki menghala kat depan..
Tyka: errrr…..
AJ: teduduk larr kalau dua2 kaki kat depan.. hahahhahaa.. betul2 star struck nieh…
Tyka: alaaaaa.. maksudnyer dua langkah kat depan tyka lah…

Owh mann..! I had quite a laugh that nyte. All the way home. I mish that lil miss rule breaker. She and her crazy drawing.. I’m been blessed to be surrounded with talented people in their own craft. To us, the heart is our biggest asset. With it, we could create a whole different world in our mind. A runaway train from reality. Thank God to be bless such talent. Alhamdullilah..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dizzy up the girl

The Goo Goo Dolls has been around quite a while. Almost 22 years since their first album. Now they are out with their greatest hit singles vol 1 and 2. There was never a shadow of doubt of their music. The band consist of John Rzeznick (vocal and guitar), Robby Takac (guitar) and Mike Malinin (drummer). Common people might know them for the City of Angel sound track “Iris”. Cant blame them, cause the album “Dizzy up the girl” hit platinum and open the worlds eye towards the this band call goo. This scrappy punk rock band was originally from Buffalo New York. I suppose they are one of the band that really makes the fans asking for more. Album after album we see chart topping singles. But sad to say the demand around our area is not as great as what they having there. Nevertheless the are A awesomely wicked band. And I salute the Goo Goo Dolls..…!

Album List
Goo goo dolls (1987) -first release-
Jed (1989)
Hold me up (1991)
Superstar carwash (1993)
A boy name Goo (1995)
Dizzy up the girl (1998)
What I learn about Ego, Opinion, Art and Commerce (2001)
Gutterflower (2002)
Let love in (2008)

My personal favorite would be
Name (A boy name goo)*
Here is gone (Gutter Flower)*
Slide (dizzy up the girl)
Iris (dizzy up the girl)
Black balloon (dizzy up the girl)

Let love in
Give a little bit
Better days
Stay with you
Before its too late

Hope you would have a listen at least name and here is gone. It’s a killer.. later yalll…!

“sometime you‘ve got to go home to find yourself”

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aaahh..! Ka Mate...!

Just finish watching “Samoan Wedding” on star world just now. Wow, let me tell yah. It was fun and rather interesting. Basically it’s a story of 4 closely knit friends who are banned to attend to their best friend‘s wedding. The back drop of this movie is in the present time of New Zealand. It showed how the young Samoans as youth of their nation coping with globalization. As the story goes, situation tested their friendship, multiple personalities of friends in the same group, innocent getting into unwanted troubles and tongue tight declaring ones love. Cool names adding to it such as Sefa, Seino and Princess and such. Stanley and Jane just kill it on the dance floor.

But aside of that, this movie is indirectly promoting their own culture. That’s how I see it. Yes it is in English language. But still we see the guys in slack skirt with blazer, a man with grass skirt dancing their ritual native Maori dance in the middle of the wedding. It’s simply spellbinding. Imagine they embrace the 20th century and still close with their roots. You are who your are. So you better REPRESENT.! I’m saying this cause there are many people out there that are ashamed of their race and culture.. Why is that so..? Are you better off than your own people..? If you are, be a role model. Don’t avoid accepting who you are. Yes we all evolve as time goes by.

Was always a fan of the down under clan. Fiji, Aussie and New Zealand.. Tough nation of rugby. Here ill put down the haka chants and what they meant:

Ringa pakia! (Slap the hands against the thighs!)
Uma tiraha! (Puff out the chest!)
Turi whatia! (Bend the knees!)
Hope whai ake! (Let the hip flow)
Waewae takahia kia kino! (Stamp the feet as hard as you can!)
Ka mate, ka mate (I die, I die)
Ka ora’ Ka ora’ (I live, I live)
Ka mate, ka mate (I die, I die)
Ka ora’ Ka ora’ (I live, I live)
All Together:
tenei te tangata puhuruhuru (this is the hairy man)
Nana I tiki mai whakawhiti tere (who caused the sun to shine again for me)
Upane… upane (up the ladder, up the ladder)
Upane kaupane (up to the top)
Whiti te ra (the sun shines!)
(with intimidation tongue action)

Well that’s about it. Rise of the samoan. Heres a video just for laugh. Not to be taken seriously. And im not promoting beer. Just that I had a laugh watching it. And would want to share with you blog surfer out there. No disrespect of any one… Enjoy..!

Internally Used (LK Original Rhyme)

i use to be fine and act pretty loose,
but u came along acted so confuse,
try to make you strong n away from the dooze,
the more i care, the more I’m being used

when it came to you, I’m lost for words,
its always you and you first,
in the end its just hurt,
hw can u be such a jerk ?

you used me and made me feel down,
so down u buried me into the ground,
turned my smile into a frown,
is my life a joke? do I look like a clown????

Time after time, I kept inside,
Never thought our pride would ever collide,
You never care, yet still keep on ask,
If u ask me again, ill sure gonna blast.

Didn’t hear nothing, you just left,
u making me feel like a pest,
go away give it a rest,
now your just my past

I don’t like u,
yes that’s true,
u made me blue,
damn u boo...

so ill b gone,
to feel the reborn,
won’t wait yah at dawn,
never again your pawn,

you just suck
wanna stuff u in a truck
your plain bad luck
with you I’m just stuck

kill me if u want to,
but ill come back to haunt you,
cause hell ain’t the place for me,
itz where u should be!

blood is pouring..stains on the bed,
when i see you..all i see is red,
anger within..makes tears shed,
for u one wish..wish u were dead

don’t b despair for your lost,
u gonna pay what ever it cost,
don’t b scared for what you did,
attitude like that, u b down 7ft

it ain’t no lie,
that I cant wait to see u die,
because devils never cry,
and its time for me to say goodbye.

13 February 2008
this rhyme is all over.
1 member write 1 line or 1 verse. and till we run out of idea.
was quite mad bout something.
this is the first time d-star (udin) join us rhyming..

January jamboreee...!

Such a hectic month. We had NY Roll Off, Interstate, Evaluation (where I didn’t show up), FF Malaysia Annual Dinner, CNY, Eclipse of the sun and the stressful last week of the month. It seriously wore me out. Hardly had time to eat now days. That explain some of my adek said I’m too skinny. Yikes…. Sorry wasn’t at the top of my game lately. But I’m trying my very best. Too high of a metabolic rate I suppose.

Had this in mind to wear for the dinner. “Wickedly White…” my in color right now. But don’t have anything cool to go with it. Don’t get me wrong, Im still black at heart. Most hip hop superstars are wearing that. T-pain, Kanye. Its nice..

As I was searching for my friend’s bday present, I bump into this weird machine…at first I thought it was like a change your note to coin machine. But its not. Apparently it is a hand phone battery charger… I was like, heh…? I came back upstairs just to really understand how does it function. If it is there, for sure theres a market for such services. Snapp…..! weird but true.. chup2. tempat korang ader ker…? Hahhahhah…. Nak belagak skit lak….

Yesterday I hang out at adek’s crib. They are having lisan study group. Till now, I still don’t get it. Do you have to present it or something..? Things change a lot since I left school. I was tired at that time to ask. So I just hang around there. Haven’t seen her for quite a while. It seems that I had bad timing. Cuz just yesterday the crew came and had a cupcake party. Hahhahaaa… manage to see the cupcake they made, its huge… but I prefer it small. Also heard that they had a jamming session on the piano..that should be fun. Listening to adek and einul killing it on the piano, kinda sooth the mind at rest for a while, wit dookie on my lap. the small lil kitten yang manjer nak mampos..they have such wonderful talent. I always love the sounds of piano. Artist like John Legend, Alicia Keys and Norah Jones are just hauting. Mann can’t get over those cds.

Later on that night, bosh call me up. Saying there’s a bbq party at her house at damansara. I was like ok….chup2, since when she move to damansara…? Then she explain the address. As soon as I heard it, I know it was Rays house. Argghhh…. Buta - buta je kene tipu… ciot nyer Bosh..! hope yall had fun tho. Esok banyak orang ngah cuti lagi kan…? Bosh, jom gi butter prawn…. kempunan dowh…this time we take the uncle yang kerek tuh nyer stall k…? kalau tak sedap kiter attack balik. He and his mulut celupar tuh… all the crew and any extension crew….

Been training like every day. Just to lower down my BF%. Just tryig to get Ripped. Need some beef for that as well. Till later….! Peace out…!