Thursday, June 30, 2011


Adif sniper : I haven’t call him yet, I tot we’re having a ‘confession call’ (conference call / session drive)

adif sniper : The lower back is the most ‘IMPOTENT’ part of the body (important)

Kelvin the good Communist : rather to run to MML, just start running on the 'toilet’ (treadmill)

Ian Crasher: My leg is ‘Paining’. (too much pain)

Shima K-pop : Please find attached ‘four’ your perusal. (for)

weird things that we said

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it here...! bigger and better

what im talking about? URBANSCAPE of cause.

all my life i wont miss something so grand like this. ive been participating in them eve since they start in klpac and even before that. still remember the time i went to kl sentral open car park. that time around there was more hiphop on stage. like ttc, toophat, reshmonu and such. trust me, it has evolve. n thank god it on my bday weekend. sweet...!

Monday, June 20, 2011

the hit list...

· Barefoot running 5 fingers shoes (apprently, some one either read my mind or read my blog. early.. hueee)

· Starwalker

· Box percussions

· GPS (something I need so I don’t get lost)

· Urbanscape tickets with my homies

· Holiday

· Gymboss (black)

· 2 New pair of Corduroy

ps: Y? something coming on july..... shhhhhhh....

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coming Home by Azmyl yunor

mother i'm coming home to die
'cause everything i found out is a lie
there's no journey that's too far away
high time has come for me to drift away from this world

this city this town
this people that i love
this woman and child
father and son
roads that lead to none
i am leaving for good so long

mother i'm coming home to cry
'cause home is where i've never tried to live
i'm always drifting all about this world so blue
ain't no other colours i've known

this city this town
this people that i love
they have nothing to offer me
except their kindly hearts
i had nothing
no longing
no space in my heart
to love to care to even be aware

i'm ever gonna feel like i did when i was young
everything is in vain
even my love for this world

this city this town
these roads that lead uphills
the paths through the bushes that holds so much to fill
this dirt that glows
this heart that rolls
this longing never known
too long it's time to end it
there's not a world
if no one is always
seems too much to love to care
i'm leaving tomorrow if i can

mother i'm coming home
mother i'm coming home
father i'm coming home
father i'm coming home

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Might of the Pen

last nyte my mum was invited to an Award Dinner at 1 World Hotel. apparently she is invited for the Film Industry Appreciation Night 2011 (Samad Idris Throphy) . She as one of the pioneer of Film Appreciations and has gone along way. Finally its rewarded by one of the prestige award in its kind.

Ps: well done and so proud of you. i would like to apologies for not attending your award ceremony. No one be able to cover me last nyte as a MOD. keep up the good work as you always do. if theres no one else to beat at your craft, go beat yourself. as i know your a perfectionist. MUCH LOVE...

Article from Bernama:
The minister also said that he would consider amending Section 6 of the Finas Act in a bid to boost the industry, but refused to comment further.

Following are the winners of Samad Idris Trophy for the Media Category in conjunction with the Film Industry Appreciation Night 2011. The first prize winner received cash, with respective trophies and certificates.

Malay Category:
First Place: Ratnawati Rasidi from Berita Harian
Article: “Usah Hukum Filem, Drama Punca Gegala Sosial”

Second Place: Siti Ruqaiyah Hashim from Utusan Malaysia
Article: “Khazanah Bernama P.Ramlee"

Third Place: Ku Seman Ku Hussain from Utusan Malaysia
Article: “Filem Tidak Manfaatkan Sastera”

English Category:
First Place: Zainal Alam Kadir from The Malay Mail
Article: Ordinarily Extraordinary

Second Place: Faridul Anwar from The New Straits Times
Article: Not All Nostalgic Gems Get Second Run

Third Place: Chok Suat Ling from The New Straits Times
Article: New Censorship Snips Away The Fun Too

Media Organisations Category :
1. Malay: Berita Harian
2. English: The Malay Mail

Permission by YUNA

so what's the plan now?
are we or won't we?
so what's the deal now?
should we or shouldn't we?

you've taking over my head again,
i'm folding each memory in,
asking permission to keep it in your

when will you love again,
empty.. is what you are,
without the nice things you had before

so what was it to you
were we or weren't we?
did it come back for you?
now there you finally see

it's already been gone too long
i shoudn't have pick up the phone
i'm asking permission to pretend
that we've moved on

is what you'll find in here you'll see,
a lot of things i've offered you

what am i to you?
was i or wasn't i?
so what you said was true,
did you or didn't you?

you've taking over my head again,
i'm folding each memory in,
asking permission to keep it in your hands

when will you love again,
empty.. is what you are,
without the nice things you had before

was it love to you?

ps: some of the best lyric by the talented YUNA.
dedicated to those Lampu Jalan and also Greek Goddess.
may you find peace in your quest. stay strong and healthy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Break like the wind by Spinal Tap

We are the children who grew too fast
We are the dust of a future past
We raise our voices in the night
Crying to heaven

And will our voices be heard
Or will they Break Like The Wind
We are the footprints across the sands
We are the thumb on a stranger's hand
We made a promise in the night
Swearing to heaven Is this a promise we keep
Or one we Break Like The Wind

We are the guests who have stayed too long
We are the end of the endless song
We send our hearts into the night
Soaring to heaven
And will out hearts still beat on
Or will they Break Like The Wind
Ooh, Break Like The Wind.

ps: not a fan of the band. but the lyrics caught my attention...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Avoidance (Original Rhyme)

Look here and there, through these sorrow eyes,
avoiding eye contact, as it won’t tell lies,
try to shadow it up, with those crooked smile,
keeping self busy, work load still a pile….

Drove all around, just to unwind,
Driving endlessly, unknown destination and blind,
if you would ask, they say they’re fine,
as its just a trick, to be playing in your mind

Soul searching among torn, need to be subtle slow,
looking for the light, that have not even glow,
wishing that time, will heal all the pain,
so hard to see, through this window so taint

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the BITTER truth

have you ever felt like theres so much you tried, but simply never good enough? you try to make it better, but ended up you simply made it worst. its like a never ending battle with life, that you keep on striving to make a better future. you neglect rest, leisure, material things and even time. just so the person that you love and care get the best out from it.

you neglect safety for their comfort, luxury for backup plans, just to know thats your the last and only hope. i will not stop, shall not stay grounded, nor should i backout. i rather fight and die on my own two feets rather then living on my knees....

SKM family day

last Saturday, myself and some member of staff got the privilege to go to Kompleks Sukan Kampung Pandan. We were there to support SKM for their family day. there was around 150 people estimating arrived to the event. as the sun was burning, we march down there and did our best. I've got jalal to conduct a small warmup for them. it was a hit.

don't get me wrong, I've been there several time, but still not familiar to the place. theres ton of route to kg pandan but with me, always been a try an error style. been there when i was doing my study case dealing with the paralympic team. 2 days on thursday, i manage to go and check out the gym (rakyat). was a different environment but still packed.

there was tons of familiar faces and some new friendly ones too. glad to ave that experience. appriciate it alot..