Sunday, July 29, 2012

Approaching 3 series...!

14th July - a birth of a new era. marks the celebration of the Great Bastille Day (independence of France - storming of Bastille Fortress Prison). which marks the birth of a new era in democracy. Liberty Equality & Fraternity.

and also it was my
bday.. talk bout a great start of a revolution.

prior to my
bday, we had a club launch at FF1MK. and we celebrated bday all of our together (me, wes, sara,kelvin and farisha. that was before ramadhan start. so right after har core class by eva (butt cheek still hurts for the next 3 days) we had food and cakes. From the moonchild to the proud lioness, happy bday July babies...!

i was truly blessed that i got a chance to velabrate this kinda down played day with all of the people that i care. on the eve of my bday, i went for a night run at Putrajaya. 11.13-12.30. the next day was suppose to be the Shape & Men's Health Magazine night run . no way in hell that im gonna do some running on my bday, so i decided to do it earlier on....still i finish first.. wooohoooo....! even tho the race wasnt started yet. but i was there still... someone accidentally call me up that night and wish me a happy bday. but thanks weirdo...!

that morning, i got all day covered. firstly got my mum buying me breakfast treat. tho it was a simple thing. but then, its the thought that count. thanks mum. and yesh, for the candles and card too. u are awsome...!
at lunch time, i had one of my best friend to get me thru a b'day treat. She bought me this 3 badges for my bday. one said "old skool" , "most wanted" and also "i say 'one direction' everyday ".....hahahahaa that was wickedly crack awsomeness....tho at first i didnt quite understand bout the one direction badge (as its a band) but then after awhile, its start to sink in. thanks ...! she introduce and also gave me a treat at one of the bakery cafe at kota damansara (my weakness). cant remember the name, but the place is just simply spell binding. anyway i reallyhad a great time catching up with her and really appreciate the thought and idea put together. so thank youss so much Zaila..! and nice to see you again.
after that, went to the curve to run some errands. my sleeping aid is finishing. so getting more stocks. as i was walking, there's this 3 piece band playing Lionel Richie - Hello on a guitar, Cajun and also a saxophone. live music... what can i say, it feeds my soul...

that night, i got an appointment with my adek aina. as she and the bf is getting me to spent time at Citta mall. Our all time fav place Wondermilk..... i was like, ok.. knowing her, there must be something going on. i went there kinda early and after a word from our sponsors, i went down to the cafe. and all the sudden i was shocked. there was like each one of the crew there with cakes and balloons and such. i was expecting a surprise, just that the balloons make me like arghhh (heart attack) kaw kaw nyer.. but was great owh.... come on, going to be 3 series and you got balloons.. thats sure gonna make me remember this awsome night... .

trust me they are not much of a big eater. even if theres Aina Banana, Udin Vader, Yasser Mamak, Eka International, Emmy Bosh and also Kevin. ended up, they left me with 1/4 of red velvet cake and said, if you dont finish it, it goes to my face and that time it was 5 min before closing time. i was like crappp... ended up i finish it by 2 min. beat that... (can still taste the icing after 5 hours..) but still never had that much of a fun on my bday.. so stanks youuuu to my crew.......

the very next day, i had a jog for hope event whereby i need to be at taylors hartamas campus by 630 am. freakingly early...! but we needed to do a demo and a warm up session for their run. manage to get sara leading the way. as we know when she has the mic, all hell break loose. after that, i got a breakfast treat by her and also rai at one of the kopitiam. woah, its like never ending treat... hueeeeee..... thanks for that girls...!
the next week, my client Shakira from BLA said, come let me teart the bday boi...! i was like ok...! she brought together 2 of her friend Jah and Michelle (that what she told me) to join with us. i was like ok kewl. more the better. after that huge feast at tony romas, i got the privilage to get this...

was it a choc brownies ice cream or something. but it taste nice.....! with a really full tummy, she also got me a movie tickets together with the others. Platinum standard. never been there but was super duper relaxed. with the recliner chair, i almost dooze off... yikes. mcm tak nk balik dah..... hadoiii...

another client of mine bought me a fountain pen which engrave LYRICIST on it. i was like.. NO WAY....! thats simply super girl. thanks Ari aka Detroit..!
waow, what a great bday month it was. these are among the gifts that i got. but not forgetting the memories and how much effort they put in it. that's priceless...

so thanks all for the wishes, the card, the call, the text, the wall comment, the time, present, cakes and other things involve. this has been really a great time to be thankful towards the people that is close to you. from the bottom of my heart, you people are simply wickedly awsome. thanks again...!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Broken Wings (original rhyme)

I've jumped off that cliff, quite awhile ago,
gave up my heart, hoping someday it'll grow,
off with the wind, so treacherous it blow,
searching for the light, so deam it'll glow...

now i found peace, while mending my soul,
keep an open heart, without being cold,
all mystery of the night, already been unfold,
to better myself, my aim and goal...

thanks for making me realize my direction,
I've fixed my broken wings,with time and patience,
heading for the stars, and not relinquish my passion,
searching to find home, with my pace in slo motion...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

reminisce by TTC

Verse 3 (mizz nina)

I reminisce, biting my lower lip,
Back to when i first spoke and when i first wrote my rhyme and
How it felt like to lose the one you love,
Take a step back, let go, experience re-birth,
And re-climb, read the daily signs
Watch how your true colours shine
Looking back at these moments in time
Hip hop is like this
As i, as i, as i reminisce

Like the time i had my first kiss
Or when i fell in love with music
To all my peoples we grew with
From the ep to the first still into it
TTC till infinity how we dooit
Keep the reels of bittersweet memories
Close the chapter one and two and move on to three
I never know love could be like this
I never knew sadness, hurt or bliss
Till i met you so i reminisce.....

A way back track from the teh tarik crew. Verse by nina. Love them much.. One love....