Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why panic ?

I just love reading lyrics, quote and greeting cards. Didn’t have many friends when I was small, so I make myself busy. Apparently that’s all the reading that I could get (by choice) as I was growing up. Those are the reading material that is at my interest of cause. I got this quote somewhere around back in the days.

‘A person is not what they are on their last conversation,
But how they are throughout the time you know them’

Couldn't’t disagree with that. Usually we tend to be abit jumpy and restless. Thought sometimes its nothing to be worried about at all. So take it easy and relax. Don’t need to be uptight and workout with something that is not certain. Until you hear it from them self. I'm talking from experience. As it happen to me a lot of time. I'll be panicking for no particular reason. Well, were are just human. what can you expect?

Flaws and imperfection

Like the self-made saying that I always use

'Perfection makes you and angel, imperfections makes you human.'

and that’s what we are, mere HUMAN.. Either we are lacking in confidence, self esteem, wealth, health, looks, or whatever it is. That’s what makes us special and unique from one another. One’s flaw might be another person's plus point about you. So don’t regret what god made you be. We might not be perfect, but the thing is we are perfectly ignorance to appreciate life what we are. Not knowing out there someone is jealous bout our talent, traits or accompany.

So be grateful of what you have and achieved so far. ive achive Because you don’t know what you got, till it’s gone.

thanks for accepting me for who i am. even tho i dont quite understand why. but thanks again. fav question of the season. why ek..?

Friday, November 27, 2009

pick a book

As I was waiting for my shining star to watch a 2.30 New Moon (twilight trilogy) I manage to go get a chance to a bonding session at borders. With whom..? With books and stationary of cause.My mum always bugs me to go improve your vocabulary by reading. But I just ignore.

But yesterday I got the urge and tendency to go read some books. And of all the books, I go choose 'Wuthering heights' by Emily bonte'. For those who don’t know books like I do, This is and epic book like Romeo and Juliet or pride and prejudice. Just manage To read a chapter. And I was totally amazed. By 1 meeting of the girl, the author Could describe one appearance I that particular scene in only sight can tell. It almost impossible with words, but with KNOWLEDGE I was stunned.

Though I’ve been writing a lot, I always feel that they are NOT GOOD. Then when I read it the novel, I’ve realized that I’m so far away from being acceptable. I appreciate the gift of writing that was acquired by me and blessed by Allah, but this is a total different chapter all together. I evolve Lot from the first hip-hop rhyme I used to write. But still, I got a long way to go,

Vision Of Perfection (Original Rhyme)

The vision of you, is truly mesmerize,
Stuttering at my lips, different from other guys,
Scent of your skin, can’t make me rationalize,
Made me stop and stare, as I drown in those eyes…

The more I know you, the deeper I’m in love,
How much I’ve put in, never felt it’s enough,
No matter how’s my life, or how my day is all ruff,
You the first that I think off, away from other stuff…

Thank you for being with me, though I’m not that perfect,
There’s a lot in my life, I know that I’m lack,
With you in my life, it’s not a total wreck,
At least you give me chill, all behind my neck…

happy blated birthday sunshine...!
hope you had a great time on your well planned birthday...
missin yah now and foever
even tho if you are near.

vote me not

Why it has all always has to be bout politics..? why cant i live in a world where there’s no back stabbing, no high handed settlement, no jealousy, no snooping around about other people, no negative thoughts bout each other and such? Where has all the cowboys gone? Where politician are noble and pure. Where sports are about people playing sport and not which people want to gain power and influence. Where the people is heard of their problems and not being push around by hot shot politicians. Where governments stop killing each other and make the country best out of what’s left off it.

no wonder I hate politics so much. it only cause you pain and prejudice. what’s the point of voting anyway? Please stop and hear, to all the expert has to say. They make a living doing research about life, not simply ruin others peoples life. So to all politicians who are just MERE HUMAN BEING, do have a heart. Because you never going to know when you going to crawl down.

I'm sick and tired of being critisized
I'm sick and tired of barely gettin by
I'm sick and tired of not livin right
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

nappy roots - sick and tired

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

reason to rhyme (Original Rhyme)

After all those words are placed and done,
Felt like a relief even though it’s not fun
But out of nowhere you would come and comment
Trying to understand till it makes perfect sense

ps: thanks to all that have supported me in words and spirit.
appriciate it a lot.

belated bday wish to ina 'kecik'.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Treacherous Mind (Original Rhyme)

At first I had a choice, to take or leave,
As I made up my mind, which one to believe,
Who worth fighting for, who would say please?
But now it’s over, I rather jump a cliff…

As I try to open up, and let love come in,
With all those hope, and with all those hint,
But all I got, a simple smile and grin,
Never could I understand, what do they mean…

So let me walk away, from this treacherous mind,
From things that you said, I could read the sign,
Never again I would be, truly so kind,
If this is what life is, I rather go blind…

this is also another story that was being told
by one of my close friends.
hopefully all of them would have a calm heart
and easy sailing thruout their life.

Losing Inspiration (Original Rhyme)

Please don’t leave me, I’m lost without you,
What we’ll face ahead, I wish didn’t come true,
So I kept on worrying, not knowing a clue,
It has been bothering, that’s why I’m down and blue…

Who’s going to take care, when you down with a flu?
All of your life, you stick to me like glue,
Can’t imagine who’ll replace me, I wonder who?
I would rather die, if I have to lose you...

this is a story bout a close friend of mine.
hopefully she gonna get tru it.

stay strong ilham

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Splish Splash

Just gat back from this small lil gig. It’s for the Kiwanis Charity Extravaganza which was called “Splash of Splendour”. Kiwanis International deals with kids who has Autism, Down Syndrome, Cebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder and etc. this year around, the Kiwanis Malaysia is doing a fashion show where in the end the clothes are going to be auction for charity purpose. Among the designer are Alin Anuar Chantiq Skaly House of Kebaya, Ed Hardy and also Jedan & Sofia Iman. So its 3 piece set all together. I was asked to walk for Sofia Iman. Yes people, it’s a runway show. So I have to dress up by the designer and model for them in front of hundreds of people. My outfit was a simple yet elegant light blue shirt. I did the fitting on Thursday. Match up with a pair of black jeans and also loafers. Got plenty of time to get it done right.

As I arrived at Prince Hotel & Residence, I was really pumped out to nail this thru. I once did photo shoot before, but never runway show. So was a bit nervous as we assemble around 730AM…! That is so freaking early in the morning. Had our rehearsal, and found out that Ed Hardy is short of 1 male model. Guess what, they ask me to go twice. One is for Ed Hardy and right after that for Sofia Iman’s. Only 15min gap in between those two showcase. Talking bout time crunch. I don’t mind that at all as that gonna give me more experience. Plus it’s for charity. How often I do that? I envy seeing my clients working with charity (Davi - Wishing Well Foundation & Nicholas - Malaysia AIDS Organisation).

2nd set - Ed Hardy by Christian Audigler

“An internationally recognized fashion brand known for it’s trendy style combine with cutting edge, distinct tattoo art”

Woaw… that was the first impression of me seeing what I have to wear. Thank god it fits me pretty good. All I had to wear are a pair of camo ¾ shorts, black singlet which bear the words “love kills slowly”, a cool funky cap and also belt. Fail to realized what I had on was auction at RM1,695 in total. And that’s at a discounted price. Shoot…..!! Some of the models would say, “you got 2 grand on u, go run away mann…!” Got 10 piece all together and I was number 5. All we got to do is, walk promote the clothes and freestyle. Be funky and fun. That’s the theme, I guess. Surprisingly, I did shoulder and arms on Thursday and Friday. I wasn’t supposed to be wearing Ed Hardy, but the singlet suit pretty well. Bahhahhaaa… Vain, I know… don’t blame me for the accessories. The designer just put it on me, I simply following orders. With the background music “I like the way you move” we really had fun out of it.

3rd set – Jedan & Sofia Iman

Jedan ‘s contemporary kurungs, kebaya and coordinates never fail to makes heads turn at social events or function. While designer Sofia Iman concentrate more on the guys side of fashion. They are two different designers, just share the same stage.

Right after that Ed Hardy set is done, I took off those shoes and run all the way too the dressing room which was like the other side of the world or something. I changed to my last outfit immediately but didn’t manage to fix my hair. The sprint was a breath of fresh air. Just luv to keep my heart pumping fast. My manager Zaharah said “mess up your hair, then you good to go”. At this 3rd and last set, I was number 9. Got plenty of time to take a lil breather. The music is totally tone down, so I really need to change the mood and emotion to suit the designer’s clothing. Hope I didn’t mess that one up. trying to be versatile.

That’s pretty much what happen on my Saturday. Hectic as we finish at 430pm. That’s along time to get by. Was really starving, so we went to the “no Manners table “ with Chia, Faisal, Ezan(queen of no manners), ben ibrahim (the host) and zahara. Food galore people. The meatballs was fantastic. Made plenty of friends, but less picture. Big shoutout to Audrey who got me into this gig. Veronica and Zaharah from XZTLY! for making it happen. Great stuff people. Don’t mind to do it again. Pic please if yall have any. I hope you models could tag me up on facebook or something. Please and thank yous…!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slipping Away (Original Rhyme)

Everyone has depression, but I won’t mention

As I could feel your pain, but manage to keep your sane,

My unwanted stress, don’t want to make you depress,

So I rather keep in, and try avoiding too much sin

Not attention that I crave, I’ve been more brave

Those dry up tears, as I was fighting my fears,

So just let me be, set me free at the sea,

Focus with your quest, go ahead be the best..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

PT for life...!

Being a personal trainer is very interesting. I was even commented by one of my clients. She usually got training at late night before closing and early morning after openingrs. She mentions that regardless it’s in the early morning or late nite, I still remain my hyperness. I was like, “Whutt…? Are you serious…?! “ . I didn’t know that. But then again it’s hard for me to judge myself (though I tend to be very vain sometimes. Bhahhahahha….) . According to her also, she will learn something weird every now and then. For example ‘Ice Pack’, India barber, gym blackout workout, medicine ball relief and etc. It’s unintentionally, but reminded by many.

Would like to thanks the Borneo’s trainer, who train me with patients, wisdom and plenty of insult. Among them are Dayang my kakak/mentor/enemy (hate you), Audrey my all time motivator, Ikhbal Kebal my sensei in the martial arts/dictionary and also Edgar/Agnes my… errr… the Edgar that you all know (totally lost for words). Each one of yall really brought me up to what I am today. Still wondering why didn’t I get this job when I finish my degree. Hrmmmm…… naw, its my life…! Yearrghh…!

4get me not

Recently manage to get thru most of my diamonds in the ruff. As I miss them so much, and felt the urge to call them up one by one. My phone book is kinda disorganized. So I don’t know which number that they were using. Like Yana and Nadya have a new number/phones (no wonder I can’t get yall thru all this while! Grrrrr….). Before this I did try to call them all up once in a while, but time really wasn’t at my side. When I text them, most of them are asleep. My working hours are all weird. Last month alone, I got so much PT that I didn’t see sunlight. Imagine that. It’s really hectic in uptown. Even have to work 7days a week. Barely have time to spend with my girlfriend. Hrmmmm…. Sowieee..!

I’m truly am sorry for not contacting any of you regularly like I’ve always been. Like those time we went Urbanscape together (aina & nadya), or the time we fly kite at the beach (fatin), or fetch and send yall back from training (yana, azry &nadya) and all those time talking and texting bout each other ‘life drama’ (aina, tyka, udin & rinee). Mann, how I miss all those years when we were younger. Now, everyone has their own thing and new environment to settle down with. I can’t stop that as its against my power. I wish it won’t, but at least I’m trying to get back into track as I reminisce all those golden years.

So to all my diamonds in the ruff, I’m here and doing great. Hope to here from you all every now and then. If you need help, do let me know. Was always there for yah… take care.

Ps: to all those taking SPM (Aina&Esha), good luck girls…! Do your very best like your life is counting on it…



nadya n udin


much luv

Monday, November 2, 2009

Movie mania....!

What a fantastic weekend if I may say so. Manage to catch two movies recently. Almost similar concept though it’s two different style. Let me give a summery on it.

On Saturday, it was ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ based on a debut novel of American author Audrey Niffenegger stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. The story is about a Henry (Bana) who time travels to a random year in his lifetime without any clothes. It is caused by a rare genetic anomaly. So when it happens (randomly), its hard to know when he’s gone or when is he coming back. Henry kept on returning to Clare in her life. Regardless it’s 8, 18 or even 30. Of cause Clare believes they are destined to be together. They got married and have a baby name Alba together (with the same gift). Knowing her husband might appear and disappear, she kept on waiting for him with love and patients. Even if he died when Alba was 5, they still see him once in a while. And the hope continues.

While on Sunday, I went and watch a Malay movie call “Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang”. Based on an 18 century Malay tale which happen in Muar, Johor. Awang who is travels 3 years to fulfill the future in-law’s wishes as he wants to marry their daughter. In that quest and duration on engagement, he needs to find ‘Kain Masuli kuning telur‘ and selendang (which very raw and expensive). His quest brought him to Makasar where he could get the entire desired item. In his absent, Bachok took advantage and try to wins dayang’s heart with the help of Panglima Merah. A rumor says that Awang was killed by pirates. So they cancle off the engagement. Meanwhile on his way back rounding up 3 years of quest, Awang was honored with 2 mystical spears (lembing laki and lembing bini) by the Sultan of Goa. As he return to Muar, he found out that Bacok and Dayang is getting married on the day itself. He was stunned about the incident and starts a massacre. He and one of the spears start claiming lives. A total of 99 people died in that incident. The spear has a mind of it self and help Awang in their act of betrayal. Finally after all set and done, the spear stops infront of Dayang at her reach. She wasn’t kill as she was manipulate by others.

The movies aren’t that strong compare to the novel or real tale, but at least it gives us a picture on how it is like. I don’t know why these two movies were picked in the first place, but it shares a same thing. A women’s Patience. All my life I heard stories by friends and peers about relationship. Let me give you a piece of advice. Regardless if your waiting for someone to realized your existence, someone to change their bad habits or someone to make a move. Just please have patience. Good things come to those who WAITS. And it only would happen if it’s meant to be. With God’s will.