Monday, January 26, 2009

the intro... (LK Original Rhyme)

Devil Rayz

its time to party, lets start the show
time to go BOOM,we about to blow!
better be ready for u about to noe
wat the lyrical killerz gonna bring to the floor

they call me d'rayz, man i'm the ish
theres no other cat that can do it like this
be battlin' wif rhymes, not wif my fist
i flow like ocean water, as cool as the mist

float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
they say i'm a playa, man that aint me
words are my friend but they seem to be the enemy
i'm juz tryin' to be nice, as sweet as can be

sydney is my spot, we doin big pimpin'
chillin is wat i luv and so is eatin'
i better stop now, let the rest start spittin'
yo soul batter up! show 'em wat u're bringin'

Soul Jaa

I’m just too bold,
Leaving you ice cold,
That’s why they call me Soul,
Yall never get a hold,
Suggest you pack and fold,
Because you just been told…

Car Junk is my hood,
I won’t forget my root,
Though my life is never good,
Won’t change even if I could,
The place I’ve grown my foot,
To kick those stoopid dude..

I am the real deal,
So much have I kill,
Shocking like an electric eel,
Secret never been reveal,
My mouth is always seal,
Heart breaker ever still…

Dream Child

Hey ya'll ! Want to know more about her yo ?
Alright she's gonna break it down ! Lets go !
Her name is Dreamz as ya'll should know ,
She's got flow , watch out she's going to steal the show ,
The wrong perspective of her is maybe what you've got in your mind ,
Well keep hearing her out and it will turn out just fine .

She's fun and freaky and definitely paranoid for sure ,
But mind you, her heart and all that she is, is pure .
She isn't typical , she's different from all the rest ,
She minds her own business , she's only completing her own quest .
A quest to be successful because she is very passionate ,
She does everything with pride , life is not JUST a parade .

Life means music and music is her life ,
Music makes her laugh and cry , it makes her feel alive .
Just like everyone, her life goes up and down like musical pieces ,
The different tunes defines her life like beautiful sonnets .
Sonnets are hard to compose and finish , but they must rhyme ,
That tells her that an obstacle in life is JUST another mountain to climb

Her family and friends mean alot to her ,
Her heart feels whole whenever they're near .
Without them she's nothing , so she has to find ones that are true ,
She has indeed found awesome ones , they're her beloved crew .
Shakespeare is right , life is a brief candle , her life will soon pass,
So she plans to live every moment to the fullest without any fuss .

17 nov 2007
ps: this is one of the assignment set by me.
just to tell a lil something bout themself.
hope you digg it..!

Lyrical Killerz' Zone

It won’t be fair if I keep this crew under wrap. Since I’ve told yall the story of the Kruk Kruk Crew, its about time I present to you

the Lyrical Killerz

It started way back when. In 2007 while Rayz is down under studying. At first it was only me (Soul) and Rays. Da dynamic duo. All rhyme is made on MSN online. It was weird cause all our rhyme is made best when we are far apart. When he came back, none of us meet up and start rhymeing seriously. Hahhahaa…. Sengal. For the Lyrical Killerz (LK), we emphasize on freestyle and writing on impulse. So you could imagine how is our daily conversation gonna be like.

Rayz (devil ray) would be the one with the fast feet/c-walking. He got tons of street creds then all of us combine. Friendly face with a hardcore attitude. Aggressive type of rhyming and straight up in your face. Never mess with him if you know what good for you. Hahahaa….

Soulz (dark Soul jaa) is the biggest one of them all. If yall don’t know him you might think he is wicked and rough. The outlook would just scare you to the bone. Style of rhyme would be describe as sorrow with vengeance. Quiet but still taking notes. Grrrrrr…….

Later on Rayz introduce me to our 3rd member. We call her Dreamz. 1st female emcee of the group. Don’t take her for granted. Tho she is the youngest, but she got madd skill…!

Dreamz (dream child) has always caught our eyes with her bubbly personality. Considered as our hype girl. Full with energy and ready to blast. Type of flow: long and high in vocabulary. (long cause she talk fast). So her rhyme makes sense when she says it. Hueee…..

That’s the main 3 crew. As time pass by, several of our peers would join the alliance. Here is the list so far.

Main Crew
Dark Soul - Jaa
Devil Rayz - Amer
Dream Child - Aina

Extended Crew
Udin – D-Starz
Emi - Edgez
Esha - Lil Tink

Its been a while since our last session. But here ill be putting some of our old piece of art that we come out with. Hope it start back the habit of rhyming. Or may be we need to live a bit more far apart. Yikes….!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Wedding...

Just got back from one of my best friend wedding. We were tight during our hi school yearz. His name is Ateh aka Nizar. He is currently working in putrajaya. A skateborder indeed. Still skating every now and then. Just to sweat it out. Help me move out from my house before several time. Couldn’t had a better friend than him. Tho we always fought most of the time, but apriciate his sincearity. A much nicer person than me for sure. Seriously..

Someone told me that friends when we were small are the truest of them all. When your working or grown up, all the people would either be competing with you or taking advantage of you. I don’t know how true is that. But ill keep an eye on that.

Well at least 80% of my skool friends are married… hahhahaaa…. Congratz people..! mannn… im kewl yall. Love where I am now. Not rushing into anything.

ps: love the wedding theme colour.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shanghai Showdown.,.....!

Last Saturday was our Fitness First annual dinner. The theme was Shanghai Showdown. So all of us need to wear oriental costumes. Started at 7pm. Yeah right.. buat penat jer rush like madd.. hrmmm…..the whole crowd from Fitness First Malaysia was there. So you can imagine the mayhem…..loud and buff up guys and sexy girls. Errr am im at the right palce…hahhahhaaaa……I got this attire from a wushu exponent. My favorite combination of colour lak tuh…. Food was yummy, environment was hot, ad my performance was tight. Hahaha at least we got number 2…danggg…..heres are some of the pic.

still trying to get over the loud music as my dinner table was way upfront and beside the im abit tone deft right now...sorry.....


Right after the recent post, tonz of people agree im too thin.. hahahaaa…..thankz a lot.. but it worried me. Last post I only managed to show you 1 pic only. Here is some mo.. and the time line with it. Itz not trying to show off ive lost weight. Just to make yall understand how I was before..

the cause of the mayhem (2 years old)

reason why i hate cakes (7 years old)

zaman kegemilangan -far right- (11 years old)

the dynasti (13 years old)

the down fall (15 years old)

hope i wot be as i was before..go jaa go....!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

skinny me?

Recently, for the first time in my life I was called skinny. Snapp…! What happened man..? am I really that thin…? May be cause of my height. i was born and raise large ok. its like my dream to be 1/2 of what i was before. . yeah i struggle with my weight all my schooling days. was given tons of name. arghhh..... how i wish i could ereased all those memories.

But now days, all my bowling kids said i am. yet i didnt listen.. then at work, one of the MC (Membership Consultant ) call me kurus. Then I look up to my current photos in MTBC web site. Argh hh…….sad to say I do look skinny…hrmmmm….

this is one of my old skool pic.. you judge your self..oh yeah, on the left hand side is my bro. told yah he is better looking than me. if im not mistaken this pic is taken 1998. new pic you can check out on the net. Need to buff up yall. No matter what I takes.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sure HAVOC...!

10 days from my last post. Is not that I got nothing to write. But not enough to time to write and rest. Interstate pass by. Again we got the overall champion. Hrmmm… we missing some overall category too. Competitions is a bit tough. Well at least my record is still there. Hahhahahahaa…. tough luck homies.. better luck next time. But then again, im gonna miss them all over again. The ups and down, the cheers, bfast and dinner together, the pink selangor tshirt (yang memang tak leh blah dowh…!) and all the silly lil thingz we do among ourself. For example shouting and screaming happy new year in pyramid after hours. Tah naper tah si dia tuh hyper 4 hari…

When I finally got over something im trying to for a long time. And this time its for good! but then I suddenly bury something nice at the same time. Hrmmmm….. arghh snap…! When I was about to get away from all the misery and fresh to a new start. Owh well… back to the drawing block I suppose. Be having an interview 2morro and annual dinner on Saturday. When the heck am I gonna get some rest. But at least all this havocness would stop me from thinking so much.. see you around people.. hope ive touch every each and single one of you people. if i did, please 4get me not...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Youth Of The Nation...!

This is actually a title of a POD tarck back then. Way past kewl…! Recently I went to see the national youth roll off. Selangorianz who went for the Roll off is Yasser the comic (trying to maintain his spot there), Dina the destroyer (that sounds cool) and also Zharif. Nadya was suppose to play too. But had to back out of it as her dad had a heart attack recently (I suppose not much people knew bout it). He survive it and still recovering. Pray for speedy recovery to Mr Noor Azman. Hey Sandal…..! jaga ayah elok2 tau. Che’ Jgn lupa pi training gak tau…! Sorry bout that. Got carried away.

Who’s to blame for the life that tragedies claim
No matter what you say it wont take away the pain
That I feel inside im tired of all the lies
Don’t nobody know
Why it’s the blind leading the blind?
Guess that’s the way the story goes
Will it ever make sense somebodys gotta know
Theres gotta be more to life than this
Theres got to be more to everything I tought exists
We are we are, youth of the nation

POD – youth of the nation

With the new ruling set by MTBC, only bowlers approved by the state association was given the chance to try out the national youth. a standard average of 195 for boys and 185 for girls. It is also at the same time with the Selangor Super Classic. That’s a tough decision to make. Yasser and Dina made the cut.. Congrats to both of them. On behalf of all the people in Selangor, I would like to thank you for all the effort given . you both deserved it..! Selangorianz rawk..! this time, yasser prove himself worthy to be in the squad and the first time wasn’t a fluke…even tho with his gutter shots and when he trips himself down to the floor. those are priceless mann.. A true comic never the less. You go mann…!

In the classic, it seems that the lefties got the best of it. Udin the rawker was really on form. But came in short at the quarter finals. Tough luck mann. I kno it really bites. Just hang in there okay..? Interstate is around the corner. People kept asking who is playing. We will see in a time near by. Just come on and fight for your right…bwest of luck to all the Selangorianz..this is Our year…!

New Yeah...!

Well this is what was said on the 1st of January 2009.. yurrp it’s the new year for some people that particular day. But to me I said back to them, it was 4 days ago 28th of December 2008. People start looking at me funny…yeah it was maal hijrah. Thatz the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Never tought of it that way huh..? In this 2month we be having 3 new year. Islamic, Western and Chinese. Its your pick. Regardless of what ever it is, people will start having resolution. But do yall really stick to it..? I having one myself. But progressingly increased. It was 250 the day before and another 300 yersterday… im going all out mann….! Just wait till half of the year. Hopefully it started to show.. Hope you had a great year ahead of you… stick to your resolution. Cuz itz time for a Revolution…!