Monday, July 27, 2009

The I in Me (Original Rhyme)

I walk and walk on this blistering feets,
When should I stop and where does it leads,
The voice of you, put me to sleep,
Not knowing if you’re, the one that ill keep…

Would you take time, hear my cry tonight,
As I try deem off , these nasty bright light,
But the vision of you, still in my sight,
It still kept haunting, even if I fight

As I question myself, how its going to be,
It’s you that I adore, I hope that you see,
Wishing inside you know, what you meant to me
Too much question to ask, hope you have the key

would like to thanks my "Manager" on helping me
on the finishing touch of this rhyme...
hate yah...!

Picture Perfect

If you must know, I’m a bit of picture freak. I got tons of pictures from every now and then. Usually with my diamond in the ruff. Here is some picture that is truly priceless and caught in the act of growing up.


how time passes by. wishing could turn back time.. but thats is just a dream..

Angle of death (Original Rhyme)

Sometimes I don’t understand you, and what you want,
I tried to be sharp, but to you I’m blunt,
Take a look at my life, and what have I done,
I never stop running, away from this hunt

Wish I could see, what you see in me,
The thing so wrong that you couldn’t let it be,
How straight should I be, minus all my identity?
Or maybe I should just, change my personality…

30 june 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brushfire Records present ....

The artist formely known as Koko Kaina has finally release her own debut album. as the first female singer to be sign under Jack Johnson very own recording lable require a tip of the hat already. But knowing that she also a Malaysian, gives a total diffrent meaning all together. Makes me 'prouder' to be a Malaysian.

Now shes better known as Zee Avi. this pic is the actual album cover, before they crop it (check out the real cover).

Started off by uploading videos on youtube and have owh so many fans all across the world. she had this thing making a video of her playing the guitar but neck down and till wasit level only. Thats her own artistic touch. truly an artist. i know aina talks about it so many time bout her. cant compete with her.

the cd is lay back suday kind of tunes with strong emotional lyric. some of the quote are like:

jack johnson: "she's got a voice that sounds like somthing from the past, but you can't put your finger on it"

rolling stone: "the album is steeped in folk, but with Norah Jones style vocal inflections"

am not an expert on her but would really ask you people to listen to her music. it been stressfull these time around. why not having some easy listening tunes tru your ears. Enjoy...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl Right Next To Me

You changed my face, I think I like it better now
It doesn't matter anyhow, 'cause that's the way it is
You said hello, where the hell you been?
I said I feel like I've been off to war, and I may never be the same again

I made my bed, but now I can't sleep at night
I'm tossin and turnin you know, you know it ain't right
I'd love to beg, see, but I'm just too proud
And I don't even know what to say, so I'm thinking out loud

And when you dream 17
I ain't there, so I don't care
'Cause in all my dreams, I'm 23
And she's the girl right next to me
See that girl right next to me

I lie in my bed, you're running through my head
Going over and over and over, the things that you said
I'm caught in the trap, I'll run like hell right back to you
'Cause I'm sober with you and you know it beats drinking alone

And when you dream 17
I ain't there, so I don't care
'Cause in all my dreams, I'm 23
And she's the girl right next to me
See that girl right next to me

by the Goo Goo Dolls
taken from the album "Superstar Car Wash"

ps: hrmmmm...something i could relate to.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sederhana (Karya Asli)

salahkah jika aku berjiwa seni?
kerana ku tahu dunia takkan kekal abadi,
menjadi hamba kepada materialisasi,
sampai hujung dunia tidak habis dikejari,

cukuplah sudah kita besederhana,
kerana dunia ini hanya sementara,
makin hari dimakan usia,
tidak tahu bila kita tinggalkan semua,

biar lah diriku menghayati alam,
meneroka hutan dan lautan dalam,
pukulan ombak atau kegemerlapan malam,
mencari ilham yang terpendam didalam

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jaa: the origin

The day that I was born was kind weird. Wasn’t born around here, so just let it be (don’t ask where). It’s approximately 10.55pm on 14th July 19XX. What happen that day was, Dr Lyneham (the doctor that took care of mummy) did his routine check up, before he went home. Dr says to mummy that I was expected to be born around 5 am in the morning. After rounding up all his patients, he was heading home. Around 11.45 as he was slotting his key in the ignition, one of the staff nurse came running down to Dr Lyneham and try to stop him. She said that my mum was in labor. And they were helping her to start pushing. The good ol’ Dr came rush back into the hospital, while kicking off all his shoes and everything just to attend to my mum. And there I was, Luqmanul Haqim (original name) born at 11.55pm just 5min before deadline. That was close. I weight almost 9lbs. Was a heavy baby, just like a 2 month old.. in Islamic calendar should be 3rd Syawal 1403h and it was a Thursday.

After all the dust is set and done, Dr Lyneham said to my mum. “Your baby is so impatient to come out to this world isn’t he..? I don’t even know where I kick off my shoes and everything. You cheeky baby you….” What I did wrong now..? (Baru keluar pun dah kena tuduh. Mann….) I suppose that explain why I’m dark (born at night) and a bit fast tempo (kelam kabut). Hahahhaa….. Name change to what ever it is now as my dad wanted me and my bro to have the same 2nd name. Which was Jasril (means bridge or rock, I guess). do I have to share EVERYTHING in life with him? at least i know where it started. Cried since my name was change. I don’t know why.

-the end-

Consider as part of the water element.

Credits to story teller/witness
-my mum-

Years young

It was the 14th last Tuesday. Wonder what’s so special about it. Hrmmm… To me it was just another working day. The good thing that I could recall happen on this day was the rain that flushes out some of the haze since Monday. Everyone was coughing due to the dry air. Good thing to workout indoors. Owh and also apparently it was my birthday.

This year around, I got some presents and mostly they are food. What I’m too skinny huh? Hahahhahaa…. Would like to thank my PT clients, FF staff / members, friends, family and also strangers. And big credts to all of my diamond in the ruff and also soul brothers. Won’t be here without all of your support, wisdom and smile. Turn another year old. Let see what’s up for grab this year around. Thanks again….

There’s several present that I adore even until now. I know not everyone is blessed with artistic skill, but I simply love self made stuff. Like this video from Aina (uranium) on Youtube. She sang Iris by the goo goo dools while strumming her guitar

Or even this piece of art that Isha (bling) design on a t-shirt for me. Self own design with the word “JAA” on the bottom right had side of image. Really have a close look at it. You will find it. That’s simply brilliant.

They are the best at their craft. Thank you girls…! Much love..!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Recently one of my friend was having medic exam. She was really stress out and ask me to help out with her revision. So I did by making a rhyme about heart attack. Blasah jer actually. But she says it seem to fit in and help a lot. Hahhaa… that’s ironic. So here it is.

It’s harder to breath, when your heart start to squeeze,
Your chance is so vague, is not a heart break
Your artery block, too much of a clog
Tick of the clock will make your heart block

Then there was another time when another friend of mine doubted themselves. They asked me to write something motivating. Hopefully it helps. But I don’t know. If friends, it’s alright that I do upon request. Sometimes I just do it without them knowing it. I don’t mind the trouble. Though I hope they realized about it.

-A Phase-
This is just a phase, that you need to face,
You’ve got your base, just fight for your place,
Come along way, so don’t try to sway,
Just do your best and leave out all the rest

Credits to Fiza and BG. Thankz for being an inspiration…

Love story with a twist

Last night I got the chance to watch a play call “Intan yang tercanai” (Polished Diamond) *I guess*. It was held at DBP KL. The play was written by Sastrawan Negara Noordin Hassan and directed by A.Wahab Hamzah.

Well actually it’s a story of a young man called Danial Sundaram who fell in love with a girl call Ungku Intan Anis. Danial actually doesn’t have a firm religion that he held. Though he hold up the kavadi (in an act to pay nazar), it’s upon request of his mum and just to make her feel happy. But still he is in search of faith and the truth in life. He even studied the difference and psychology of religion when he was aboard. Well that’s his story.

Meanwhile, Anis is a one of the nicest human being. She is very close to religion, do tons of charity work regardless the place (eg: Guatermala and even Africa) and yet very pretty. Because of her beauty and traits, a lot of people have ask her hand. But she decline. Anis went to perform the Haj, and that particular year the tunnel of Al-Mu’aysam collapsed upon hundreds of Muslims. Apparently she was in the tunnel then and was trapped and injured. As Danial heard the story, he immediately went to Mekkah in search for her. He was then a Muslim, right after 3 months of carrying the Kavadi. He convert into Islam wasn’t because he wants to marry her, but it was her traits that has shown him the way. He was amazed that a person so beautiful and nice could be driven to religion without question.

As Danial went there, he met Hj Fadzil who saw Anis trapped in the tunnel. Fadzil managed to wrap her head that was wounded. As the curtains fall, Danial kept seeing an image of Anis as Fadzil mention. Danial ran to her and realized she was gone into thin air. And so was Hj Fadzil. The mysteries that in Mekkah. Tons of weird things that has happened there and no one can explain.

“Jika mustahil pada yang tersurat, carilah pula yang tersirat”
-Intan Yang Tercanai-

This is what I think of the play. It’s actually not much of a love story. But more of the ones quest of searching the meaning of life. In search of love, he found religion instead. The play was filled with monolog. Not much dialog actually. Which is very unique. To make a play based on monolog alone, you need a good text that could catch the mind of the audience. The text is simple and straight forward. Well that’s the story.

Costume was very plain but they manage to make it work and synchronized with the play by the help of lightings. Imagine this, most of them were wearing white, but the beautiful color of stage light really helps to make it come to life. Sound and songs was superb. The lyric to the theme song will make you simply melt. Don’t know about you, but I was touched with the lyric.

Dihimpit cinta
Nurani jiwa
Yang tak terluahkan
Dengan kata-kata..

Dihimpit rindu
resah dikalbu
tak tertahan rasa menunggunya.

Song by Mohd Hafiz Askiak
Lyric by : Teka Voice (uitm)

Stage wise is very unconventional, because the use up the whole entire hall. No seriously. They had this ramp that jutted out from the stage. They even use up the places in between the audience. Like the play was in 3D. Owh my bad, it is on 3D. A bit interactive if I might say. Character building was good, it tells us a story from another person point of view.
mum said there are things that she can relate to in the content of the play. the thing is, i do feel the same. dont know which part of it though. but i suppose good plays and text brings out the best of us.
Well that’s about it. Don’t compare to my mum’s article, she a master in it. I’m just doing this for fun. Together let us support Malaysian performing arts and theater. BTYL (blog to you later)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Any Given Thursday

I don’t know about you, but I love Thursday. Not because of campur charts go live @ Italianis The Curve. I love to attend as they fetures tons of indie and local acts. But never get the chance to. Several whine up events which took place. For example, last thursday I was working since 6.30am. Yeah it’s early and you could only imagine how early I have to go down. That’s part of my everyday life. But at least I was really looking forward for fitball core.

“Designed to focus on core strength and increasing your lean muscle mass.
It will also shape and tone major muscle in your body”

Well that’s what it says. Manage to drag udin into the class, I said its ‘easy’ and enjoying. Hahahhaa… sorry udin.

Later on in the afternoon we went Wondermilk. It’s been a while. Last time I was there, I drop by meeting Aina and Emi as they had lunch. Though that was just 10min stop. At least I went down didn’t I? yeah I know its kinda weird when I put a timer on when I was with them. Sorry girls.

Went back up with udin as I be having Club Launch at 2. The funny thing was it was written Club Lunch at our appointment sheet.

J@a : nieh saper yang tulih nieh..? Lunch ker Launch..?
Ketak: aku lah tulis. Launch larr
J@a : maner huruf ‘A’ ko..?
Ketak : maner aku reti eja.
j@a : hahhahahaha…. Sakit perut aku gelak superset.

Sorry man. Right after my shift, the CGM invite me, iqbal and fendi to the koi pond. I was like, “since when we have a koi pond?

As I reached there, I was supprise to see this huge landscape of human made waterfall and pond. Same level as the place I’m working now. And it’s open to public. Totally a place to realx your mind body and soul. Now you know where’s my break time getaway. To be honest, agak perak lak skit yesterday. I don’t care. It’s a self belonging feeling. And it’s all in my back yard. Yeay…

I was quite exhausted actually. Almost want to bail out from going to charades night @ USJ. But I’ve promise. Plus my delayed appointment canceled last minute. arghhh… was excited to go though. Had a wonderful dinner at babah zainal’s and mama radz’s place. Food was good. Almost everyone was there, the whole of esha’s famila as host, amer, udin, emi, eka, apai and a very special guest Kak Shalin and also Abg ZD. Just like last week, its battle of the sexes. Guys against girls. First round, we were actually left behind way far, but manage to cut them towards the last min. as you could see, guys were outnumbered by 4:6. But manage to get thru. Abg ZD acted as our manager. Hahhahha…. Sorry bro. after the short victory dance and 5min break, we start again. Since we were running out of time, we start half way. Eventually the girls win. Leaving the guys 30 spaces in distant. It’s about time. So the score now is guys 2 : girls 0.5? tak per larr kasi larr the win to them its 2:1. below is my muker kerek cuz menang lagik..hahahhaaa....

Just simply love Thursday. It’s like an all day fiesta. Can’t wait till next Thursday.

50cent version 2.0

Last night I got the chance to meet a new member that just join in. Apparently he got 9 stab wound around his chest and abs. I was like, “Mann….Your lucky to be surviving”. It seems that he was mistaken with another person. Ended up he got stab with a ice pick 9 times and also get his eye busted open with several punches. It’s bad enough to get all those, but to be beaten by 5 different people all together is a total tragedy. Further more, it’s a misunderstanding. Talking about luck. All his intestine was scramble and 1 stab barely missed the heart. It took him 3 weeks to be fully recovered. He said something like” lepas kene belasah tuh, penat lah kan bergelut dengan 5 orang. Pergi lah minum air. Minum-minum je darah lagi banyak keluar dari perut semua”

moral of the story is:
seal your exit wound before taking liquid.
and run away if your out numbered

the difference between me and you

Almost everyone around us crave to be different. We yearn to have our own style, personalities, flavor, and a very own special touch. Difference of hairstyle, clothes, hand phones, likes and dislike and also thought of mind. I once heard of a story about my friend who went to this dinner and then went straight back home because there was another girl wearing the same dress she was wearing. The power of perception. But till what extend..? Do we dare to change ourselves so much? People are afraid of changes. Away from the comfort zone. Of cause there always a rebel without a cause inside each and every one of us that wants to make a statement. But with minds of peoples that surround us and also peer pressure, we dare not.

Kanye once said, “get use to being used” in his book of quotes called
-thank you and your welcome-

To me, I dare myself to be different. So what I didn’t watch certain action packed movies. For what purpose.? Just because everyone is doing it, so I should join in? I’m afraid not. I’m no longer scared being left behind of the bandwagon fallacies. I enjoy indie, I enjoy isolation, performing art, the simple things in life.

You yourself are an art.
It’s up to you to make it a flop or a masterpiece

Dare to be different?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Acoustic Night by Rantai Art

I was really in luck yesterday. It was my day off and as usual, I check out some indie band Myspace page. Just to check new music. As you can see, I just updated my hyperlink to their web on your top right hand side. All the sudden I saw this poster.

An acoustic gig by Rantai Art..? owh mann, its been along time since I’ve been to one. I suppose I went off my roots for a while. That’s why I immediately call them up just to check out the venue as I wasn’t very sure bout the place. Try to get people to come along with me. Usually I don’t do that. Because not much would appreciate it, but I gave a try. Since it’s a last minute invite, people decline as they have other plan ahead to spend their weekend time with family and friends. Went off late as I reach there around 8.05pm. The gig supposes to start at 7 but they delayed it for Magrib prayers. That’s thoughtful. Even the last Rantai event I went at the annex theater also they stop the show. As the act of respect.

It started off by a poetry recital by a new comer named Edan. I forgot the title but it sound something like “anak cacing nak jadi anak naga” something like that I suppose. Sorry if I get it wrong. The flow and word choice is rather interesting as it uses “kata ganti nama ketiga” to describe a person and the thing they do. That’s a challenge. Off text . Everything in the mind. I suppose he is really into what’s he was writing. Awsome. Congrats man.

Second performance is none other than Otam. Part of the reason I went to the gig for. Last I saw him was at Yuna Ep launch and also Urbanscape 2008. Deep soulful voice. More like a jazz blues African American tone. Ala-ala Louis Armstrong pun ada jugak. But never the less, its mindblowing. Track that he brought last night are as below:
· Ku telan rasa
· Bulan sabit (no title yet actually)
· Boba
· *jamming session with Sarita
· Pulau Perhentian

Third performance was Sarita. Her sound was something like a sniff of an morning summer rose if I would say. Very soft, pure and delicate sound. A new comer indeed, and sad to say I never seen her perform before. What a shame. Such talent. Accompany by paan/faan (mann I need to search them up on mysapce before I post it up)
· You and Me
· Mimpi
· You
· Who you (not sure if this is what she said)
· Kangen

Inbetween the act, Faan perform a very country sound like song call Sunrise.

Kit/ Night lights which is heavily drawn to the sound of Bob Dylan gave us his sample of Whisper Coma, Right Backwards and Sunshine. A totally different feel all together. Not saying it’s not good, as the word a packed with deep meaning and style.

Have to go back after that as I was meeting some friends later on. The boutique /studio were awesome. Painting on the wall was jaw dropping. Someone who owns the place must be a photographer. I might drop by to check what’s new. BTYL

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Last Curtain - tribute to MJ

Hrmm there’s go the king of pop. A multi talented performer that mesmerize us with his style. Either singing, dancing or etc. No doubt he is one of a kind. I know it’s been a while since his death, but I manage to gather peoples view about the situation. Yes of cause he is in a world on his own. But doesn’t all the big names are.? Lets think about it, people such as Mortzart, Tupac Shakur (both death in the early days of their life), Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles (blinded), Elton John and the list goes on. All these name are musically gifted in their own field of music. Some develop an eccentric behavior while some have something else been taken away from them. I suppose that shows how God is equal to all of its creation. If you are given a god given talent to share with the world, theres something else that will be taken away from you.

On the flip side of view, did you know MJ is as tall as me..? but like ½ of my weight..? as a tribute to the king of pop, here’s a video of his that has a place in my heart. Hope you enjoy.

"All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us
All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us

Some things in life they just don't wanna see
But if Martin Luther was livin'
He wouldn't let this be"