Thursday, November 24, 2011

never enough (original rhyme)

Sorry i cant b the perfect one,Or even if my tongue is mostly blunt,
Its not that im trying to avoid or run,Always been repetition and kept avoiding the gun,
Trying to survive, in this blood thirst hunt,
Staying away, from cheap thrill or fun,
Hope you're more rationale, after all set or done,
As I've always stood my ground, stormy rain n burning sun....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I got my bagage in life, that i cant run away from. Thats why it makes me diffrent. So sorrow, so tone down, so under the radar. Sometimes, I just dont want to be seen...... But regardless of what ive done, they wont allow me. Tho im just a simple person trying to make a living. Dont ask for much, but striving for all that i could offer. Still not enough tho...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Does This Means to You? (Original Rhyme)

take me to the day, when it was,
before all the sudden, the time went pause,
& I felt so different, as if I'm at lost,
so low & broken, like I've been toss,
or fall down riding, from a back of a horse,
as my heart stop moving, disrupted by force...

remind me again, why im here,
where this smile is swept off, & I'm avoiding tears,
feeling insecure, so much things to fear,
what holds in front of me, never seem to be clear,
kept a straight face, just waiting to hear,
what you got to say, explain to me my dear...

untill when this last, i'll endure the pain,
nor i'm not that perfect, not even a saint,
just kept myself busy, to keep me sane,
so much room for improvement, so much to gain,
as long i kept true, & maintain this lane,
desperately hoping that 1 day, this will change...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Uninvited Guest (Original Rhyme)

as i reminisce, what has past,
sitting down quite, without any fuss,
and there you were, out from the dust,
wondering slowly, and gaze at the cast...

while I'm chasing shadows, in the mid of the night,
writing my heart out, under the bright moonlight,
the picture of you, gave me all the might,
felt appreciated with all your guide,
which kept me standing, and continue this fight,
where i feel much better, throughout this height...

your timing seems accidental, but always right on time,
when everything seem sour, even worst from lime,
to greater heights, together we will climb,
until fate crosses over, then we act like mime...

Post Sign (Original Rhyme)

too sick to realized, what happen before me,
just kept it silent & just let it be,
as i wish for a miracle, to show me the key...

again & again, i kept on telling,
myself to be calm, & just stop swearing,
don't let it bother, your heart & feeling,
it's just repetitions, that you have to be dealing...

time will heal, this heart of mine,
sooner or later, i will be fine,
just need to open my eyes, & read the sign...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crystalized by The XX

You've applied the pressureTo have me crystallizedAnd you've got the faithThat I could bring paradise
I'll forgive and forgetBefore I'm paralyzedDo I have to keep up the paceTo keep you satisfied
Things have gotten closer to the sunAnd I've done things in small dosesSo don't think that I'm pushing you awayWhen you're the one that I've kept closest
[ahh ahh ahh] x4
You don't move slowTaking steps in my directionsThe sound resounds, echo
Does it lesson your affectionNo
You say I'm foolishFor pushing this asideBut burn down our home
I won't leave alive

Glaciers have melted to the seaI wish the tide would take me overI've been down on my kneesAnd you just keep on getting closer