Monday, June 28, 2010

My yearly retreat (Urbanscape 2010 baby…!)

Phewww….. Just got myself back from Urbanscape. Came back sticky and smelly after a whole day outing under the hot burning sun. Still remember nadya told us last 2 years ‘abg jaa panas sangat nieh. Habyeh nadya dah cair dah’ hahahhaaaa….. As usual this yearly event was held at the famous KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center). Off Jalan Ipoh and along Jalan Starchan. But this time around I got the privilege to go with my darling girlfriend. Fizah was really sporting wanting to go to the event with me. Thank you for coming dearest.

In the magazine, they said they gonna reserving ample parking space this year. Yet I still ended up have to park my car in the muddy area. Bhahahhahaa….. as we came in, the ‘project angkat rumah’ kampong house was just landed and the volunteer were taking a break under the house. It’s a great concept to think about it. But kinda kesian to them as they have to work in the sizzling weather. Went around the market place after we get our wrist tag done. Forget about our strategy in the previous years where we go chill off in the theater first before we start to begin our quest in this urban escape.. But then again if we didn’t check it out first, all the performance was going to be starting soon. So we simply carry on and went with the plan.

Caught up with Rania, Iz , JJ and Ben (the fed ex team). They were there since 12. good job in increasing your heart rate and sweating a puddle of water. Hueee….. They didn’t get the tag yet so I directed them to the counter. Immediately went to pentas 1. just to take a lil breather. Figure of speech wasn’t on yet. So after planning our route and cool it of a lil, we went to the sunset disco to check out Azmyl Yunor. Not bad at all. I could see he is the busking type of people. Went to Wondermilk stall to get some grub. Met up with Ena from team WM. Their sandwiches are selling like hot cakes. Took me awhile, but as you know their food are worth waiting for.

As I was waiting, I hear this familiar voice. From a man standing facing his back towards me. I was hesitated to jump into conclusion, but after awhile there he was. Its Jake Goh..! A businessman who use to train under me for his sailing training. He was there with his wife. Catch up with him after all this while. Wow never thought I would be able to see any of my clients here. That’s where I was wrong. There were many to come.

Went up to go catch Figure of Speech. Never heard of him sing before, but have seen the album somewhere. He would be considered a rapper with purpose. His type of lyric would make you think bout the situations in life. The song ‘god as a weapon’ or ‘the last winter’ would catch any ones attention about the things the society overall view or generalization towards Islam and multi billion gas cooperation . and to think bout it, he is Japanese or Chinese. Even non muslim could see the real picture. Match up with the hypnotic voice of Zalila Lee. Mannn, that girl got mad skills. Reza Salleh was there too but didn’t perform.

Catch up with Tilu at the main stage. The lead singer amira (which look like fizah friend mira) was wearing this cool t shirt. It says “We need artist, not Celebrities”. Got that rite…! Their song was cool and wicked. Accompany with 3 types of horns. The trumpet, a saxophone and a lil piece which looks like a French horn. They were blowing them while dancing. They really had fun up there. I was laughing my head up. Cuz they look funny and silly. They were like backup dancer. But still entertaining. After getting us some t-shirt from flying mouse (that was a drag) we then checkout Diandra Arjunaidi for a while before a short break. We stall a lil while buying the t-shirt. basically my fault. 1st of all, the design of the t-shirt was so wickedly awesome. So kinda rambang mata kejap larr… ps: but nny, the panther leaf tuh lawa larr….

Second round kicks in. as waiting for a friend to perform, manage to catch Liyana Fizi perform. Why does that name sound so familiar..? towards the end of the piece, they perform ‘Stay’. I was like ‘owwhh, bukan estrella ker….’ But still can’t figure out why didn’t they use the name estrella. Aina told me just now that estrella is no longer a team. The broke off as a band or something. Owhhh… now I get it. Caught up with aunty anum had a lil chat with her. Was asking when is Alis gonna release her album. Somewhere nearby. Davi tembak myself tru sms. She was around. Felt like I’m working as I got the chance to meet up a lot of my client. Ain’t complaining, to me they are more like friends to me.

After the Yuna set, manage to catch up with Sharon and Lokman. They were about to leave. The only reason they were there because of her.. such a phenomenon if you ask me. Malaysia is never lack of indie talents. Just that most of us are so close hearted to give the local acts a chance. Yet we still rather pay so much of overseas artist to perform here. How about our way of thinking and culture.? Thru this people could we spread our existence and footprint. Remember Zee Avi song ‘kantoi’..? people been googleing that particular word for a number of time. Could you imagine that..?

Caught up with Oddicon on my way to the market place. He was selling some ‘drinks’ and stuff over there (his specialty). Glad to see so many familiar faces man. Hang out with rania and the crew. Took some pictures and sit down on the pathway of that old skool wall. As night falls, we took cover indoors till the next show. Manage to catch Sphere and Robot Asmara at the main stage. While was watching, manage to catch with Chili (ex Selangor bowler) and also Ezan and bf (fellow model) over there. What a great place to be meeting all this people. Best thing bout it was all those people kept on asking me what’s next in line.

Yeah I’ve been doing some research on the Urbanscape (yeah, I semangat terlebyeh…!). So that I know where to go and how’s the flow gonna be. Last year around a telco company was sponsoring the event. We were provided maps and timing of the stage show and such. This time around people are kinda lost. So most of the people that met up with me been asking who’s next and where. This would be my 4th Urbanscape. Should know and be well prepared.

After the Vandal set in Pentas 2, went out and heading. Manage to drop by wondermilk to see how they doing. Ifzan wm just came in, so he look kinda fresh. Ena was flat out. Dehydrations I guess. Pity her. Help her out then head home.

I reminisce the first urbanscape in the open area of kl sentra in 2004l. The only time I came out from the urbanscape late at night. Woaw… that’s was a while. Cant wait till next year. I’m so gonna be there mann... Are you..? support your music and art talents. Viva urbanscape…!

stuff that i got over there... hueee....

Monday, June 21, 2010

move, get out the way.....!

Was kinda pissed off recently. something happen at home that got me a bit agitated. so please accept my apologies if there was any wrong doing or even out of tune gesture through out all those days of the week. didn't meant to do it, but it could be avoidable.

Imagine this, if there is someone out of the family said an unbelievable fact to your family towards your brother concerning him and also degrading your own mom. how would you feel? the worst thing is, that the person is someone you don't ever want to get to know.

  • First offense was, the accusations was made without any proof what so ever.
  • Second was, your too young to say such things. you weren't even born yet. how would you know? don't you have any respect?
  • Thirdly is, you have no rights to do any type of remarks about my family members. you mean nothing to me. i don't even look up and respect you

i really wanted to see him last week, but after what she said i REALLY wanted to see him just to ask why is she being so rude...? i've rush back home after hearing that story. i even got the full version of it. i know the story is not true. but why should you use it against us? what wrong we did to you...? this could explain why the heck is it for me not to communicate so much with him. plus he bail on me. what else could you do...? sit down and wait. hopefully im forgiven. but yet, im still a human being with feelings. might take me a while to clear off my mind, but ill get there someday....

ps: thanks to those who were there to listen to me and my story. much appreciated. you know who you are...thanks again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Better Days by goo goo dolls

And you ask me what I want this year
And I try to make this kind and clear
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
Cuz I don't need boxes wrapped in strings
And desire and love and empty things
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

And it's someplace simple where we could live
And something only you can give
And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive
And the one poor child that saved this world
And there's 10 million more who probably could
If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

I wish everyone was loved tonight
And somehow stop this endless fight
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuz everyone is forgiven now
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again
Cuz tonight's the night the world begins again

Saturday, June 19, 2010

how dare you....

recently, i have this problem with people giving me comment bout my figure. as you know, i love to wear all those baggy clothes back then. and sometimes it appear that my abs is kinda big. people would just simply say,

' bro, ngah bela perut ker?' or
' abs dah naik lah....npk mcm tyre je' .

In my heart, i was like

'hey.....! have you look in the mirror lately...?'

i've work really hard to keep a good figure. and i wont be taking any judgmental view from a person who is plus size. do something bout your self first. Then if you think you good enough, then you tell it to my face.

imagine that day i went to donate blood, the doctor ask me my height and weight. by simply using BMI calculation, he said i'm overweight. i was like s***w you...! i almost lost my patients and starting arguing with him. thank god i didn't lift up my t-shirt. i'm healthy, and further more i'm fit. whats your problem. ?' hish.....

people say i'm sensitive. maybe i am, that's why i manage to capture those emotions and write down all these rhyme. proud of it, and ain't turning back... yeah....!

Friday, June 18, 2010

who are you again...? (Original Rhyme)

I don't even care, about your existence,
but you repeatabily slam us, just like a piston,
you have no honor, even if you are current,
due to that, you deserve my resistant,

I don't even know you, but theres so much hate,
all those accusation, I just sit down and wait,
and pray to god, for him to rate,
anything happen to you, accept it as fate,

trash all you want, it wont make you better,
it simply show, you are not that clever,
tears and laughter, stronger when we are together,
we might not have that much, at least we have each other

you only got what you give,
and you dont know what you got till its gone...

Nothing but promises (Original Rhyme)

I've shouldn't have put, such high hope,
coming from you, is just like dope,
trusting your words, keep my expectation afloat,
but you were too proud, all you do is gloat,

you would never change, cause that's who you are,
just another person, hanging at the bar,
no matter how fast, that shining sport car,
with attitude like that, you wouldn't get far,

'm sick and tired, with all your promises,
should have known, as this wasn't the first,
I thought you've change, but now its even worst,
to be dealing with you, simply just a curse


i hate people who are not true to their promises,
and those who ask without sincerity of asking.
better say nothing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its back....!

SUKMA is back people.. and I'm out due to work. Did manage to get a glimpse of the action on their first day of quest tho. Held at Malaysia's biggest bowling center the MIBC in Melaka 52 lanes of rev heads and strokers. This environment wasn't that odd to me. As a matter of fact, its my favorite thing to look forward to every two years. Ever since 2002 in Sabah(Compete), 2004 Negeri Sembilan (Compete) , 2006 Kedah (Helping Out), 2008 Terengganu (Manage), I've been to them all. Its a pity to be missing most of the action this year around.

Ill always be with the Red and Yellow team Selangor. Regardless if any of my other adek or student playing for other state. Its Sukan Malaysia for crying out loud. I'm the loyal type towards my adopted state. Tho I wasn't born here, but this is where I call home.

So basically I hang out wit the Selangorianz. Tons of new faces if you ask me. Some new blood would be nice. Lead by the furious Master Kenny. Who ever train under Kenny would remember the ups and downs we had together. All those funny pronunciation, method, and body gesture. That is 'Kapaling' best... Don't for get 'petanding satu'.. what ever that means. hahhahaa.......

How I miss the heat of the games, the cheer of supporters, the stress on finding line to score, the adrenaline rush of who gonna win, who's leading and trailing by how many pins. I was born for this. Mannn..... Whether I was competing or managing the team, I'm glad to be apart of the experience.

Congrats to Aqeem for getting the first gold for Selangor. Its been awhile since we got anything for singles. And to Dina and Ili for bringing the bronze for doubles just now. Yeah, while everyone is on FIFA World Cup, I'm on the SUKMA games in Melaka.


Your chosen as your the best of your craft. Go ahead and do your thing. Show your very best. It still ain't over. Regroup, recharge and lets blast some records...! Viva,Viva,Viva SELANGOR....! Selangor Juara...!

a lil flash back from the past.. hahhahaaa.... cant help it..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Genting Trip

brrr..... it was freakishly cold up there. A total of 14 people from gym team uptown went up there to let loose and have some fun. Boss Awien gave us a treat as he sponsor the whole crew there and 50% for any plus 1. At first I was kinda reluctant as my girlfriend got something on and have to skip the trip. Bummer. But then again, I never been on thrill rides so much.. maybe never even. Hahahhaaaa.....

went up there with ikhbal the long lost brotha of wikipedia and also ari a friend from gym. They were holding th cupcakes. As I was driving slow.. the pathway wasnt that familiar to me. As we reached Ria Apartment, we get our bags and up to the rented place. As they reached up there, they start playing cards.. I was wiped out totally. Kinda packed pt day for me. Watched some tv. There was the uni sol and also that malay drama. It was funny cuz the jungle boy could toss the drown victim with 1 single toss to the middle of the forest. Played declare with the others. Before it all went down.

Basically it was a bday bash party. For june baby edgar and yat.. the cupcake was tilted vertically and caused a landslide of cakes. Hahhaa..... but it was nice for th wm get us a set tho. Sorry for ruining the deco. Hrmmmm.... anyway, before they even manage to blow the candle, both of them was ambushed by flour. First hit was from firdaus. The rest was history... we slept around 335.

woke up around 8, 9 and 10...the snooze symptom. After the tossing and turning, we got ready to get out and have some breakfast. At 11pm. When the heck we gonna go for the rides/ I dunt know. Some of us are left back and still sleeping. Parking was a hassle, bfast port too. Ended up we went and eat at marybrown bfast place. Of all the things.

We started around 1230. as we went for the flying coaster first. I was scared at first.. then after we all finish, I was the one laughing and want to go again. Hahhahahaaaa....... (does this remind you of someone..?), then we tried the spinner. After the long q and the rascal kids which just jump line, we manage to get up there. Hahhaaaa...... you should hav seen selva. He was dead scared. Cian gak, but yeah...... after awhile we split up in to 2 groups. 7 sebelah. Mcm maen bola sepak lak.

We went for the indoor coaster, bumper car, mine train and a lil wall climbing after food. Went down kinda early as some of us got to work the next day. Majority if them still want to carry on having fun. Reached down safely and home by 1130 around there. Tons of memories. Dont mind doing it again... hueeee..... some of the saying from me riding those rides “is that all you get? Come on, Bring it.....! ”

Simply maybe (Original Rhymes)

maybe its fate, we are not meant to be,
you standing right here, as you dont felt guilty
but you were there all the way, and saw what I see,
instead you kept quiet and slowly flee,

maybe its time to depart, by letting you go,
so I could move on, by walking so slow,
instead of feeling tired, and down so low,
never again I would fall, to you ill say no

maybe its hesitation, that made us stall
or im just the other person, that you could always call,
this situation now, is driving me to the wall,
im still a human being, not a plastic doll..

simply maybe, is how I feel,
nothing more than that, I just got to deal,
to live my life, enjoy a simple meal,
to reach for that star and to conquer that hill.

ps: This rhyme was inspired by 4 different people all together
(not my personal experience)
ironically how many people having the same situation.
Hope everythings turn well...