Sunday, June 29, 2008

UrbanScapes 2008 - KL PAC

It was a gr8 day yester day...cuz itz was urbanScape 08...this arts festival is like the olympics. it only happen once in every 4 years....i wuz there in 04, they held it on kl sentral open carpark...wuz fun, but went alone...hahhaaa....none of my frends like it....datz y they ditch it...wouldnt blame them...some of the art is very high standard n plain weird...the way i love it...itz a self impression of an artist. something i can relate to..

So this year was better, held in KL PAC (performing art center) in Sentul area. didnt quite kno the place so i went kinda early. wayy early...left the house around 10am. pickup Nadya in Bangi, Aina in SS n Udin in Kelana Jaya (all of dem r my adek, hueee)...itz in jalan Ipoh. so i roughly kno where izzit (cuz dah banyak kali sesat nak gi red fm to pick up prize n do a show there). as usual, d parking was wus so hot, nadya was melting... hahahhaa.....

As we get in, we rest in the acoustic open mic session...d guy had a kewl voice...den all4 of us went in the cinetheatre. we watch My Indie Rock Darling.. it was hilarious...d bobo part n boys scout uniform n such...we had a gr8 laugh together...but that place was freezing cold owh...after the 2nd movie - Flower In The Pocket, we went down to heat up our body back..while we were on our way down, we met wit alis (artist known as YUNA). had a chat fo a while n took a pic. the girls gat hugz n kisses from kewl is dat...well basicly she knows nadya very well..her performance is @ 5.30..see yuu later on we said..the girls was happy cuz they luv her songs alot.....

after that "meet n greet" session, we literally bath in the sun... yeah recharging my hotness...(as u kno, im nat a fan of cold places). after a while in the sun, we meet up wit emi n gang. Theres emi, ili, dina n art (azhar). wuz nice meeting them. naw they complain bout the heat wave n need a place to cool off. while getting the tag done, me n aina saw this 2 girls coming in, n theres a guy going off to the carpark. obviously they know each other. the guy went "hey thanks fo coming, im kinda hot n sweaty naw..." so he gav Air Hugz n Air Cheek Kisses..Thatz a view of laughter..

they want to go in the cinetheatre, too cool off again. i guess the movie was Kurus. Wasnt as cool as the 1st show. i notice the Acoustic livehouse was kinda packed. rite after prayers, i took aina n nadya there. we watch paolo delfino...the one goes paa paa paa paa....pelik larr but it wus fun. he was very vocal, n said letz bring up the noise here so those who r watching estrange n oag would want to come n see the acoustic instead...den it was mia palencia turn.. she was nice, we had fun wit the ringtone, "pickup the fon, pickup the fon baby...". something like this. call wating was the song. shes actually 1 of d judges on malaysian idol (plimanery - she was mustafa yassin judge).

den it was YUNA's turn to hit the stage. she didnt bring her adopted band members. but she still cool is that. she sang - Backpacking Around Europe, Cartoon Couple, Dan Sebenarnya, Fireworks, a new song she wrote recently (it goes - ur like a poster on my wall, that would neva want to fall) something like that n for the ENCORE, she sang Deeper Conversation (by popular demand). of all the sessions, the crowd was over packed during hers. Kudos on dat Yunn. as usual, all 3 of us was singgin along to every song of hers...n sway from side to side plus a lil head bopping...hahahaaaa....

we had to come out fo a while, to strech our legs n such. an intuations hits me while going down stairs. n we imedieately went in the X pax Box down strairs beside the toilet..n Phlowtron was on stage....Mann...! sure is my lucky day.. they sang Phlow-a-Tech n Shake What Ur Mama Gav Yah..i was singing n busting some move.. they rawks bigg time if you ask me.. nat dat i hate acoustic livehouse, i love them both. just dat hip hop has always been in my heart.

we went back up to catch koko kaina. as aina said, kokokainakokokainakokokaina....she was so into her. my adek talk bout her alot n while she online, she watch every you tube video on her..n also cuz they both gat the same name. hahhaa....koko's good..a lil jazz, blues n hawaian flavour. her yukalale suit her as shez smaller than aina n nadya. no offence k... took a pic wit her n on the way down, manage to take pic wit mia pelencia. she was nice. d place we wanna take pic wit her was lacking of light, so she said why nat we go to wheres theres bright lights...woww.. an artist is willing to do dat just for her fans, kewl....

we went in Xpax Box to see Joe Flizz fo a while, prayers den off to see Estrella in the Xpax Lawn was owkay, nat that badd..while wating fo the twilight (senja if any of you dunt kno it) to ease off, took some pic n we all did this kewl body painting. all on the right arm.
i was: el fuego - fire, aina was: wild flower n nadya was: flying hearts.while the other two was doing their artwork, i had a blast listening to seven collar tshirt. their famous song that made it on cant remember the song. had a walk tru the stalls, den we're off...

this experience was gr8. wish amer was around. he b lovin it man.. well cant wait fo u to come back mann...datz all fo naw, itz kinda along drag bout it, just want to share my experience wit u readers. till next blog..much luv...!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The same old you.... (Original Rhyme)

my 1st rhyme here...
but as you kno, i gat around 50 rhyme untill naw.
only new one ill post here.
n some unbeatable ones...

*this rhyme is bout some1...
i look up to him wen we were small,
naw i couldnt care less even if he fall..
so here it iz...


Always been like this, you never ever change,
To control my life, even if you’re out of range,
I don’t owe you a bit, yet you demand for more,
Don’t have the upper hand, but you still want to roar?

Look at the mirror, gazed into your reflection
Good with words, but never with your action,
Seen that you’ve change, I don’t think its enough,
You’re just kidding yourself, who you’re trying to bluff?

After all this years, you thought I trust you?
Don’t think I’m stupid, like I don’t have a clue,
Neva ask your help, for what I’ve been through,
Yet I’m still standing strong, never felt brand new…

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Songs

have you ever b reminded of some1 when hearing a particular song?
either on the radio, mp3 or even music channel....
itz like, thatz d song that u 1st get to kno them
or the song that u shared the same intrest of liking them.

so here is alist of ppl that is close to my heart...
n the songz that i shared wit them...
in ( ) tuh kire title dierorg larr...
diamonds in the ruff...!

fatin (uranium):
Hujan - Pagi yang gelap
Yuna - cinta sempurna

aina (uranium) :
New radicals - someday we know
Yuna - greek goddess
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

alis (platinum) :
Radiohead - Creep
Oh Chenta Ku - Polaroid
Yuna - after midnite

amer (platinum) :
Soulja Boi - Crank Dat
Rihana - dont stop the music
Stone Sour - Through the glass

dina (bling) :
Sour Stone - Through the glass
Oh Chenta Ku - Polaroid

udin (uranium) :
Paramore - misery business
Three days grace - pain
Breaking Benjamins - diary of jane

mummy (emerald star) :
Papa bear - when the rain begins to fall

nicky (bling) :
Alicia Keys - Diary

ili (bling) :
Estell feat Kanye West - american boy

tyka (bling) :
Paramore - misery business
bunk face - silly lily

nadya (paltinum) :
Yuna - dan sebenarnya

n datz that...!
mayb u dunt approve but thatz what i tink of you...

father of mine....

fathers day...?
didint even wish him tho..
nat in d mood
so heres a lil song fo this so call special day.

Father of mine
tell me where have you been
you know i just closed my eyes
my whole world disappeared
father of minetake me back to the day
when i was still your golden boy
back before you went away

i remember blue skies
walking the block
i loved it when you held me high
i loved to hear you talk
you would take me to the movie
you would take me to the beach
you would take me to a place inside
that is so hard to reach

father of mine
tell me where did you go
you had the world inside your hand
but you did not seem to know
father of mine
tell me what do you see
when you look back at your wasted life
and you don't see me

i was ten years old
doing all that i could
it wasn't easy for me
to be a scared white boyin a black neighborhood
sometimes you would send me a birthday card
with a five dollar bill
i never understood you thenand i guess i never will

daddy gave me a name
my dad he gave me a name
then he walked away
daddy gave me a name
then he walked away
my dad he gave me a name

father of mine
tell me where have you been
i just closed my eyes
and the world disappeared
father of mine
tell me how do you sleep
with the children you abandoned
and the wife i saw you beat

i will never be safei will never be sane
i will always be weird inside
i will always be lame
now i'm a grown man
with a child of my own
and i swear that i'm not going to let her know
all the pain i have known

then he walked away
daddy gave me a name
then he walked away
my dad he gave me a name
then he walked away
daddy gave me a name
then he walked away
my dad he gave me a name

then he walked away "

father of mine

Friday, June 13, 2008


hye ppl...

im finally in here...
thankx to my dearest adek. who always pester me to do a blog...
UR HAPPY NAw...?! i kno i am...

here ill b posting most of my self made rhyme, lyric of fav songs n once in a while thought of mind...
i love poetry....
do let me kno what you tink of it k...?
i dunt mind if you gonna talk crap bout it...
im just me, as freaky as can be...
hope ur enjoy the ride...
see u again next blog...