Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pelangi by Izzy Mohamed

oh teman tak pernah ku lupa,
persahabatan kita,
ok kawan ingin ku bertanya
masihkan kau setia,

kerna kau pelangi cahaya di hati
selepas hujan turun...ohh
kerna kau pelangi di hati ini
selama ini...3x
ohh..kau pelangi
oh..selama ini
oh..kau pelangi...kau pelangi..
oh..selama ini....

bertahun berlalu tanpa diri mu
masihkah kau ragu
semuanya berubah kini ketemu
apakah daya ku
kerna kau pelangi cahaya di hati
selepas hujan turun..oh
kerna kau pelangi di hati ini
selama ini...3x

ohh...kau pelangi
ohh..selama ini
ohh...kau pelangi cahaya di hati
selepas hujan turun..ohh
kerna kau pelangi di hati ini
selama ini.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wall & Fences (Original Rhyme)

huge barricade, you built around,
just to avoid suffocate and drown,
gaze at the sun, till it set to the ground,
smile on your face, to chase away that frown...

your cut so deep, cant barely heal,
your heart seem weak, you just let it seal,
yet there is still hope, for you to feel,
to avoid your emptiness, i would love to kill...

slowly lower down your wall and fences,
be careful when you walk with undone laces,
people come and go, with different faces,
which one will you trust to avoid any losses...

i suppose it take awhile to forget the past,
to pick yourself up and wipe off the dust,
no matter how long, its still a must,
to let someone, into your rose garden of trust...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Behind sorrow eyes (original rhyme)

Life seem like a tragic to you,
Tears in the dark, directed to who?
Regardless of what, I've tried to do,
To cheer you up, wishing a smile or two,

But you cover it up, with such a tough act,
More cautious inside, eyes behind your back,
To make better, of everything that your lack,
As long as your dignity, are still intact...

Admire your perseverance, no matter what happen,
Even if time were hard, and made your heart harden,
I don't expect, you to change all of the sudden,
Ill just wait right here, even if time will be lengthen.