Tuesday, September 30, 2008

raya people...!

time passes by like the late night breeze,
thing that i said maybe not at ease,
extend forgivness as I'm just human,
hope you could accept it on this raya celabration...

ps :
selamat hari raya people...
hope your good where you at...
ill be chillin around klang valley this raya...
hav fun yall.....


Monday, September 29, 2008

we there yet..?

how long we have to wait?
be sitting here just like a bait,
fury because they're late,
may be that just our fate...

hearing repetition over a year,
you told me it's so near,
but all i see is tear,
yet you were never fear...

dont think im up to it,
to see you take the heat,
to be hearing all those wit,
rather just shut up and sit..

its not always butterflies and rainbow...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

jerk of july..?


Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

correct or not, you tell me..
cant judge myself..
wont be reliable..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

dining forest

Last Tuesday we had our weekly kruk kruk crew gathering. But this time was special… its in conjunction with bosh belated bday dinner...recently gat this ramadhan voucher at Borneo rainforest…Its dammed funny haw the heck I gat it in the first place.. imagine this.. I gat it from a certain radio station thru a sms contest…as I was waiting in the queue to pay the toll, they announced my name as the winner.. was happy of cuz, been a while since I won from them.. so I shouted in my own car just cuz it was in the moment… fail to realized that my window was all the way down…so I slowly look on my right, and saw this two guy in a truck smiling n said, “ naper tuh…?” (while smiling silly). Then I just said that “tak der aper2, happy jerk” n I drove out…wasn’t feeling ashamed at all.. hahhaaa…..told the crew, n they said “malu gilerr….! “ bahahhaaaa…to think bout it again, it kinda was…

So after captain canon training finish, we regroup n walk there slowly…..owh yeah, it was us the crew plus 1. ili tag along upon request..…emi invited her..cian kat emi cuz selalu kener buli…so all 5of us went there.. Supposedly udin booked ur table there. But they said they received no booking..UDINN…! bahahaha…sedyeh oh, dah larr ari tuh kener halau gak..then udin use his power of the force to make them get us a table.. So we manage to get one..but the pool…? Kewl…good enuf fo me…thankz udin for reservations.. The people there were kinda mad. Its like some one is going to get fired or something for messing up the booking...

they said, it was full, tapi tgk skit jerk..late comers kowt..ntah larr..To tell yah d truth, its an experience eating there..food was ok larr… some was pedas gilerr…while others was just plain weird…itz Borneo’s food..they said that the chef use to cook for the sultan of Brunei for his bday or something....si mamak aka captain canon was so weird that nyte..was it cuz ili was around.? takkan terus senyap kowt…! Siyesly.. when she went out to take drinks or something, yasser all d sudden bising2…mann…Kenaper ko tuh..? budget funny larrr..mmg lawak pun..tak balas balik biler kener drop..…we came in by 6.30 to get a place. n left around 9....Mann its late..but we really had fun tho..owh yeah, they are still guessing who’s the scandal.. Ader larr… in time, no want will kno…

So as usual we did a photoshoot..i found a really nice place to do this one..around pyramid area…still gat several pic from emi’s fon i havent got hands on those yet....her’s n udin’s fon having the most megapixel…so picz agak lawa gak larr..had fun having ili around.. nak apply masuk our crew ker..? kener discuss dulu with the others k…till then.. KRUKKKK……..!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wrong timing... (Original Rhyme)

It’s weird how we met,

Cause I don’t really know you,

But how could I forget,

The times we been through,

Wrong timing that I set,

Awkward situation too,

A crush that I had,

Can’t believe its coming true

Long have I wait,

to confess what I feel,

Things has been said,

but what’s the real deal?

Maybe I’m just too late,

Or your heart is already seal,

To ask you on a date,

Conversation over a meal…

Now my heart is clear,

From the secrets that I keep,

I no longer fear,

Even if I cut too deep,

It’s been a couple of year,

Since the last time that we meet,

Smiling from ear to ear,

Don’t care even if I trip…


this is not a love poem / rhyme...

its just a self impression of what i felt when its all out...

no more holding back...

basically im smiling cause massive relief..

bwest owh....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Emi's Day...!

last nyte was nor amilia birthday..also go with the name emi, dodo, emyemoelmo n etc.we just call her "bosh"...as the only female member of the kruk kruk crew,we just gotta celebrate it with a bang...the crew didnt do much...just held the yearly buka puasa pot luck in summit.that was funn...

this year addition was massive...among the people that came by is:

amer,aina,ili,emi,nadya,rinee,esha,mok,faliqh,harith,udin,boboi,anis shofea,ayuniathirah,zamera, zamaril,zamarif, qina,najia,ayra,amir din, shafiq,zharif,naim,shafiq syahmi,tyka,sylar,izzy, filza,fikri,abg din,muz,hisham,nizam,atyien,dina,eka and family members...
(hope i didnt mish anyone out. if i did, cowiee..! mybadd)

as usual, semuer2 sebuk sembang wit long lost friends...i dont mind all that.thats the perpose pun..tho i did ask them to go and take their food first before azan, but nooo...dah azan jer baru kelamkabut... KIDS....dont you just love them.. seeing them all together makes me wonder, is it worth all the pain? YEAH it DOES...i must say, this is the only day that we see all of them together. other buka puasa days will just be me and the ASB staff..itz like i 1 of them or am i one already..?

buka puasa usually lasted till 7.30 max in my watch.....but yesterday was like woaw...till 8 n they r still eating..its like old times. where people are nice and pure. then we had birthday cakes...mann...banyak owh...itz like 52cakes...2 SR cakes n 50 small lil cupcakes...thankz to my fellow lyrical killerz for the cupcakes...RAYS n DREAMS.. wuv yall homies...! i heard they spent like 6 hours to do them. BIGG UP..!

didnt gat much pic tho, wasnt in the mood...just say itz a hectic day..most of them picz was wit abg din...(mcm uncle terrance yaw lak kan dunt you think...?) but manage to take 2photos...after the candle blowing ceremony, we had our training..i never seen this much of people coming for training. i was like..woaw....tiap ari training larr kiter wat potluck...that would've work..NOTT..

as usual, the bday was a hitt..it hit all over her face...cupcakes (CC) by amer n aina..padan larr dier nak buat CC sesangat...tho the first strike the cake jatuh atas lantai lak...den nasib baik sempat fo a 2nd strike.....

my twin lil sistaz...! (tyka n anis)

to emi :

happy brithday bosh...cowiee, i gave the idea to put that name on the cake..and also fo tak jadi your sheild as promish..jangan larr blackmail lak...aduh2...hope u had a blast. We as ur extended family are proud to have you in our life. so HAPPY EMI'S DAY...hope you did had a blast wit ur weird looking family..see you soon...!

-jaa @ si giler-

Friday, September 19, 2008

Win, Lose or Draw

Usually I don’t blog bout my day.. Except when certain special events. Babah Zainal n Mama Radz had their buka puasa gathering wit some of the closes friends. Yeah I miss out last Thursday. I got training (suppose to be, but cancel…stupid..!).. We had the Mama famous Nasi Ayam (encore n by demand), otak2 and also J.co… eh salah2..Jaa.co..since me n Yasser brought it this week....

We had plenty of food in our belly, mann I was full. After dah lepak2 skit, they challenge us on a game of PICTIONARY.. well basically the games is like a game show back in the days.. don’t know if they got it here in Malaysia ker tak. But when I was little, there was a game show by BBC, “Win , Lose or Draw”.. Same concept. 2 teams, each team ada 1 guy / girl b given choices about a thing they need to draw n make the rest of the team guess what it is.. yeah it was fun…here ill show you some of my stupid drawings… please be reminded that you only got 1 min to draw it. So gotta get straight to the point. No time for details….

Laugh all you want, cause I don’t mind…yeah my drawing is worst than a 5th grader. The girls win.. The last thing was “pay and display” . Imagine how the heck you gonna explain to your group in drawings. Other word was zip, plug, sweet heart, mermaid, swing, roots…..people, its just a game.. tlg jangan gado2…we had fun rite..n im also sorry if terover ker n said things to you.

After amazing race, everyone went back.. thankz for inviting me, especially to the host, babah n mama (food was superb n may I say you have a lovely home), to siron (fo all d fizzy drinks), Emi (KJ’s otak2- to die for.. I tink I ate around 13 kowt) n others for making it happening. Owh before I 4get, a very happy b’day Emi Bosh, may you be happy with your life and happy WITH YOURSELF. Cause you Rawk…!

Kruk kruk crew 4 life

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clone me not...!

Lately I gat a couple of friends asking me, is there something wrong with me? Is there any personal trait that I should change? For some of them, I just lay it down one by one. Since they are the one, asking my opinion. While others have almost nothing wrong with them. So it made me wonder. Yeah it’s ok if you want to better yourself in certain ways. But just let it be. People like you, for who you are. Just be happy being yourself. If people can’t deal with it, means they aren’t fit to be your friend. Ask them to get some other people to hang out with.

No offence to those who did ask, but if I ought to ask you the same question. And you’ll give me a list of things to change, sorry to say but I won’t change a bit.

“If you give me half a chance, ill do it all again”
UrbanExchange feat Azura - buzzin

Am happy being myself. Maybe it’s just a freakingly high self esteem I have or what. But I’m good. AinaParanoiA once said. “Just be your self? How could I be someone else but my own self?”

Why would people like to be normal? I’m not saying you should stand out in crowd or something. People come in different race, religion, thought of mind and own style. Be someone special on your very own special way. Don’t be the same like the next person sitting next to you. This is not attack of the clones…!

But unless you’re like 35 or something and your alone not cause you wanted to. That’s a total different story and you in need of a change of attitude. Well that's what i tink of it. So there…

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My awak…!

To tell you the truth, she got no relation wit me what so ever. Siyes, Really… 1st introduce to me by Anakin Syakirin (amer) aka Devil Rays. My half brother from our Lyrical Killerz clan…We started rhyming together.. She became our 3rd member and also 1st female emcee…hahahhaha…..gave her a hard time when she 1st start rhyming.. it wasn’t her turn. So I just gotta tell her off.…Cowiee awak…we call her DREAM CHILD (dream for short) but she got mad skills…dunt you underestimate her at all k.. Us 3 became real close…..she even edit Rays myspace page..that close…hahhahaaa……..

When Rays went back to studies, I start chatting wit my awak… as one thing lead to another, we became really close…just like siblings…every month we celebrate our siblingniversary… hahahhaa…laugh all you want, but thats d truth.. Just so that we appreciate each other better.. its funny though.. When I start get to know her, I was kinda reluctant to be so close.. As you know, I have trouble trusting people.. I hate getting hurt…but who doesn’t…

“why do we like to hurt so much…..
that’s what you get when you let your heart wins”
- paramore -

Yet all my rhyme is mostly based on hurt and sufferings. I’m sorryeh…! The only type of emotion that I could get on paper…she was ALWAYS HYPER…. Even more hyper when mix wit chocolate or coffee…I’ve learn that the hard way… though we are around 10 years different in age, but she’s someone I can relate to.. without fail, she’ll call me like everyday..tho I didn’t ask to. If no crdt, she’ll just texting.. back in the days, I wasn’t keen to layan sesgt… but then I tought to myself..What is there to lose..is not like my girlfriendf is gonna be jealous or something (IF I HAVE ONE RITE NoW).

As time goes by, we became tight.. Every single day is a celebration. Its like we knew each other way back when. We share problems, views, skool of thought and other stuff… never tot I could be skool by a kid…brought her and also nadya to urbanscape.. that was a blast.. This event was like d Olympics once in 4 years.I’ve been to the previous one in 2004 at KL Sentral open car park.. They know why I wanted to go so much.. Then my awak just wanted to see kokokaina kokokaina… (that was haw she said it in hyper mood) .

She immediately became a bigger fan. 2 weeks after that show, she still be talking bout it. Nonstop…she b like, “Abg, jom gi urbanscape”. Tho I explain to her many time “adek…itz once in 4 years…by the time it came around again, you be 21 n ill b 29…long time lagik kowt” but yeah itz an unforgettable experience.. They gat to take pic wit YUNA, Kokokaina and also Mia Pelencia..next time we see them is most probably when they hit mainstream market. God knows…

On her bday, I bought her SOME b’day present…a box full of stuff… kinda collected small things here and there.. Price wise, no comment.. But it took me a while to wrap the box…my speciality..Though tak larr kemas sesangat…she’s an Arsenal fan… I dunt know why, but she is…I aint such a footie fan. For my bday, she sang a cover of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.. I cried hearing that version she made.. It’s good enough she sang for me for my bday, but to put it on YOUTUBE, that’s massive.. Sampai ader lak member mintak tlg nyanyikan fo them also…

Currently, she is with someone. Hope she’s happy with him.. I don’t feel at lost as I treat her as my sweet lil sista….She still call’s me and ask me my fav lil question. “Ai abang, HOW WAS YOUR DAY”… at least someone cared bout my life rite..? To you its may be a small thing, but it meant to me a lot.

Yeah we shared a lot of stoopid moments, sleepless conversation and unforgettable gesture.. For that I thank you, my talented lil adek..

to :
Aina Nordin,

ps: .
luv yah adek…!
Thankz for being you…
Don’t change.

-abg jaa-



Kepada kanak-kanak yang berada diluar sana, sila hormati para jemaah yang sedang menunaikan solat tarawikh….sedangkan kanak-kanak baerbangsa lain pun tidak buat begitu, inikan anda yang beragama Islam…sesungguhnya mercun itu merbahaya.. jangan nanti suh gimme 10 mcm member nadya karang udah…

Allahhuakbar… KABOOM…!

Dah larr main meriam buluh, den ngan mercun naga larr and also mercun ROCKET…

Udah2 larr…Saving skit tuk rayer nanti… panggil bomba kang

Oh Chenta Ku - Polaroid

I'm calculating what's left inside me
When everything I left were my life and my dreams
And every time you were proud of what you were not
This is the truth and it'll be a history
I gave you everything, I gave up my life and they were all for you,
you've ruined everything!

I gave you everything and I gave up my life
And they were all for you! (And they were all for you)
I wonder what went wrong, it became like this
when I'm not pretty sure (No, I'm not pretty sure)
After all the crossings we've been through,
it's not suppose to be like this. Why?

And every time you're f***ing proud of what you're not
I hate the truth but still it'll be a history
I swear you will know this somehow
Before it's too late and dies
Realities are so complicated

I wish to see the truth shines brightly in your eyes
It's even for me, and even for you
Just try to understand!
You and me, yeah I remember,
Look how we were meant to be!

Speedo’s on dry land..? (Biomechanics - 3D gaming)

Well recently I was text by a person. Saying "is this lukman, ex student from Sport Center UM. This is en Rizal…" At first I was blur… tho the text was written clearly, I said, "err yeah, that’s me, but I got to check…" (cuz I tot he or she wanted en rizal’s number).. n he reply, “this is en rizal…” I didn’t realize it was him…puaser kowt….ngantuk larr… den I reply, "I don’t have his number.." then he call…

Mr Rizal : “nee lukman ker…? Ex student UM”

Jaa : “yea…”

Mr Rizal : “ini Rizal larr, Biomechanics sport center UM”

Jaa : “oh sorry sir….. ngah blur tadi ingatkan saper tah kaco mlm2 nieh”

Mr Rizal : “hek elleh… ko ingat ader awek maner kaco ko ker…takder org nak kaco ko malam2 nieh”

Jaa : “sorry sir, anything?”

So that was haw it started. Sir is in the process of a biomechanics study about sporting movement in bowling. I heard of it from christyn (miow2). So he needs some samples. He already did with the national elite and also gemilang squad. The new samples should be lower averages then them. He needs around 10 samples… including girls…

It was actually schedule on Thursday morning.. then the next morning, tak sampai 6 horus pun he called. "Can you come today instead.. bring a few to test it out…" He gave me only less than 2 hour to take a shower n dirve to endah…That was a rush.. manage to get amer to come along for the test.. he was free..

So they explain how the test going to be done.. let me tell yah in details.. we need to wear Speedo’s. why…? Because they are going to put metallic reflectors at our joints and also body axis. (izzint it the same?).. so we have to wear tight clothing so that they can calculate our movement accurately. Kelaka gak larr…bowling in speedo’s….Tak penah2 dibuat org kowt… but it was fun….

The test was brought forward to wednesday nite.. as Thursday dierorg nak kene chow dah…so we went…. Ader larr a few selangorianz yang wat gak…don’t want to mention names…cian kat dierorg owh…cuz I didn’t told them what they gonna wear.. if not, i wont get any samples at all..other than that, they also need to go through a strength test. Left and right arm.

I had to dooit again cuz I knew that they would be shy and hesitate to dooit…. Sorry sir….! Ive trouble Mr Rizal to make him reedo for myself... the girls was mcm segan jerk….D guys keener gak larr no matter what. Really it was fun doing it…some said “itz like u naked out there” “feel so light”…while others said, “my ****s is in 3 different way already. How to bowl larr weih…”.

After that we went back had drinks n headed home…a month from now the analysis will be done…cant wait till then….Hueeeeeeeeee…..! thanks selangorianz…thankz fo being a sport..! see yah around…

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not random 5

Well basically this is what I always ask to people who is new to me but I want to get to know them in a blast…tak kesah larr girl ker, guy ker, family or even friends..

"If you could DESCRIBE your life in 5 songs (lyrical n music), what would it be..? " Some of you have given me your list and some haven’t. Well here’s my current top 5:

Pink – family portrait
Michelle Branch – all you wanted
Anthony Hamilton – Dear life
2 Pac – Changes
Ryan Star - losing my religion

so if want to know whats d deal with my life, go checkout the LYRIC on the above 5 songs..so whats yours...?

get well soon shuffler pwincess..

Recently atien (nurain / new rain) went into SMC ER (selangor medical center in shah alam)..Well basically she was complaining wrist pain ever since MSSS / MSSM..We tot it was just over use muscle and need to be rest and Fisiotheraphy treatment. Further that we knew that its more serious than that..

Even thought she was in pain, she manage to qualify the national GP finals. If you ask me, she played better when she was in pain…But cian giler larr… shame of you all who didnt make it...!

After coming back from GP, she did MRI scan at her wrist..Doc found out that theres a tear at her right wrist ligament.And she needs to go through an operation…. Reason of this injury?? The muscle group at her wrist can’t afford to bare the weight of the bowling ball..

so she was warded and had surgery..doc’s estimated that it took an hour max…but then when they cut her open they found out it’s a bigger tear inside…total hours of surgery?3 freaking hours……!Thank GOD she got tru it …..Was kinda worried nat hearing the news as we waited so long in Summit.

2 days later she could start moving her digits again…It’ll be soon before she could get out of there..The kruk kruk crew (minus emi) manage to go n pay her a visit….Agak havoc larr jugak….But she was smiling giler seeing us..Glad we did made a difference…Get well soon adek…!

latE nytE crEw

The late nyte crew..

Or as Yasser would say, the “kruk kruk crew” .It consist of yours truly (jaa) , mamak (yasser), jepun (udin) n bosh (emi)….. Only common thing that we all have in common is,we all stay in KJ..Them 3 Kelana Jaya, while me in Kajang… Still Kj what…!

We did Nuttin much actually… Just hang out, kutuk each other, talk bout stuff and also our famous photoshoot. Yeah rite after training and around KJ area… The best thing is, no matter what we talk bout or how serious we blackmail each other with secret….We still respect each other and can still hang out as individual with different points of view..…

owh yeah… no skool kids allowed…it is no deeper conversation, but simply merepektion till midnite…. So people, dunt hate us for being left behind, The crew just happen…So if u REALLY wanna join us, I suggest u ain’t skooling and move to somewhere in KJ..

Bosh is kinda bz wit xam tho…. Hope you score well….! whens our next session? holla back kruk....!

Friday, September 5, 2008

heartful state of mind (Original Rhyme)

I close my eyes, though I couldn’t sleep tonight,
Cloud on my mind, it doesn’t feel alright,
Is it the heat, or just flashing light?
Uncertainty of the future, made me so fright,
What ever it is, what ever it might,
My eyes wide open, everything at sight…

I wait for the dream, that haunted me forever,
Even if I realize, reality would be never,
Though my hope has gone, they made me a believer,
She’s all I talk about, she is my savior,
When can I get through, away from this fever?
Ill sit down rite here, waiting to deliver…

It’s not her face, that made me smile,
Nor that angelic voice, that made me wild,
But the pain she gone through, adding to a pile,
A never ending storm, as long as the Nile,
Seems like forever, but it’s worth my while,
Hope I don’t stutter, when I start to dial…

4th August 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

GP finale..

Just got back from kuantan....My legs are really killing me..Really….! Got to kept them elevated at all times… (something I learn in UM)

So we went there on Wednesday.. 18 people all together, including coaches, athletes, parents and also family… plus all the bowling bags. The load was so massive, our trip was at a crawl…time naik bukit jer sure on 1st gear terus….

In the bus, nadya (kecik) kept talking bout all her new experience in her new collage. The juling kid, the ‘suke saanggattt…..!’ girl, the one yg “Help” them wakeup and to go and pray…and the famous “gimme 10” kid…that was sure a laugh….

We reach, check in GC and off to test the lanes…even me n mus did try out the lanes…reason? to understand the style of play required and easier for us to blast them…bhhahaaaa…..tak der lah… register our gp finalist then we went back after dinner. We had meeting every nite.. that was fun…and it should open each of our eyes and mind.. discussion between coaches and also bowlers.

The breakfast was a dud…mmg tak sedap owh…it wasn’t like those days where the food portion was twice the variety compare to now.. last time I went n bowl circuit there was in 2001 I guess…yeah I’m old skool….so what…!

Mus was out. His not feeling well through out the competition…which brought his new nickname “the Eskimo”. Since he wear 4 layer of clothing..2 t-shirt n 2 jackets…he’s worst than udin.No offence udin…!

Most of them there got a new nick name. here is some of them:

Zharif = razif / faizal tahir
Ayra = arya
Amir din = abg im
Mus = Eskimo or dua alam
Atien = tekak / ketiak / kak s
Nadya = kecik / the pink princess / kak m
natasha = ata
Selangorianz = Poyo..biaserlah..

(do add up kalu korang ader ingat aper2 lagi)

After the 1st round, we had a dinner.. some even got the time to do their hair… things people do.. for us selangorianz, we just had a dress code. White T and blue jeans….that’s all…14 bowlers and 2 officials. they give away certs, then trophies for top gp qualifier.. congrats to ata and also hafiz… you earn it…!

The food…? Ouch…. Nat that nice, just had salad jer…but then we took pic on the stage.. then everyone saw that we all pakat pakai baju putih and selua jeans biru..ader yang kate, bersih and suci…mcm iklan beras jati lak. haahaaa…..

So as the tournament went on, we become tired.. nadya even slept on my backpack nearby lane 23…yes the lane was quite difficult as there was so little room for margin of error. the lanes really shows who you really are and how well do you cope with it.

After the tournament, we did had a lil fun at the hotel corridor.. we do a simulation of bowling… nadya became the bowler, atien became the foul lie while the others became the pins… that was fun n way bising bangat…!

The other nite, nadya n me were talking to the others bout our danga bay and sukma games experience…kenny’s term kepaling (most) n petanding (position) was a huge hit.. den ssbp kid and also others.. we laugh all nite b4 bed time…. Den off to our own room to sleep.

Den the finals of the gp finals are here. Among the bowlers that got tru the top 8 is shaun, aqeem, esha and nadya. The under 12 almost got a 100% entry. But naim came in short. Nevertheless, we came in and do our best. The under 12 (especially ata n arya) was really on fire. You can see that they are the only one who cheer as load as possible and play their game with heart.. other shouters are nadzmi fikri.

Ata got 2nd while arya got 3rd. both went down a notch. Its ok. We quickly went back and check out all of our rooms. Then immediately went back to see the graded quarter finals. Shaun went tru. The rest didn’t. this new format is sometimes not fair. But that is the new system. Afzal was around to help out. He was actually on business. he tot it was round robin… at least we tried our best.

Then nadya turn. She also got tru. Immediately after that was the quarter finals match. I was behind shaun while mus was with nadya…nadya was out beaten by cheral. She wasn’t striking I suppose.

At shaun’s lane was a total different story.shaun was leading 26 pins after the 1st game.. on the second game, he start to open frames…a lot of miss spare…until the 10 frame, his opponent need to spare and strike to win by one pin. All the sudden he got a nasty 4,7 and 10 split. The Selangor crowd cheer.. I scold them. We don’t do this kind of stuff to disrespect our opponent. He took his time n wham…! He spare it…I was like, that what you get if you underestimate your opponent. He just need to strike to win. Then he hit a 9. IT’S A TIE….! Thank god.

So it will be a 1 ball roll off.. mann… this is even worst.. shaun went first, he got 8.. as the home ground crowd support their bowler, he also hit a 8. mannn…..! the he went 1irst on the opposite lane. He still got an 8. all shaun got to do is a 9 or a strike. Wow… I was on the edge of my seat. If he got tru this, it’s the silver medal in his hand. He took plenty of time. He went off, the ball skid, it went over to 1-3 posket, 7 pin went down n all the messenger went to all the other pins…. The crowd went wild….shouting n screaming. Selangorianz in the finals……! If you want to imagine how the situation look like, its like when chong wei won n he jump to misbun wit a hug…thatz the olympic…something like that lar….

He went to the finals with confidance and won by a landslide beating basit from ssbp. But you got to give credit to basit. He only use Brunswick powergroove and yet he made it to the finals..that is just a medium range ball. Such talent. And furthermore, his is in form 1.. mann…. So we welcome our boys graded gp champion and also next year boys open.. hahahaaaa…. Good luck bro…

This whole tournament just made us closer…with the new attitude of seeing things everything went well. From my point of view. Our cheer is to die for. But when we dooit at the bowling lanes they al kept quiet.. good going guys….! Baik tak payah practice….! Went back reach home around 11. ill sum up with “korang poyo lah..” mesti korang cakap “biaser lah, Selangor…!”


Psychosocial…! (Original Rhyme)

What wrong have I done,
To be ditching all this gun,
I would never run,
Mistake I made none,
Your friend is on the hunt,
We were friends just for fun..

It seems your going to fast,
I could see it never last,
Though we really had a blast,
Before the birth of all this fuss,
But that’s all in the past,
So be leaving you all in dust…

It’s too late for apologize,
Cause only now you realize,
Your friend act uncivilized,
No matter how much you disguise,
You love to socialized,
But end up with tears in eyes….

(backdated n Unpublished rhyme)
20 November 2007