Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stories Upon Raya

· That night before I went down to Ipoh, manage to spent tons of time eating with my gym collogues and also the kruk-kruk crew. I had food at uptown and also the 2nd best nasi lemak stall around lembah kelang (sources by: Udin. found out at some blog) It is nasi lemak Taman SEA aka nasi lemak ‘BABI’. Didn’t really understand why it was called that till we went there. Don’t worry people, it’s a halal mamak stall. Phewh…. Apparently it was Emi’s aka bosh b’day. She just got back from down under. Manage to give her a scare when her door side can only be open from the outside. So we treathen her with eggs and flour. She said we are too nice to do such thing. But then again, who ever said we were..? At last she hits the big 20.. Abg Din send a 21st bday wish to her. A year early lah Abg Din oi…!

· As usual, I wasn’t a fan of going back to kampung. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because of the environment, but only because of the temperature. I have sinus which only occur in the morning, but I’m bucking up my immune system as much as possible. And as you know, Manjoi is in Ipoh, Perak. It’s a tin mine area. They don’t call in Perak (Silver State) for nothing. So night time, the thermometer is really gonna drop down as the afternoon feels like your on top of the frying pan. I had a room all to myself (because I’m special. Hahahhaha…), so decided to switch off the fan. I don’t care if I got bitten alive by mosquito. That raya morning, only manage to do hari raya prayers by the staircase of the mosque. As they had no water, and the nearest water source was lined up with a very long q. So ended up I was abit late. Had my bandana as my sejadah. Better late than never.

· After raya Manjoi, me, and two of my cousin (Ayi and Sidd) went around Ipoh town. Actually we want to get something to drink (we be burning), so I drove them around and went to the Ipoh Taxi stand. Where the legendary Popiah S.S.Ali was established. Right after that bonding session we went back. Just about to settle down, Sidd ask us to go get some food. As we were too bored staying at the house. So ikot je larr…. Then we went tru this auto carwash which only cost RM 4. I was like, whuuuttt…?! And imagine this, he be playing this oldie cd which has the song of Elvis, Beatles, Lionel Richie, George Michael and such. Since its oldies love song most of us know the lyric and the car became like a small karaoke box if you ask me. Singing the song of ‘careless whisper’ and ‘hello’. Where everyone was out of pitch and literally screaming on the top of our lungs. Memang bosan sangat kowt. But we had fun.

Sidd karaoke session

· The next morning, me and ashyu (my Mak SU) went out to get some breakfast and newspaper. 2nd hari raya and only 2 mamak shop are open. Obviously we went to our favorite of cause. We had some and wanted to tapau for everyone back home. All they said was,’duduk dulu’. So we place our request. Then when we wanted to mention about whats for tapau, the mamak said ‘makan dulu’. Was abit weird, why they kept on pushing it back later. Of cause who would want to work on 2nd hari raya morning. All their face looked grumpy. As we finish our food and want to order for tapau, they said that tosai is out of stock. Several customer was given the same treatment. So all hell broke loose. Mannn…. Kewl raya..

· Later that night, we went to Tambun for food and football. As I’ve promise Sha2 (form 5 cousin) and also Ica (form 3 niece) to go drive them to shopping. Sha2 wants to get a new phone and also a pair of raya shoes. Sidd suppose to come along, but bail out the very last min (Man U vs Man CT). We went down right after that game. And all we had was around 45min to get there and to make the best out of it. So went to Parade, try out some shoes and bought it. Sha2, bought this gladiator strap shoes for raya. I suppose shes going to war. SPM kowt.. hahhahahhahaa….

Sha2 & Alica

· Ashyu and also Kak Zany (my cousin) went to Kuala Kangsar to meet up their friends. All they got was ½ of an address (house number and taman). So they went all out being adventures to find that particular place. As they reach there, they stumble into one mid 30’s Aci who was riding a bike. They stop her though she had already passed by. Immediately she came back making a u turn. They ask for direction. She wasn’t really sure her self, so she asks a stall keeper near by. After all that camotion, she decided to lead them to the place. As if she is going the same place too. Hrmmmm… She was riding a chopper bike. So imagine this. They come across a STEEP hill, so the aci went full straight ahead full throttle as they follow her with their Toyota Vios. That’s a sight for sore eyes. Then my cousin asks my aunty to go down and help her push the bike together. After they overtook her, they said thanks and try to offer her some hacks. Of all the things…? Hehhehehee…. Then they meet up a mamak shop which had the sponsor logo of the Lions Club (Chinese) up ahead after the hill. The landmark that were given were very vague. Manage to find the place, which was actually a shop lot where there people playing pool and such. Now that’s 1 Malaysia.

· After the 1st raya, I had no more craving for food. As everything was either with coconut milk, or high in spices. Where’s the vege people…? Owh dear, no wonder our weight kept on going up with tons of health complications. None of us is taking care bout food intake. Thank god I got Ashyu around to team up on fitness and health. Occasionally, we would have our classic mee goring mamak kering just before we head back to KL. Just to reward our strict diet.

(me, mummy and also ashyu)

These are only highlights of what happen from my point of view. Its one of the better version of raya. Tho not all of us were around but still, we had fun and tons of laughter. Sorry is some of the story is a not that accurate. Still waiting so pic from others of the familia. Slmt hari raya n maaf zahir batin…!

Monday, September 21, 2009


as we overdose ourself with ketupat and rendang,
new fancy clothes all the bright selendang,
raya has arrive forgiveness is all i ask,
so load up and celebrate hope you have a blast....

ps: hey yall. hope you b rawking around this raya.
@ epoh rite naw... got tons to share.
b updating this right here soon.
take care.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why Bother? (Original Rhyme)

Tell me what’s the point, of giving you thoughts?
When what ever you said, they might simply forgot,
It’s not the first time, that they been caught,
Ended up heart broken, every time you fought,
Trying to ease off, the temperature is hot,
I better keep quite, so that alone ill rot

No reason to explain, after all said and done,
Rather lay down peacefully, under the hot burning sun,
My legs are killing me, a million miles I’ve run,
Regardless what I do, I’m always in the hunt,
Use to go solo, even if there’s no fun
At least it’ll be my fault, and disappointed by none..

So try to regroup, whenever you’re sober,
Cause there’s no letter I, when you spell the word BOTHER
Couldn’t say much, about my father,
Even to you, I suppose its neither,
Just have to be patients, as we grow older,
Even if my silent scream, just begin to get louder…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Half Heartedly

To me, I felt that everything I do is never half heartedly. It’s either full hearted or heartlessly. That’s my concept in life. If I don’t like someone, I hate them all out. Either it’s my ex, my enemy or people who betray me and such. Meanwhile if I feel comfortable with a certain someone, just to be around with them would generate a pleasant feeling. Either they are my diamonds in the ruff, girlfriend, closely knit and extended family members. I would do anything for them. Regardless how much it would trouble me. But I don’t mind at all.

Never would I want to be in between. I’m not the type that could 'pretend' everything is alright when is never was. So if ANYONE that did me wrong wants to make contact again, I suggest you don’t. It’ll be like putting gasoline in a bonfire.

Destiny choose you

Sometimes I question myself. Am I that desperate? Why things only come to me? Rolling to my feet? Should I go for it or just lay low? “Story of my life”

To get the fact straight I never really ask for it. There I was just doing my best minding my own business, then all this opportunity come by. I’m being recognized..? It’s a bit of a surprise to me. Yet it kept on occurring to me again and again. Never did I try to get in the limelight. But things just happen. To be leading a team? Nominated for a title? Given responsible that people double my age were given? Ask to apply for a higher post? Getting heat from the press? Woaw woaw woaw, slow down there people. I’m just trying to live @ the fullest of my capability. Regardless it was in bowling or working life or even my rhymes (which recently I heard a lot of good things about it. yeay..!)

I suppose that everything happen for a reason. In life, you never got the chance to choose what you going to be (we only could plan) but instead destiny choose you. I don’t think I’m in the wrong, any person with the right state of mind would do the same.

“Nothing is ever right or wrong. Only thinking makes it so”

Sunday, September 13, 2009

the long goodbye

Last Thursday was the last day for Dayang aka Nicky as a Personal Trainer in Fitness First. She has serve FF uptown for 2 years. That has been a long duration of time. There are a lot of things I would like to say about her. So I decided to do a bebel for her instead. Here it goes;

Dayang Adlina also known as Nicky. Hrrmmmmm… to get the fact straight, I just simply hate her so much. Knowing she is around will make me hurl… hahhaaa…… I knew her since she started out in Varsity bowling team back in the days. That was in 2003 and sum up to almost 7 freaking years. Considered as my junior but a tad bit older age wise (same age with my brother). We would spend tons of time together talking about each other significant others and the problems that we face. Owh by the way, she is the reason my ex girlfriend broke up with me. Hahhahaha… She is loud, cunning, loves to help people, annoying sometimes and like a sister to me. Most of the time s will be admiring 1 guy around us. Though she got a boyfriend and fiancĂ©. Lawak lar dier nieh.

We spent a lot of memories together. I could understand if it’s only in the varsity, but then when I move out from my first job, I ended up working at the same company and the same branch too. Owh mannn, isn’t there any other face..? But everytime I’ve started out with someone new, she’ll be gone. Without fail. Even till now. But supposing she got her reason of her pregnancy that she is leaving the company. And I will say my new favorite verse to her “keep telling yourself that”. To me the last time she did that was in the act of respect so that she won’t be the 3rd person. Hahahaa….. I got no feelings towards her. But other people might say otherwise cause we are tight. Really, like siblings. She’s like an older sister I never have.

Just like any other siblings, we fight, we hang out, we gossip, we give each other piece of mind and we learn how to be a better person.

Wishing you all the best in life. Together with you soon to be new born baby. Just don’t go rock-climbing or skiing on the treadmill anymore. I know you’re the extreme type, but wait till you baby is bigger then you could teach him or her all those stuff. Of cause it’s a lost without you around, but ill promise you that I will uphold your legacy, friendliness and spirit. Just have to believe in me. Thanks for everything till we meet again. And for that I hate you till I die…! Weird SHC…! blekkkkk....!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Me + layu (Karya Asli)

Bak kata rakan ku, Itulah melayu
Bercita tinggi tapi kuat merapu,
Berjanji merata tak reti malu
Masalah menjelma menjadi kaku

Seribu alasan bertongkatkan siku
Penggunaan ’ter’ sehingga terlalu,
Mengenangkan nasib dibawah bayu
Sering membuka langkah seribu

Mungkin benar, beliau berkata demikian,
Membuat ku terfikir dan berasa terkilan,
Teruk sangatkah bangsaku yang bermata duitan,
Sanggup berbalah sesama, walau setia kawan,

Ku percaya ianya tidak mencerminkan semua,
Namun generalisasi masyarakat merosakkan nama,
Ayuh bangsaku tepikan fanta morgana,
Kembalilah kita kearah cahaya

agak kontroversi sedikit.
bukan untuk menyinggung mana-mana pihak.
harap maklum.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bazaar buffet?

Got the privilege to break fast at the bazaar last Wednesday. One of my client/friends who I use to coach, has several stall around PJ side. So I happen to go down and pay him a visit. Of cause its totally different kind of view if you ask me. But ever since I got this adventures attitude, I went with a “who care’s style”. Watch out world, here come Jaa. Hahhaa… Super lame, I know…

It was rather interesting to see the last minute buyer rushing to get food and stall keeper’s last trade off. They didn’t deal with money. They like just take and trade. It’s like the batter system back in the days. And sometimes, they just take it for free. I suppose they are a knit unit, so they do tolerate each other. For me, I don’t mind eating with them the whole family. But when they get some food for free, so agak segan jugak to eat with them. Had roti jala (all time fav), ayam percik and soy milk. While tomato rice and malay kuih are on the house. Really need to load up again. Drop too much weight, I’m losing shape. Ouch…!

this is ira

It’s wonderful to see, feel and experience other people way of life. I’m glad I’ve done it and I don’t mind to dooit again. At least I don’t have to rush up breaking fast alone, while waiting for the next client to come in another 5minute. But that was totally awesome. Call me jakun, who cares... Have you get out from your safety net yet?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Around the pyramid

Last Saturday, I manage to go around pyramid for a chance. Sunway that is. A lot has change. Went off with the special someone in my life. My very own manager. We catch a movie called “I love you, Beth Cooper”. Man it hilarious. Kinda stupid in a way. But yet it’s fun. As Malaysia’s Independence Day is around the corner, the complex invited a sketch artist to come by and show his drawing. It’s a 1km sketch by 1 artist. That’s a long piece of canvas if you ask me. This is part of it that I manage to take.

Later on as we walk around, we stumble by a group of street musician. Well dress and everything. I suppose they are paid by the organizer. A bit of a Caribbean Island flavor. There’s was even a conductor with them (he was the one sitting down while stomping his feet). While the saxophonist is doing a hip toss / belly dancing moves. It’s rather interesting actually. Imagine all this happen in a shopping complex. It’s totally lay back environment.

In between those visit I had a surprise visit by 2 out of 12 diamonds in the ruff (platinum edition). 1st it was Anis Shofea (Shofa). She came in with 3 friend of hers. She said hi, the suddenly silent. Hahahhaa…… aper lah adk…!

Then esha came by infront of us and took a picture. Terkejut kowt. All of the sudden she jump out. But was fun meeting her. Cause mmg nak set appointment kowt nak workout skali. My adek2 lah katerkan. I’ll do anything for them. Then Qina and mama Radz came by. That reminds me, when else we gonna do buka puasa and charades again? anyone..? eh lupe, SPM trial on the way.

Good luck to Aina and Esha. Hopefully you could do your best. Enough sleep and plenty of water (during sahur). Best of luck..