Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Searching Star (Original Rhyme)

pushing away from all those flashing lights,
as i seek for a star, thru these dark cold nights,
yet i wont stand down, without a fight,
just to climb, reaching an inch of a height,
I'll compose myself and strengthen my might,
stand my ground and fight for whats right...

felt suffocate, this place seem crowded,
let me lead you the way, at least you be guided,
things I've done, are merely to be rewarded,
try better myself, so i wont be blinded,
but in the end, its just 1 sided,
hoping that my future, will soon to be lighted...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Faded Light (Original Rhyme)

am at a lost, out of a sudden,
couldn't believe, my heart has became harden,
don't mind the challenge, nor even the burden,
all i seek, is a beautiful garden...

as i gaze the night, the star so bright,
searching for that faded light,
patiently waiting, the moment to be right,
will try my best, not to lose sight...

while here waiting, ill try my best,
to fix who i am, from being such a mess,
i'll start soul searching, the much needed rest,
so i wont need to, keep on guess and guess.....