Tuesday, September 24, 2013

eye opener

Recently, I've just finish watching the SAW Movie marathon. from the first till SAW 3D. Even if its a really gory movie, but then again it got me thinking. Even tho its a diabolical way of teaching people to be thankful, appreciate life more and not to neglect things we take for granted. but it really open my eyes to a different way of thinking.

instead of being the victim, I'm taking charge and responsibility of my life. till we can appreciate life and don't take thing for granted. away from comfort zone and taking bigger and different challenges.  Change the cycle and be grateful.

No Limits (Original Rhymes)

its like running to a wall, and the world is against you,
a wind of change, so strong but yet see through,
trying to stand ground and shake out that flu,
fight for whats right, what are you willing to do...

come along way, theres no turning back,
though you made mistake, for what ever that you lack,
trying to better yourself, and facing the fact,
still a long journey, for you to reach the deck...

every step a picture perfect, seem that we never forget,
the more that we learn, how not to get sad,
so we kept on charging, don't let your life line flat,
as life is too short, so guard up and hit the pads....