Friday, April 22, 2011

Ode of a Psychopath by Juliet the orange

darker things, darker minds
a tint of blood drops
we shall all never find
the passion that throbs

method in all madness
order and plan
my madness reads like a book
which never can end

this is an ode from a psychopath
a tormented creature
this is an ode from a psychopath
the darkest of shadows
the drumming is how i heard in my temple
this is an ode from a psychopath
a spiritual ailment

chapter one contains the first
moment i saw
your shaded being against the light
there isn't a flaw

chapter two and chapter three
was when my heart cried
and i believe in my madness
that you must die

my sublime, my darkling faun
you should never know my desire
the poison of my soul is come
your pounding pulse in the fire

ode from a psychopath
the feeling is mutual..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Failure is not an option (Original Rhyme)

The wind seems colder, this side of the world,

Endless task to complete, to get a glimpse of that pearl,

No matter if your sick, or how much you want to hurl,

Failure is not an option, so don’t cry like a little girl…

Reminisce the days, that has passed,

Really had fun, life was a blast,

Nostalgic all along, has blown away to dust,

Keeping myself sharp, before I start to rust

Stronger wind up here, try to tip me off,

I need to be stronger, no longer will be soft,

With these challenges, could only expect it to be rough,

Will try my best, as it’ll never be enough…

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Sucker for Tears

I don’t know why but maybe that’s just me. I love to go for thing that’s is complicated and also misunderstood. That’s why me and indie get along so well. and also why my writings are in those sense.

Anime like the tombstone of the fireflies, indie movie like chlidren of heaven , music like sade, staind, or even numerous digital art from deviant art. I like them all.

Recently i manage to catch the movie sucker punch. Of cause the promo and also trailers is really packed with fighting actions and also hot girls (superstars) with skimpy clothes. But the story line was really unique and also intresting towards my eye. not because of the cast and the costume. but the twisted mind creating such story line. same creater as the Watchmen. a story bout a girl that took revenge towards her step dad for killing her lil sister after the mum pass away.

if you ask me, happy ending only works in fairy tale. not in real life.


or like me, enjoy the ride.....

Nuku Experience

Team Kiara got the chance to train with dave recently. It feels so like the BLA edition. He was really informative, encouraging, details and also drove us to the floor when its application stuff. Never did get that much of workout in a day. But was really nice. Haven’t been working out that much with all the soft launch and leads dropping.

We had refresher of TRX and ViPR. Woaw, these two things are really hot in the market now days. People been talking and training with it quite often. The training really would help us for our fitness timetable and adding value in our training.

Then kettlebell and also Muay Thai coming up. manits gonna be awsome. flat out but still remains awsome. Thanks to dave for the experience and also the time and patients training us. Appreciate it very much

Grass on the other side

Woaw… its so different this part of the town. Food are healthier, people are nicer and follows orders, equipment are new, just the weather remain hair wired. I suppose that damansara area for you, huh. But tons of new things need to settle down.

This new environment really change my working ethic as I don’t have rest at all. When working there, you don’t feel tired, or needing to eat also. Though the temperature is cold like Antarctica at one time.

So many faces that I got to meet these couple of days. And it’s a good change. Do miss my old place. They the whole group came by and pay a visit to me recently. Sorry for not able to spent much time to tour you guys there. But glad that you came by.

tons of things need to be done until time runs out. till then