Sunday, June 2, 2013

Soul Rebirth (Original Rhyme)

tonight i died for the fifth time leaving this world,
ive pass the stage, of agony and hurl,
no longer that'll hide, go back and curl,
as i deserve better, more than diamonds and pearl.

i bid them farewell, those who were in my past,
thanks for the memory, the help and also task,
but trust the me on this, everything is a must,
i need to break free, before i start to rust.

been pulled back for far too long, ive stunned my growth,
time to pick myself up and fly like a dove,
will keep on pushing myself, this is my oath,
to the edge of my limit, as im no longer a youth...

Mystery of the Cosmo (Original Rhyme)

as night blanket the world and scattered them with stars,
we search where do we belong, Jupiter or even Mars,
how fast is our journey, by spaceship or driving cars,
and when will you reach there, is it totally up to us?

as the moon is shining bright, lighting up the sky,
puzzled of the cosmo, remains mysterious and question why,
yet we still persevere, until the day we die,
regardless the expectation, even if its sky high.

as the luminosity of the southern star would never fade,
learning to be kind, even the world full with hate,
hoping that its exsistance is not too late,
and shine its self, through what ever state...