Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Sweepy Sista (Original Rhyme)

There was a time, my life was at still,
Just trying to go through, don’t know how to heal,
Repetition of life, immune as it feel,
Should I stop now and just wait to be kill?
A lot I’ve done, I do felt the guilt,
Though I’m just trying to live, try to enjoy my meal…

So there you were, feeling sad and down,
I don’t really know you, but I’ve seen you in town,
I could feel your pain, though you made no sound,
Tried to calm you down and avoid you from frown,
Awkward as a stranger, but it’s the thoughts that count,
Don’t deserved to be sad, yet life gave us a mount…

Time after time, we grew so close,
All the others time, you’re like a friendly ghost,
Little sister I never had, from the dead she rose,
A shorty for sure, with a cute button nose,
I called her sweepy, just because she likes to snooze,
I am her blankie, a freak who like to pose…

No longer sitting alone, by the corner of my eyes,
She’s my sweet little sista, my own cutie pie,
Never again she’ll tears, ill avoid her from cry,
Take good care of her, away from stupid guys,
Luvs her like family, something you cannot buy,
She means the world to me and that’s no lie

9 July 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rusty Robot.. (Original Rhyme)

Isn’t it enough, all the sacrifice I did?
Too young to be a man, yet I stop being a kid,
Just because of him, should I suffer all his hit,
I forgot I’m just a robot, no feelings in need…

For everything you ask, I do without question,
No matter if you yell, just have to keep my patient,
You ridicule so much, every each of my action,
Thank God you said nothing, when it comes to my fashion…

So quickly change your emotion, just don’t have a clue,
Not all things evolves around you, I got a life too,
But who am I to argue, nothings much that I could do,
I know it hard sometimes, cause only left us two…