Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just pick up.... (Original Rhyme)

been waiting awhile till you pick up,
to share things that happen, each second each gulp,
its not an emergency, nor its a cry for help
just to get updated, only if you 're still up

i miss your voice, every single day,
wondering all the time, of what would you say,
if you saw me, staring the stars as i lay,
just to admire, the shine and the ray

i wish i could walk, and stroll by the bay,
as the wave hit my toes, I'll let it as it may,
hope someday you walk, and headed my way,
just to have a chat, just to say hey

no matter how busy, either of us would be,
I'll try to reach out, every single time I'm free,
we ain't that distant, not apart by the sea,
I've did my part, now just have to wait and see..

theres several people that contribute this emotion for me to write such thing.
but be alarm.... its just is what it is.

Trapped Oven (Original Rhyme)

there's no escape in this trap oven,
cant you take a break, & breath for a second?
when will it stop?, until what is proven?
instead we see rage, that could not govern

I'm sick and tired, to hear these quarrel,
day after day, its a never ending battle,
only once i wish, if all would just settled,
i suppose that would be, when either one is fatal

forgive me if, Ive been keeping it silent,
need a piece of mind, as quite as the island,
wont be any use, if i drawn into the violence,
I'm better than that, ill stay strong as the iron..

one of my backdated emotion put into words...
imagine the agony of having it inside of me but no time to let it all out...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Home is where the heart is

its funny how this saying makes perfect sense. and that's what me and my mum found out last raya. regardless if your with friends or family. Home should make you feel like comfortable, calm, with the warm hospitality. we found home at the place which we least expected. that is among nearby family friends.

either its with mak su's family of girls or mama radz's EXTENDED familia. at least they treat you better and accept you for who you are. basically we didn't got the chance to spent time back in kampung as most of us are working. but to compensate the raya mood, we went beraya in the klang valley. nothing fancy, just great people that come together as friends. home is where everyone matters.

dont get me wrong, i like going back to see my niece and cousin. but here is where my heart lies. Kj rocks....! (either small j or big J in the accroname, its all good)

Friday, September 24, 2010

kaki bakar...

I'm more into radio then TV. As I travel a lot compare to I stayed at home. It has serve me well. But I cant get through this trend that the radio station been putting up.

Basically I'm talking bout prank calls. It enough with punk'd the tv show by Ashton Kutcher. No offense to all the Ashton's fan all around. But Its a lil too much don't you think? I would consider them as immature bullies that is trying to hold up their reign from high school. Come on people... grow up. Up to my count, I've heard 3 radio station been doing it. What you try to prove...? is it fun laughing out through other people pain..? I'm sorry if it does. It just show how shallow could you be.

jgn nak terkejut beruk sangat...!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Askar by Wani Ardy

Jantungku kekeringan alasan untuk berdegup
Dan jiwaku terkorban di medan perjuangan, penantian, impian
Harapan itu senjata yang paling merbahaya buat sekalian umat manusia
Seperti jarum beracun yang membunuh senyap
Seperti segudang dadah yang merosak

Sembunyi darah ini di balik seribu perisai besi
Apa yang dipandang tinggi bila jarum yang mengakhiri

Aku mayat askar yang berpura-pura seolah ia berjalan tegap
Tak ku benar jasad rompongnya berehat satu saat pun
Untuk mengingatkan bahawa ia telah mati

Tolong jangan diujar lagi, aku tak mahu mati berkali
Esok aku kan tiba di lapangan terbang dan menghilang
Harapan itu senjata yang paling merbahaya buat sekalian umat manusia
Seperti jarum beracun yang membunuh senyap
Seperti segudang dadah yang merosak

Sembunyi luka ini di balik seribu perisai besi
Apa yang hendak dipuji bila jarum yang mengakhiri

Aku mayat askar yang berpura-pura seolah ia bernafas lancar
Tak ku benar jasad rompongnya berehat satu saat pun
Untuk mengingatkan bahawa ia telah mati

raw words from this teacher / writer that even made my mum jelez. hahaha.... and yet its a strong message that she tried to send thru.

this year rawye..!

It’s a bit different this year around. We basically left Kajang right after raya prayers. Usually we went back on eve or several days before. Basically, I only got to Friday and Saturday off only. Though I did asked for Thursday off too. So this year is kinda different pattern. After beraya at home, we went off to prayers. I met up with Hambali on the way back. My friend back in high school. The wife is expecting a 2nd child due in the several month times. Congrats man. Around 1030, we left to Epoh.

Since we won’t be back for a long time, we travel light. Really really light. We drove back mightymarques. I got work on Sunday. So going back home town for a while would be good enough. I just want to see my cousins and nieces. . Even if I got the chance to hang with them just for a while. That’s all I asked for this raya. Didn’t get any new clothes for this year around. It bothered me for a while, but then again who cares. I didn’t even got the chance to go shopping anyway..

Reached epoh around 2.30pm. Straight away we went to arwah tok grave, to pay our respect. The back road, has clear up really good. Its so much nearer to get there now. As we reached lorong long jaffar, sidd was about to leave. Apparently he got to go for work today. Since joe came with us back, sid gave us a ride on his turbo charge Mivec. Owh mann, its so fast.. then he is off to work. Maybe later we will drop by and see how he is doing.

As we arrived there, everyone is already in a lentok mode. I was still hyper since I wasn’t driving. Fail to realized that 1st shawal was on Friday. No wonder they aint much people around. Its prayer time. Hahhahaha….. it’s all good. Had some food. Tho I do miss my rendang tok and also kuih sarang semut. Well basically the rendang is me and mak cak project, and the kuih sarang semut was always been arwah mami nor and girls specialty. So I just have to live without having those anymore. With the lost of arwah tok and mami nor, maybe that would be the reason that it aint the same anymore. I mish both of them and all my long lost cousin. Hope you are doing good where ever you are. Al-fatihah.

Later that nite, we went to Giant at Tambun. Sidd is working there as one of the supervisor or something at one of the fast food outlet. At first there were 9 of us in total. Then the typhoon and twister brothers came in (those lil hyper active kids) and additional 3 kids all together. Took plenty of pictures just like last year. My neice is also a camwhore just like me. It runs in the family. We missed out Alicia for some reason. But other than that, its kewl..

While waiting for sidd to finish work, we hang out in Tambun for a while. Watch some dvd of 300 and such. Then sidd came in. we went back to manjoi to send sha2 and atirah. After that, we went out for a ride. They were talking automobile and such. On the way back, they gave me the chance to drive the mivec. I got to be honest, it was my first time. with the short clutch and the bucket seat, its scarry. But at least I manage to reached home without killing the engine. Cuz it’s a racing clutch.

Though we missed out abg boi and also abg ayi’s family, but it was an ok raya if you asked me. Better than celebrating it while working rite? Just like my promise to my lil cousin and niece. I didn’t change rite..? hope to see yall again. At least my cautious is clear. Did my duty as a son, nephew and uncle.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Say What You Want by Texas

Twenty seconds on the back time
I feel you on the run
Never lived too long to make right
I see you're doing fine
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer slide I can no longer run
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer hide for it's no longer fun

Well, you can say what you want
But it won't change my mind
I'll feel the same about you
And you can tell me your reasons
But it won't change my feelings
I'll feel the same about you

What I am is what you want of me
Now that I'm not there
Took the tables away from you
It's turned that I don't care
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer slide I can no longer run
And when I get that feeling
I can no longer hide for it's no longer fun

I've said goodnight try to sleep tight
Just dream of me
Go close your eyes cause I'll close mine
The sun will shine from time to time


In life theres is so many things to envy about. Its simply human to envy. Because NONE of us are perfect. Some are wealthier, healthier, lovable, likeable, successful, talented, influential, prettier, stronger and the list goes on and on and on. Of cause we would like to have all the good things to us. But reality says otherwise. Thats why God is fair. Even if your rich, may be your don't have a peace of mind. If your prettier, maybe you are not healthy. Or even if your are talented, maybe you are not likeable.

So what we do, we envy of things that others are and things that we are not. Why don't we just sit back, relax and regroup. Accept you for who you are, learn to love yourself. Then only you are in a stable state of mind. Just remember, if GOD gave you an extra something on a certain trait, something else is gonna be lesser. Just to see if your grateful or not.

I'm happy with my life. It could be slightly better. But I'm thankful with what I have now. Health is the upmost priority. Just taking 1 step at a time.

One of my favorite quote :

Danilov: I've been such a fool, Vassili. Man will always be a man. There is no new man. We tried so hard to create a society that was equal, where there'd be nothing to envy your neighbour. But there's always something to envy. A smile, a friendship, something you don't have and want to appropriate. In this world, even a Soviet one, there will always be rich and poor. Rich in gifts, poor in gifts. Rich in love, poor in love.

Taken from the lines of “Enemy at the gates”

- the green eyed monster of jealousy -

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Missing In Action (Original Rhymes)

as I lift my head up, from all these haze,
and take a look around, with a deep blurry gaze,
what have I been missing, through out all this days,
life is like a riddle, a never ending maze..

you asked whats wrong, and I let my heart out,
but you didn't listen, towards whats its all about,
so I back out stand down, towards your pride and doubt,
as I drown in the crowd, that been cheering so loud..

so let me be me, simply missing in action,
quietly writing, from that deep dark section,
not a perfect picture, but with a witty caption,
just a deprive soul, running away from fiction