Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh kekasih rindu belaianmu
bilakah kau di sisi kembali,
ku harap cintanya tak ke mana,
masih dihati seperti diriku ini,

sabarlah kawan ku,
jangan melulu fikiran mu yang tak tentu,
dirinya pasti sama merindui dirimu.
Sabarlah menanti

Tunggu tunggu ku menanti,
cintaku kan segera kembali,
tunggu tunggu sabarlah oh sayang ku,
ku kembali bersama janji ku.
Bukan merajuk bukan bersedih.
Cuma rindukan kekasih,
saat bahagia akan tiba untuk selamanya.
Ku janji padamu kan ku jaga pelita hati.

Hidupmu selama pemergian mu sahabatku,
ku kan kebali bersama janji diriku dirinya disisi.
Ku sinari hidupmu kembali kembali.
Sabarlah menanti

Tunggu tunggu ku menanti,
cintaku kan segeralah kembali,
tunggu tunggu ku menunggu,
kau kembali bersama janjimu.

Tiada sangsi ku kan kembali,
sayangku pulang kau kan disisi,
saat bahagia akan tiba untuk selamanya,
bersinar kembali,
sekian lama pemergiannya,
kini di sisimu berseri kembali,
ku berjanjikan ku bersemi,
cinta yang lama terbeku dihati sekain lama ku menanti

Tunggu tunggu ku menanti,
cintaku kan segera kembali,
tunggu tunggu sabarlah oh sayang ku,
kembali bersama janji ku….

Lagu dan lirik oleh Urban Exchange

look and listen.
i just enjoy the tunes.
basically its not for me (i hope).
dedicate this peice to sweepy and icez.
may you find a brighter light to guide you in those darker days.
always be around to support you both..
much luv..!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pain Driven

If you care to realized that this whole blog is kind of dark and very EMO. Most of the rhyme I wrote is based on sorrowness of emotion that I gone through all my life. But I’m not always like that (I hope). Outside I’m just living my everyday life to the fullest. It just that I get my inspiration to write rhyme or blog bout things that really twick somewhere in my heart. That’s why I don’t go blog everyday. To me it’s not an everyday journal. It’s just a mini diary of frustration.

Cautions: reading this blog might move your current state of emotion.
Please be aware that readers is at own risk towards to any gloomy day after reading it.
Creator of this blog won’t be held responsible to any suicidal attempt.

It seems that Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 can only write great lyric when he is very down. He even made a pack with his wife that to make him angry at least once every month. Well that is what I heard. But it works for him. Song such as Push, Lonely no more, 3am (for his mum who suffering cancer) n etc. Those are straight up deep untapped emotion. It is simply brilliant.

I just finish updating my book of rhyme recently. 63 rhyme till "Intruder of the Heart". This collectable memorabilia go back to the 1st rhyme “Glow No More” somewhere 2004. Not including the recent 2 down here. A day before those two rhymes was made, I bump my head towards the drawer sharp edge. And yeah it was Edgar’s fault as always. On the day of writing it, he even offers to hit my hand with a 3lbs dumbbell. As he heard that I need to be mad to write rhyme. No thanks man. But it seems that this month alone I got plenty of original rhyme. Business must be “good”. Pure or Sky. hrmmmmm….

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shadow Retaliation (Original Rhyme)

Sometimes I wonder, if you even care,
Took up the challenge, with every deepfull glare,
But you’re caught up with life, this movement so dare,
To be treated like this, is it even fair?

I do respect all, your views and advice,
Let me be me, I’ve grown so wise,
A man of principle, allergic to lies,
Never gamble with life, away from dice…

Try to stay away, from you fears and dreams.
Got my own life now, my way of making green,
Though I m seldom around, It’s not what it seems,
I will always be there, the unbeatable team..

Grave Silence (Original Rhyme)

Feeling this emptiness as I walk in the rain,
Hope the patients will help me gain,
Trust from you I yearn, minus all the pain,
Not looking for beauty, nor do I miss the fame..

Got use to communicate, those conversations I crave,
But suddenly you went missing, silence as the grave,
I wonder what I did wrong, or were you in rage,
Kept blaming myself, which drove me to the ledge..

Tearing me apart, as I have to wait,
To hear what you got to say, even if is its late,
What ever it is, I promise I wont hate,
I tried my best, so now I leave to fate.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tingkap Kaca

Dari jauh ku lihat dia
bagai berdiri di balik tingkap kaca
Mengintai setiap gerak halusnya
cukup untuk buatku leka

Selagi kedengaran bunyi guruh
selama itu khayalku berlabuh

Alangkah eloknya
jika aku menjadi raja waktu
akan ku himpun masa
untuk dia mengenali aku

Dari jauh ku lihat dia
bagai berdiri di balik tingkap kaca
mengharap setiap detik merangkak
sempat untuk buatnya sedar

Selama kedengaran bunyi guruh
sepanjang itu hatiku pun luruh
hatiku pun luruh

Alangkah eloknya
jika aku menjadi raja waktu
akan ku himpun masa
untuk dia mengenali aku

Lagu dan lirik oleh Ana Raffali (© 2008 anaraffali muzik ent.)

ps: such talent. still in training to be as skillfull and talented as they are..
check the whole song out. its mesmerizing.
try to listen to "ghost" too

Sporting bash

Everyone’s a critique. I suppose that is what us Malaysian do best. It’s ok if you have achieved a certain standard in life on what you are talking about. That would make you an expert of your field. But who are you to trash talk athletes just because they lost a game? Does that help you to sell more copies? Recently I read in the news that Nicole lost the Malaysian Open. basically THIS IS NOT IT... there are several newspaper with 'catchy' headlines. but just to get the story in track here is the good one..

“ In a sensational climax of the women's CIMB KL Open at Berjaya Times Square in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur today (Saturday), Natalie Grainger of the USA stunned defending champion Nicol David in five games - thus ending the 17-month, 56-match, unbeaten WISPA World Tour run by the world number one from Malaysia “

7 march 2009

So lets get the facts right, she won like 56 match within 17 months? That’s remarkable. We should be proud of her run. It helps Malaysian to be known of growing more indoor sporting champions (along side bowling, badminton, swimming, cycling and such). But they just can’t get enough out of it. Isn’t it enough for them to accept their defeat? But to bash them in the media and the general public too? And ask what happen after the game it self? Please be decent and considerate people. Further more they are still human. WE ALL HAVE OUR OFF DAYS..!

Like I always say:

“Perfection makes you an angel, imperfection makes you human”

Me as an athlete understand very much how the road to success is. I had my share of ups and down. More down then up. Yet still somewhere. People in the sport can still recognize my name. It’s not easy to balance up studies, sport, expectation and being a young adult. There’s a lot of sacrifice to be done to even get a pinch of a progress. So do us all a favor and go figure.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Left behind - a victim of time (LK Original Rhyme)

Now I’m back, everything has changed.
The air is different, nothing is the same.
I’m being treated like a stranger, not like before.
Gives me the feeling that I’m not wanted anymore.

U juz came back, I should be happy.
Like a friend I never had away for eternity.
But now u’re here, felt like something is wrong.
This loneliness in our heart, somewhere we belong.

You noe wat I mean, when I spit this rhyme.
Being unappreciated and pushed aside all the time.
You told me to come back, bcuz u wanted to see me.
But now I’m here…u don’t even wanna be near me.

Eventhough I’m here, like 24/7,
Our heart aint open, like 7 – eleven,
U treat me like trash, just to be kicked around,
I rather kill myself, than to see u drown..

I used to love you, but I guess that feeling is gone,
Crying about it till the early morn
What a stoopid way to deal bout the issue
I’d rather move on than to hear you say “I Miss You”

Now you got someone new, a better person I suppose,
Being clingin to them, what da heck you propose?
All this while, we always got your back,
They just been here a while, is there things we lack?

There ain’t much difference between us, we’re about the same,
The only difference is our name,
If you don’t like us, tell it to our face,
Set things rite and put everything in place

So I wish u’d change, and appreciate us better,
Coz u might not see us, sooner or later,
There will be a time when u break down and cry,
And won’t get a chance to say good bye….


an early rhyme of the LK.
i think this is our first session.
could be wrong.
i wonder for who it was made for..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

intruder of the heart (original rhyme)

First time I saw you, truly mesmerized,
Seems like you’re the one, through out these eyes,
But all you did was hurt me, and just capitalized,
You left me out dry, with all these lies…

You pick me up and let me drown,
Yet you ask me to change, with that stupid frown,
How could I respect you, when my face is on the ground,
So I try to run away, though problems still a mount…

I think I’m losing my favorite game,
You’re losing a savior and a saint,
Try to better myself, but still your to blame,
Got to carry on with life, before I turn insane

this is actually inspire from a short story given to me by a friend.
as i read it like 3-4 times, i managed to come out with such rhyme.
hope its not too much to say...
much luv


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Escape from reality (original rhyme)

So many things in life, I want to set free,
A place I could go, escape from reality,
To unwind this stress, to maintain my sanity,
To heal this wound, could cause me fatality

You’re the air that I breathe when I suffocate,
Sound of your voice I use to meditate,
To ease the mind, but my heart hesitate,
Rhymes that I wrote, for you I dedicate..

But that’s all change, I have to move on,
You were never there, so I should be gone,
To lead my life, into the dawn,
Before my heart is completely torn

this is a very backdated emotion and rhyme.
To a certain someone who is out of my league.
May you find what you are looking for.

Ipoh Mali...!

It’s been like 4 months since I last came here. Not that I’m forgetting my roots. Just been awfully too busy with this new work of mine. Its different. Theres a sign of IPOH up on the hill side facing those who are going up north. Feels like Hollywood, Putrajaya or even Far Far Away (shrek)… as I reach there, immediately I went to parade to check up the score. Weird as I went down on my own. Last time we all go as a team. Times have change people. Believe in it…so many familiar faces and tons of remarks. Wow, I came in like a YB or something. Just want to be around with a very low profile. Don’t think that would ever happen. Though there was a disturbance in my peaceful garden of thought. But I just keep it calm and listen to what they want to say. I won’t be around much anymore. Wishing you the best of luck.

Traffic back home was nonsense towards KL. I spent like 4 hours and only covered half of the distance. Not even till Tanjung Malim. There was construction building up in kilometer what so ever.. After that, it was free flow. Reach home around 10 I guess. Hrmmm…..these legs are killing me still.. as I would say, “traffic lambat macam setan”. than mummy would correct me and say "its jahat mcm setan lah.." hahahaaa.... we had a laugh on that.


Last Friday we had this fitness launch. Its an event where all pt from fitness first come gather together and see whats up for the upcoming month. This time it was done cenileisure. Right after that, we watch the watchmen. It was ite. But too draggy.. ouch…3 extreamly long hours. I miss my Friday prayers just for nutting. Arghhh….

As Edgar whould say;
“The Moveie SUX. I almost lost my HP coz of the movie… Made me sLeeP. Damn…..”

boleh lak dia bising “maner air aku woi…!” as he was like on the front row and 7 seat away from me. Theres only one edgar, for that I thank GOD. If not sure havoc… he is a straight forward person. hate you too bro..

Parking was crappy as usual at my work place. Took me like 10 min to get out of the parking lot in front of secret recipe. Someone double park behind me. Grrrrr…! Dah tuh, tak tinggal contact details lak. Mentang-mentang lah kerete kecik. Boleh jek keluar. It was almost impossible believe me. May be I should show you how was the situation was. No time to do the diagram.

Be leaving for Ipoh on Saturday. Junior circuit once again. Been a while since the last time I went to one. Hope they still remember me..

soul sista..

To day my soul sista is leaving to get married. Wish I could tag along to Sarawak. Yeah itz nicky aka dayang adlina.. I knew her ever since we were in varsity. That was like 4 years ago. Same age with my blood brother. What could I say bout her..? hrmmm… She’s the reason I broke up with my ex… hahhahaa thankz sis…! I suppose you knew better that she was no good for me. Ive been through a lot with you. We went out with bowling team to competitions, hang out with friends, those time you talk to me bout your exbf and also the sudden disappear act you did for like a very long time. Hahaha…. Tak tahu kenaper dowh…

she love to Dance whenever she got the chance. and so much into astrology and soduku. wishing you all the best in life and hope to see you soon. No matter where you are and what status ur at now, you will always be my big sis. And for that I HATE you always…! Hahhahahaa… peace yall…

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Off the Edge (LK Original Rhyme)

you call yourself my friend , do you know what it means ?
your never there to support my dreams
don’t even know you no mo, not much as it seems
better go poof~!...never to be seen
seeing you around I’ve never been keen
i cry about what’s never been
can’t stop thinking bout, what cud have been?

never tot u backstab me, while eyes open wide
if someone talked shit bout me, your never on my side
instead you let those nasty words slide
you really took me for a ride
do u even know if i cried?
all u care bout is your pride
your stupid ego that you cant hide
never tot that our mind once collide

your always in the mood to put up a fight
blaming me each time n every night
roll over b***h, get outta my sight
or better still, book a ticket for the next flight
now you know this pain really bites

run! hide! get out of my face
i'll slap u rite into your place
or kick your ass, just in case
just go disappear before ill blaze
you all the way into outer space~!
so you're no where near safe
ill put u to waste

if u think i'm fine
man u must be blind
what was i thinking, must be going out of my mind
because being with u was a waste of time
now its over..that’s the end of this rhyme

way back when freestyle session. Creds to the whole crew to do this piece. especially to rayz... who bring it raw... bigg up mann..! Whens the next session..?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Go fly kite..

I took today off just to go and meet up my dearest adek in banting. Haven’t seen Fatin for like 3 months. So you could imagine how much I miss her. It’s been a while since the last time I reach banting. Early in that particular morning I was really stress out. So I just need to go and clear my mind out. Grrr….! Haven’t had much time to just kick back and enjoy life lately. Had something to finish up regarding bowling circuit registration.

Aten was suppose to go to a wedding but cancle her trip just to stay around me. Hahhaaa… her bf came in later that day. Wow… this is the first time I saw him. I’ve been hearing a lot bout him ever since they were together. That would be like 7 months..? he seems nice. Just take good care of her ok..!

We went to Pantai Kelanang. The wind was amazingly wicked…! Nice day to go kite flying…hahhaaa…. Laugh all you want. But I love doing it. Still am using the kite me n Yasser bought during SUKMA Terengganu. I was so Awsome cuz it could be roll and keep it neatly. The string was so long that it took me 10min to roll all of it back together. Was fun and recharge my missingness. Wish we could do that often. Hrmmmm….

the wind was wild.. (thatz how skinny i am naw)

she was having a blast when i came in (bf sampai jelez)

~let me fly away...~

Are you ENJOYS...?!

Arghhhhhhahahhaaa... I had a great laugh listening to the MC saying such word on the mic. Well at least you are trying so much to talk in English. Hihihihhhh……. But its kinda sad and rather embarrassing to announce bilingually in a big function where the public can hear you… I was having training that particular time. Cant stop laughing.

After that I went to the loo. Surprisingly the setup have change completely. The setting looks like the rest room in Chambers of secret a harry potter movie. I was impress I stare for a while.kewl eh salah salah. AWESOMEEE…...!

Role Model?

I’m thinking to myself. If im fit to that description or not…? Jaa = a role model..? I don’t think so. Its hard to handle the pressure for me to be look up to. Its like, why me..? am I good enough to be put up a good example..…? recently I heard from a small lil voice that he wants to be just like me.. I was like “ WHY…!? Why on earth you want to be like me..?” life was never easy to be living in my shoes. It may seem alright and lay back, but it’s a long way to get there. But never in my life would I want to change how I live my life. I hope you don’t too. Right now we might say, if I could turn back time and correct one thing, it’ll all be better. But actually what ever decision you made before, was the best decision made then in that time frame.. if not you wouldn’t made that decision anyway.

So back again bout me being a role model, I hope I don’t disappoint you. And I suggest that you get someone else to look up to. I’m still trying to get my life back on track. The best way I can. Hope you understand..