Friday, February 26, 2010

Somebody told me

A friend once said:
I almost forget how complicated you can be.

One of my adek told me:
Pekak telinge adk, you laugh so loud. Annoying giler.

My mum constantly said:
Why do you have to be so sensitive? Asyik kecik hati jer..

Big bosh told me off:
your so uptight..? chill and lay back.

A ‘stranger’ yell to me:
I’m loser?! (while reading my t-shirt) owh, I’m lost….

A junior bowler tembak once:
Muker jer ganaz. Skali senyum it’ll say otherwise

Peoples and their point of view. I wouldn’t care less. As long as it makes me happy, It couldn’t be that bad. Here the other side of the remarks

Family friend compliment:
nice t-shirt jaa, you’ll always have those authentic type of design.

The worrying adek once said:
if there would be one thing that makes you standout from the rest, it would be your “caringnesssss”

A fellow blogger comment:
There’s a lot more to you than meets the eye.

Luv would say:
Budak pink…!

Hahahaaaa….. lawaks lak to reminisce all those conversation and memories. Maybe their right or maybe they aren’t. it's individual point of perception.

Monday, February 22, 2010

da dynamic duo...

Yesterday was two of my adeks birthday. They shared the same date of birth but different years. I’m talking bout tyka and anis.. No wonder they style and attitude are almost similar…

Let me bebel bout them individually.

Hrmmmmm…. The picture freak.. hahaha…. This lil sassy girl is simply outgoing. If your trying to search for her, home is the last place you should seek. Constantly away and filled up with owh so many things to be done. Back in the days, ill always be seeing her in the bowling training session with her brother sylar. They be late cause they travel all the way from Gombak. Why is she the picture freak..? because she is loved by the camera. Unorthodox of posing makes all of her picture one of a kind. And her skill of editing them is way beyond the normal ways. We always talk bout each other problems and try to solve them in any way. Those were the days. Fun and funny… she will always be stuttering. Phases like gagagaaaa…. Hope for the best of what your up too adk…!

She would be considered as the spontaneous one. Our age different are like 15years apart? It’s funny how this lil pint size kiddo tries to get thru around things. I still remember that day I was walking at summit, then this lil kid crash into my leg. Apparently it’s was anis giving me a hug (she’s that small). Missing me that much huh adk..? I didn’t even realized who was it till I saw her face. Was totally shocked. And the time we went to urbanscape08 with kira and yuni. That was fun. She will be looking up for me once in a while but never lost contact. Proud to say that she was the first to see my shining star. And approving it. Hahahahaaa…. Adk2…

To the both of you, I would like to say a very happy birthday. No matter where you are and what you do, ill always be proud of you no matter what. Thanks for sharing the experience and the bond of siblings…! Take care and stay crazee….! Hueee……

Crystal ball

As I was walking around E @ curve, I’ve stumble into a stall of arts and craft. I was fascinated with the handmade artwork that I stop by to have a look. Apparently the middle age female shopkeeper is also a fortune teller. Randomly she ask,

FT: are you an athlete or a model…?
LJ: neither…
FT: owh, cause you got good posture and height.
LJ: got my posture corrected at gym.
FT: woaw… such young talent.
LJ: excuse me? Why would you say that?
FT: you have very unique eyebrows. It means you go far with fame and fortune.
LJ: hrmmmm… ok thanks, but that’s not what I want in life
FT: what do you want?
LJ: happiness and peace of mind.
FT: do you have it now..?
LJ: proudly to say, I HAVE it NOW.
FT: wish both of you the best.
LJ: thank you very much…

I never really care much about fortune telling at any point. Plus it’s just for fun to what and how they interpret. Maybe the person just trying to jack me up to make me buy some stuff from her shop. Who knows. 1 thing for sure, im happy now. And hyper then ever…! Hueee……

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rain Running (Original Rhyme)

As I pickup speed, in my daily walk,
Neighborhood that I passed, block after block,
Do they know how I feel, in this heart that I’ve locked?
They don’t really care, in all that small talk.

That’s why I run, especially in the rain,
So I clear my mind, so I could remain sane,
Might take me sometime, hope that I won’t faint,
If I patiently wait, I believe that I’ll gain

When the rain pours, I lower down my pace,
I simply let it flows, straight down my face,
Made me stop for awhile, and begun to gazed
I suppose this is life, a never ending haze…

4 corner battle

Last week we had this gathering at mama’s house. It’s a bbq party. I was wondering, is it gonna be outdoor by the pool like last time?? Apparently no, we had it indoor. Woaw…! Came in around 530, all the way till late night. Wayyy late. As soon as my wings brought me there, I start helping them out in the pits. They start up the fire already, all I got to do is burn. Burn baby burn…! Feels like Hades in a way.. hahhahahahaa….. way too much ‘Percy’ I suppose. We had beef,chicken, lamb, hotdogs, garlic bread and some chocolate fondue. Yummmm2.

Everyone was there. To name a few: Rockers, Big Boss, Paintball Assassin, Chef, Doctor, Pilot, those skinny Models, the Comic and etc. That’s my list of friend and how I look at them. And I love them all. What am I without all of them.

Charades was a drag...! the first set, we were beaten by far. But then again we started way early so manage to go for a second round.4 corners all together. I was with esha and dina (part of the mamak crew) and the new comer jas. Not badd at all. Sorry to say, I'm always competitive. People come to have fun, I come to win.. sorry....! yeah we won. And the last one was a Batman Returns ost from U2 “Hold me, kiss me, thrill me, kill me”. Everyone wanted us to finish it so bad. Hahahaaa... Look at all those tired eyes.

A total of 7 shoulders was fixed by me. Including babah, dina, amer, siron and such. Pressure point really help them to release the stress. They said I got tight grip that dont mind to bare the pain.

It was fun to hang with the extended family again. Felt so fresh...! they even ask me to go watch percy the next day. I don't mind at all. Its a group thingy... just go....!

Goblins rawks...!

Kereter Kebal...!

We had our last farewell / goodbye dinner to Ikhbal on 13 Feb 2010. We went all the way to Hulu Langat to have a fresh water fish cuisine. its all the way near to sg gabai. Awien has this thing with outdoor activities. We had a total of 7 fishes (steam, sweet sour, soy sauce and etc) prawns, squids and also tons of rice. Apparently I was the last to finish eating. edgar was too bored he start to feed the fishes some fishes. Thats feels so wrong. i suddenly tot of Hannibal Lector. imediately i start to eat the prawn and also squid. kinda disturbing, hahhahaaa..... The first one to bail out was Azim. Yesh people, I’m eating a lot now days, and yet I kinda thin. Grrrrr….! weird...

It’s been quite awhile since Ikhbal join the FFDUT family. He taught me a lot during the martial arts, history and such. A true friend indeed. This Leo is constantly talking to himself , thinking out loud, creative on training methods, a classic Liberian that loves to read, and really patient with his clients.

Now he will carries on with his studies. Master in law I suppose and a part time tutor in UiTM. Wish that the company would appreciate such talent and also commitment rather than leave it in the dust till it fade away.

Gonna mish you man. We had the best time as a whole group of FIs & PTs. Best of luck where ever you will go. We will always remember your trademark of nasi bukit and also carbo loading (5spoonfull of rice, then only start to chew). Hope to see you around bro… peace out…!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Greatest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine as children do.
It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone.

And as we let our own lights shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Timo Cruz in "Coach Carter"
(adapted from nelson mandela' our greates fear quote)

thankz nny..!

Monday, February 8, 2010

'Wonder'full wedding

yesterday was Dzurina and Khairil wedding reception. They held it at Sime Darby convention center. As Dzurina is 1/6 owners and creators of Wondermilk, they were off for business to get all the staff ready for the great glorious night. We were invited cuz we train all 6 of them. So there’s a table full with trainers behind the floral arch. Outside they had this table of cookies and pictures. Very Wondermilky style. Hehehehee…

We were entertain by the soundly music of Picca pica from Bora Ombak. And also some staff with a very good range of voice sang a couple of song. Woaw.. never tot they could sing that way. Even Alis and her boyfriend was there. Also known to people as Yuna. Her boyfriend is a close friend with Ifzan. She didn’t perform but people could notice her and they took some pictures. Celebrities and their duty towards the fans.

It was fun, where all the staff and friends are dress in pink.. All of us was there with Baju Melayu in various colors. The bride and groom wore a matching grey baju melayu and silky jubah I guess. It was a huge grand ballroom. Fizah was wearing the ‘sliding’ kurung that she recently got fix. Ouch…!

Later on I went to her table. All of them were there. Her mum and dad, din, fahmi, opah, mira and rizal. Took a picture of them after I was mistaken for a part timer waiter. Hahahhaa… that was funneh. It was nice meeting them there. Her family is a close family friend with Dzurina side of the family. Food was yummy. The butter prawn and daging deng deng was unforgettable.

Got plenty of pic of the weddings that I can’t get it up here. Don’t know where did I have the courage to be a photographer with a normal Ixus canon digital camera. Lawak lak.. all the others will be having their SLR and such. I was hyper that last night. More that I was suppose to. But who cares. I got memories from all different angles. And that’s priceless. Even some camwhore session towards the end. Haaaaa…. I’m back people…!

medic, medic, im hit...!

Hhahahaaa…. That’s one of the lines of an old war movies. What happens if doctors gone into war? Not to assist but to kill. Yikes..! We got a chance to see a glimpse of that yesterday afternoon. Tag along with fizah to a game of paintball in Gombak. This is my first time with paintball. All experience I had before was the chance to shoot M16 and Styer back then in my army cadets days. Live ammunition people….! The one that they bring into war. I miss the 6th Ranger ATM training.

I was so pump up and was looking forward to it. Believe me, I’m very competitive. To the extend that I am in my own world. All I had was a pair of worn out jeans, long sleeves and camouflage shirt. It’s been a while, so my aiming might be a bit rusty. Manage to hit a lot of people. We got two lives that game, and could be recharge every time your hit. Was killed twice by a true sniper. Hid got me inbewteen the eyes twice. Argghh….! But I did manage to ark her right around the thorax region. The first two rounds were really tough. As the obstacle course was really open from 1 bunker to other.

The last round gives you unlimited lives and chance to go for the flag. We got the low based advantage. At first people always say that if you are at a higher ground its better. For defense, yeah of cause. But for assault, its better to go from below. Just that you got to be fast and lay low. Tried to catch the flag twice. Did get my hand and raised it up. Got shot down the first try. But don’t know bout the second one.

All around it was fantastic. We got souvenirs for participating. I got 1 on my abs, biceps, clavicle, both of my lattisimus dorsi and the biggest one at my neck. That hurts a lot…! All in total, 9 shots. Not including the two on my head. Than god for the face mask. and my girl who was in my team did shot me at the arms. i was like, im ur team girl. ...! hadoi2... excited sgt lah tuh. gian menembak je. huhuhu..

Back in the days, we always had this commando game. We had a jungle up behind our school. Being in an all boys school is a test of braveness. We had to wrestle our senior in a one on one combat in the jungle, just to capture as much enemies. So cut, bruises and dislocation was really common among us. It’s a scar of pride. Miss those days.

White Wedding

Had a back to back wedding for the last two weeks. The first one was Mira’s and Rizal wedding last Saturday. The sister and brother in law of Fizah. It was held at the Singgahsana Hotel behind PJ Hilton. It was raining heavily that time around. Manage to come in bit early and getting the car park by the flag post (very near. Hahhahaa…) Azim and Safa was invited too. So it didn’t felt so awkward. I was placed among fizah’s medic friends. Met them before at hangouts and such. Some familiar faces.

Food was nice especially the cream caramel towards the end. Azim manage himself with 3 helpings. Hahaaa…. But he did offer and pass to safa and friends. Met up with Zu, Anis and Yati over there (owners of wondermilk). Next week will be Zu’s reception I suppose.

The bride and groom were wearing all white wedding dress. They look very nice and compatible with each other. While the brides familia all tone of blues and the groom family was purple. My girl had this waow looking hair do. As azim would say, mcm salomah. She be like ’ek? Memandai jerr…’ but did look bit retro. But it was nice. and the dress was simply awesome. Her makeup was bit heavy tho. Cowiee….

Apparently I know the photographer that was assign to do the wedding pictures. fancy meeting him there.Met up with two of her cousin who asked about fitness and interested to join in FF and personal training. Hahahaaaa… Never tot ill be talking fitness that time around. So I just do some floor work over there. Made some new contacts and new friends. It was fun and they were very welcoming. Can simply be myself. Lighting a bit dark, so picture from our normal digital camera wasn’t really nice. Maybe the setting of the camera. Got to check that out.

Help them with all the present then I was off back home. Exhausted but was fun. Got pt @ IOI the next day. Be traveling again.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You only get what you give

I have always been living up to this particular saying. ‘Treat people equally as how much you want to be treated’. I tried to be nice to every single person around me. Regardless what they do and how much of a hassle it is to me. I won’t judge them as I’m not God. Though most of the time, people tend to take advantage of your kindness and keep on doing it with guilt free feelings. Of cause it hurt inside. Just because I’m quite, doesn’t mean I’m heartless. Maybe that’s just me. I don’t hold grudge but I do keep it in.

Think bout it. If you were put in that same situation, how would you feel? Seen a lot of friends would be mad or angry at the smallest things in life. But have we reflects on how we treat others? Put yourself in their shoes and think for awhile.

I’m trying to change my attitude of keeping in. Should I just blabber it to any random person? At least to those who care for me. But there are so few. Better star writing again. That always ease the mind.

All these negativity is killing me. Such a bad environment to be in. .

Southren Tiger...!

Recently I manage to catch up with Nur Liyana Abd Halim aka Yana. One of my long lost adek. She be having her SPM this year. Never thought that it was 2 years ago when she was around in Selangor. Working at that Chinese Muslim restaurant, hitching a ride, hanging out with the crew and such. Surprisingly now she has wore the tudung and it’s by her own will. Supported by her parents and boyfriend of cause. Congrats adek…! But still with the eye liner and it’s even thicker now.

She is going to the gym and signed up with a personal trainer down there in Johor. She said her trainer is getting bigger and bigger. Hrmmmmm…. Fine…! you got a new abg to bother and adore... hahhahaa….. at least you are taken care of. Her asthma is stopping her to go long distant. At least she is getting better and stronger. But still wayyyy shorter. Grow bigger Shortie…! Tak ‘chare’ lah mcm nieh (cara). ‘Selekekeh…!’ Those are the words that she introduces to us while she was around.

Wishing you all the best in life and keep on cooking. Hahahhahahaa…… Take care adek! Much luv. I was wondering one day I could gather all of them together and do a reunion or something. That would be nice..

Eccentric Me

Apparently I heard this topic in one of the radio station. ‘Would you mind going eat somewhere on your own?’ To me it’s alright. I thought it’s something common. But apparently, some people just can’t do that and simply need the company. I look around at my place of work and people, and surprisingly there are a lot of people out there. They rather starve than eating alone. Woaw…..

When I was small, I love to go watch movies. Alone. Hahaahaa…. It’s not sad at all actually. I got this habit from my mum, where when she reviews a theater or international movie (non-Hollywood). She could go see that same piece 2-3 times to get different angle.

I went to Urbanscape 2004 alone and made friends with a graffiti artist over there. Tons of inde events that I’ve crashed. Still remember the time I went to central market to watch a gig at the annex plaza.

Someone called me eccentric. She said I got my own style and value of stuff. I don’t need a crowd to go around with. Hrmmm… Yeah, maybe I am. But if there are friends and people around, I don’t mind tagging along. Why not. But I gained ideas from all those solo mission I went around with. Even to the simplest thing. Last Saturday when I look up the sky and watch the full moon. That was fascinating.

I’ve look life at a different angle, I love and appreciate raw art, I write poetries, I’m way adventurous in trying new stuff, I got a graffiti on my bedroom wall. Basically I’m artistically inclined. Maybe my materials are not as good as to others, but it’s my escape from reality. This is me. Deal with it

People who mind, don’t matter
But people who matters, don’t mind