Sunday, January 31, 2010

Take me away (Original Rhyme)

take me away, from these dark sorrow cloud,
out from those scream, deafening so loud,

take me away, to a place where I can say,
I am happier now, for the rest of my days,

take me away, from these negativity,
to a place we could talk, over a cup of coffee,

take me away, like only you could do,
that is simply why, I love you....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Siblings 4 life

people... i miss each and everyone of you. tho we are all busy coping with our own life, but still the memories are unforgettable. we cant stop the surroundings that push us apart. nevertheless, it wont change how much brotherly love i have to yall. i'm the youngest in my family, but at least i'm proud to say that i got plenty of little siblings I called, ADEK....! much luv...!

-abg j@a-

Death - the unbreakeble promise

Recently I’ve heard a few deaths around me. The late Tuanku Sultan of Johor, friend’s dad and many others. This is my view on it. Death is something that is so certain in life. Everyone is going to die, one way or another. To me, I clearly accept it as a part of life. I felt at ease and very calm during funeral or hearing such stuff that happen. It brings us human back to earth and reflects on what is really important in life. I wasn't even sad, when my late great mum pass away. Of cause I missed her and stuff. But instead, I'm just allergic to tears and sorrowness of those who are left behind. I’m a bit heavy in empathize on people’s feelings and emotions. I even cried just cause I saw a guy cried when his mum pass away somewhere in Ampang. Of cause the person is blood related, but I wasn’t really close towards her. I felt that death is just a phase. And all my prayers and life are for me is to prepare myself in the afterlife.

The sad thing is, all the pure hearted people are the one who left us behind. The one that don't complaint so much, that wont burden other people, those who are literally angels walking among mens. I suppose Allah has better plans for them. And left the others to better them self before their time has come.

Ps: I miss you tok. Hope you are better off where you are now. Accompany with all of our prayers. Till we meet again 1 sweet day. Al Fatihah..

“Death is one of the most important parts of the life cycle. Although the life of a Muslim is ending, it truly is only the beginning as they make their final, eternal journey to join Allah. As written in the Holy Quran, “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return” (2:156). A main focus for a Muslim's life is to have their soul become closer to Allah, and, in Islam, death is what brings a Muslim to this most desired point. Cremation and full body autopsy is forbidden because the body must be capable of making the journey to Allah after death. In Islamic nations, death is taken extremely seriously and can be seen as the pinnacle aspect of one's religious journey.”


Monday, January 25, 2010

Starry summer splash..!

Last Saturday FF Malaysia had our annual dinner for the year of 2009. The theme is starry starry night. And the costume reflects “it’s summer”. Totally different scene from the previous annual dinner which was shanghai noon. More costume to think about. But this year around, kinda laid back. Really dress down. This year around,the annual dinner was held at the pool side of Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. We started at 6 till late night.

Just to let u people get a glimpse of what went up there. Expect beach clothes, BBQ, water guns, live performance, lucky draws, and a lot of water gun fights. Things on the menu, sirloin steaks, spicy crabs, fat sausages, lamb grilled, gado2, salads, seafood chowder, and so many more. Lucky draws was great. Prizes are like, plasma flat screen TV, hand phones, fridge, those small electronic gadgets and stuff from Nike and Quick Silver. Won this cool leather nike wallet and keychain. I think it’s the nike Malaysia stuff as the color are stripes of yellow and black. Danger, danger…! Hahhahaa… wickedly awesome.

I had 3 portions of food. And I had to stop at the 3rd one due to the water gun war. It’s ok if they put water, I can deal with that. But later they put fruit punch, then coffee and when later they start to put alcohol and wine. Shoot…! That’s why I had to go away from the main table and go back kinda early.

The next morning, I was supposed to have an EEEEEARLY morning PT at 730 at uptown. But later when I arrived to the club, the PT was canceled. Due to some unforeseen ish. Hrmmmm…….. There’s go my needed beauty sleep.

Had a great outing till the splish splashing off those unwanted liquid. Other then that, prayers on time. Thank god there was a Surau near by. Just before all those chaos break loose. Whats up in stores next year..? I do wonder…..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fwee day

Last nyte was considered my off day. Was working for the last 2weeks. But still had two appointment to deal with. It’s very far apart. So right after pt with udin, I’ve planned to go catch a movie. Udin said he don’t mind joining, so I ask the rest of the crew. We all went to check out spy next door. Instead of mamak, aina fill his spot. Hrmmm…. How ironic. Hahhahaa….

After the imitation of The Pacifier, we went to catch some sushi. Haven’t had it for along time. Even got some takeouts for fizah. It’s her fav. Had a great bonding session with the crew + adek. The sushi place that we went was spinning some old skool hiphop. Me with my new discovered confidence, just lay back and drop some lines of the lyric. This is the reason for me to start writing rhymes in the first place. I’m not lyrically gifted, just a poet in search of way to express one self.

Emi was still with that question I fail to answer. If there’s one thing bout emi that you could change, what would it be? I took me owh so long of a time to think bout it. We are all bwest friend. And we accept each other as a whole. So its kinda hard for me to think bout it. Later that nyte I told her what I think. Hopefully your satisfied with what I said. Sorry bout the verse mcm haram. In my place, it simply means ‘Wickedly Awesome’. That’s all. Something like forbidden dreams. So when I say such things, don’t be offended by it. It’s just me, weird as can be.

Reply to mummy’s post, thank you for sharing that story with THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…! Grrrr….. but then again, its your write up. And it’s a free world after all. My view towards it is simply “Yeah I’m a deep thinker. That’s why I write funny.” Thanks for guiding me up mummy.

It’s sad to hear that the rawker won’t be with ff anymore. But then again, his mum is paying for all of it. So have to abide. Hopefully you would find some girls where you be heading man. You gone along way to cut off those fat. I know it’s a better enviroment where you are heading. Just stay healthy and work your way up. Challenge you to six pack man..

Till we all meet again kruk kruk crew….! Never regret being friend with each and every one of you…..much luv…!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Super Randomly Awsome

SRA is actually simply being different, but in a good way. I just love being different / weird. To me it’s an honor. At least it makes you stands out of the crowd. If you try to blend in with society, you’ll be just like the others. A clone, a commoner, or a mere human being? People tend to forget about your existence whenever you’re gone. People might even forget your name. What’s the fun of that?

You could be the hyper one, the one act on impulse, the one with the contagious laughter, the one that sweet talks all the girls, or even the one that worries a lot. I’m talking about doing it extremely well and without fail 24/7 that they themselves don’t realized it’s something different.

To me all great people are weird in a way. It’s a gift that makes them special and distinguishes with normal people. If not, they won’t be great in the first place. People like the one in beautiful mind (adapted from a story of a Nobel Laureate in Economics) John Fobes Nash Jr. Closes example will be the late Michael Jackson. He was a true trend setter. They are really brilliant in their field, but they act differently.

Being different isn’t that bad. People will see you differently, but that’s just you. For me, I’m proud of it. Who else could I be except myself? Make an impact on people that they will remember you for a life time.

Solar Eclipse

Did you know last Friday we had the privilege to see the solar eclipse? It’s fascinating if you ask me. Make you feel very small to see such majestic incident created by God. 335pm if I'm not mistaken.

The solar eclipse of January 15, 2010 was an annular eclipse of the Sun with a Magnitude of 0.9190. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun's light. An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometres wide.

The eclipse was visible as only partial eclipse in much of Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It was seen as annular eclipse within a narrow stretch of 300 km (190 mi) width across Central Africa, Maldives, South Kerala, South Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka and parts of Bangladesh, Burma and China.

sources by wikipedia

Miss my days when I could lay down in the open grass and look upon those stars. Yeah I’m a dreamer. Has always been one.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chasing Shadow (Original Rhyme)

All this time, I’ve been patiently waiting,
To hear for an answer, at least give me something,
So I could move on, rather than I’ll be rusting,
It hurts me inside, when simply hear nothing..

To me you’re a shadow, which kept on following,
The wind at my hair, kept blowing and blowing,
Ball is at your court, it just stop rolling,
Your time to make a move, before it start fading..

Been walking pointlessly, while searching the answer,
I drag my feet, even stumble on water,
When should I stop, I begin to wonder,
I don’t feel tired, so I guess it’ll be never…


Finally, it’s over. The interstate just came to an end. And it ended well. We manage to retain the title for all this years. Wooooaw hooooo…! this year was really a close one. Maybe too me that is. Because I wasn’t there, so my anxiety level was a tad bit high. Sorry for asking bout the result again and again. Not that I don’t trust my peeps and their ability. Just that I get a lil jumpy. Due to my absence.

Gold - Womens Za2
Silver - Womens Sofe
Gold - Mens Azran

Silver - Girls Din & Emi
Bronze – Boys Afif & Mamak
Gold - Womens Zandra & Sofe
Gold - Mens Kelvio & Zaid

Bronze - Girls
Silver - Womens
Gold - Mens

All Event
Silver – Boys Afif
Gold - Womens Sofe
Bronze - Womens Za2
Gold - Mens Azran
Bronze - Mens Kelvio

Congrats to all the medal contributor. You guys manage to make us number one for 23 years in a row. Simply awsome. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to salute each and every one of you as the prince and princess. We rule this place. Keep up the good work and hope to see yall around.

Selangor Juara….!


Congrats to yuna and the band for making it big at the recent AJL recently. From an underground indie artist to main stream. Woah..... it felt like it was yesterday that me aina and nadia went to urbanscape to watch her perform along side other fellow indies like Paolo Delfino, Mia Pelencia and Koko Kaina...!hahhahahahaa.... big ups to aunty anum and uncle zarai for the support. And the band members for keeping it together thru thick and thin. Pa'an, Efry and Adil No matter how much the media bash the band up, it still proven that they are the best. No one can deny talents. And they are full with it.

Need to go back to my indie roots. Discovering new bands and unsign indie. At least they speak their mind out. Keep it up alis n crew. Stay pure...! to the other indie, keep on trying.... we be supporting yall.... Malaysian rawks.....!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Reunion

I got the opportunity to check out the interstate competition in pyramid recently. How I miss all the hype and adrenaline rush. As usual, ill be behind the Selangor corner. Once, always and forever – A Seangorianz. I would never betray the red and yellow. Red yellow, red yellow, red yellow is Selangor...Hahaha…. Those were the days.. Things have change internally since I’ve been away. But externally, I’ve seen all the same old face with the same old attitude and the same bowling style. Was'nt I out too long?I guess I didn’t miss anything much. But then again when I get together with the crew and Selangorianz, I felt like its a reunion. Something that kept me warm for all those years. Though everyone got their own life to deal with now, but this is the thing that brought us together in the first place. Bowling..

Day one – Singles:

Wasn’t really sure who was playing for Selangor. So just came by and see what’s up. A lot of people were surprised to see me. Meet up with the girls and boys team, Abg ZD, Kak Shalin, Abg Din and Abg Mat. Kak Alin has this cast on her right leg. Overuse muscle that became chronic. 2-3 weeks of rest she told me. That’s why she cancelled off her US Tour. Pity her. Hope you recover soon akak.

It’s has been more than a year since I’ve been gone. Even the MTBC people called me up to find out what I was up to now. I’ve moved on I suppose.

Day two – Doubles:

I was the moving Ogawa chair for most of them. I fix Dina’s, Abg ZD and also Abg Din’s shoulders and back. hoefully its better. They even push an imaginary button on my knee as if its a machine to take a number for their turn. Even Akak Shalin also requested. But was later denied. Went to see mamak and amirul pair.

Azran bowled well yesterday, manage to catch up with him before his turn. He complaint to me bout his back. Abit higher from his left supra iliac spine. Too much muscle contraction I suppose. As usual, bowlers has the tendency to develop 1 side only.

Aina was around to watch the competition. I miss her so much. Even with her sarcastic way. She brought her friend along. Need a lot of catching up to do with her. Offered to send her back to Sunway Collage. But tak nak lak. She said rather take a cab. Owkay then. As I was about to leave the alley, she called me up and say need a ride. Melayu..... offense to any other people. She was having this healthy drink with Ireland Potato - fries for lunch..? my comment on it, “errr...its very disturbing... whats the point anyway? It don't mix well.” hahhahahaha.....Pick her up and lepak jap before drop her off at collage. She was talking bout this hawt looking lecturer in collage or something. Owh puhlezzz......

Day three – Team / All Events

Went in early just to check out the last team event. Was there for the 1st block only. Abg ZD asked me to take a look at the girls team. Hopefully I helped them up.... but when I was there, both of the two games they played bad... mann.... sorry yall. Thankfully they won silver if I'm not mistaken.

As I went back early, I truly hope that they win the overall championship. We never lost ever since the competition started. Prayed really hard.

Its that warm feeling that makes me recharge. Almost lost contact with my bowling friends and familia. Its not that I forget my roots, just that was awfully too busy lately. And our timing to hang out dosent really click. Gotta make time and effort then. Much luv yall....! hope to see you guys again in the next charades session. Sorry for missing it last Friday.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forbidden Dreams

It’s a term I came up recently. At first I wanted to use it on a rhyme. Or maybe I should.

What does this means to you? To me, it’s feels so good that its feels like something cant even imagine of feeling (Just a figure of speech). Recently I found mine.

Got myself a pair of new kicks. It’s a white Reebok with the new hex true system. Its comfort like madd that its sickening. Hahhahaaa…… Of cause I tend to exaggerate stuff. That’s just me.

‘Someone said why that brand? Are your following ‘someone’ fav shoes?’ Na’ah.. It’s just a coincidence. My feets can only suit with New Balance, Brooks and Reebok.. haven’t been writing any new rhyme lately. But do got something to write about. So just hold on..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A price to be nice / the responsible curse

All my life I always put other people first, especially family and friends. No matter how much that need to be done or no matter how long is the wait. Just to see a simple smile on their face. To me, it’s not troubling at all. I have always loved to help people out.

I prayed to God to give me a chance and ability to help other people in need. This is because I was brought back from the dead when I was small. I suppose God have better plans for me in my life. So since Allah gave me a second chance in living, why not I’ll help others in return? I’m not hoping any material reward from anyone. Just the sense of making other peoples at ease with life. I’ve hurt some people as well in my quest of lending a hand. Maybe they can’t accept my helping gesture.

I’ve recovered from a long case of depression. Let’s say that I’ve been there and overcome that. So I know how it’s like to be having all those feelings and how much it hurts.

Gradually and then suddenly.
That’s how you get out of depression

-quote from ‘Prozac Nation’-

Being the responsible one sometimes bites. People expect you to be perfect. They can’t accept if you ever mess up. Because it’s not your nature. But we are simply mere human being. No matter how tired you are, people still wanna tell you their story. Though sometimes it’s just repetitions of an unsolved life mystery. But I kept a straight face and simply listen. Something I do best.

I don’t mind at all. At least I understand that “life might not be fair, but at least God is”. And that everyone has their own share of problems and mishaps. It’s how we take it and overcome the challenges infront of us. Some might need others help, while others might just need some time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

nu yea yea yeah...!

Finally 2010 people.… a decade has pass. Have it serve us well? What have we accomplished? Are we a better person now? What your resolution..? Me? To be truthful to my heart and not bottling all those negative emotions. Its causes more than just pains and heartache. I want to be free, to be honest, not making any excuses, to talk bout my life instead of listening to others alone. Always had been a good listener. As they say, if your good at something, there’s are some area that your weak.

To be more religious, so that I appreciate life. Hope it’s not to late to purify my heart. I’m not saying that I’m good, just trying to be a better person in life. Not to assume so much of what people think and say. I have a lot of cobweb in my closet. Its time to do some serious deep cleaning.

Hope you have a better year this year around. Dreams to be fulfilled and effort to be made.

a brand new year with a brand new flavor.
start making tracks so you don't have to wonder
what ever done last year has pass and gone
so pick up yourself its time to carry on

wishing you a great new year and many more good stuff ahead. Sorry if any of my emoness has deeply effected you. But its time for me to prove myself to each one of you. Just slap me up if im still doing it. I giving you the privilege.. happy new year...!