Saturday, July 2, 2016

Beautiful Adventure (original rhyme)

not your regular route, from here to there,
but we brace ourself, determine to dare,
the ling winding road, with a decent fare,
cold blasting air cond, that we had to bare..

on a foreign land, just the two of us,
with places to go, from morning till dusk,
covering the island, is consider a must,
soaking our eyes, to the beaches and stardust..

from illuminating plankton to those fire dance,
those lights in the night, is truly tranced,
this experience with you, is so advanced,
my heart for you, is pure romance...

within the 11th hour, you still prevail,
chance to see floating market is not to be fail,
before our trip back and ready to set sail,
such a beautiful adventure, from head to tail...

happy 2 years sayang...