Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Peace beneath the stars (original rhyme)

a getaway from those city lights,
nothing but the stars, to be our guide,
taking us, to a diffrent heights,
a breathe of fresh air, such a wonderful sight,
no need to be scared, in the middle of the night,
as long we're close to God, everything is alright.

here I found peace, beneath the stars,
best experience to me, away by far,
with Z & AD, camp by some earth star,
by a group of butterflies, I wish to keep in jars,
the happiness so pure, yet I felt so bizarre,
something I never felt before, calm as sound of a guitar..

wish I could stay forever, so I appreciate life,
but still I am glad, that I have survived,
as happy as can be, with my son and my wife,
time spent here, is such a revive,
a reason to fight for, the equilibrium that I strive,
after all these years, never felt so alive..


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