Friday, June 17, 2016

If it makes you Happy

Woaw it’s been reallyyyy long time since I did my last post. I’ve been away from blogging all these while. Before it was called lyrics of a psychopath. It captures all my deep darkest words that I wasn’t able to say out loud or feelings that I kept within. After getting married to my lovely wife, I don’t feel it anymore. That’s part of the reason why I have stop writing. I am enjoying each day of my life. So what made me write again? Let me tell you about it.

Having some simple skill of blogging, I have been doing some post for my company. Promotional celebration, events and any health tips that we would like to share with the masses. Initially when I was asked to do this, I was like ‘been a long time’ but I suppose why not. Did seek advice in others since my flare of writing might seem gettho and not following proper grammar. But im still learning. And don’t mind to be corrected. Will try to avoid mistake.

 Throughout my married life, I have experienced a lot of fantastic adventure with my lovely wife and our son AD. I started taking pictures and collecting them each time and l’ll try and share some of it here. Due to that, I will change my writing style and focus towards things that are positive. Beautiful journey and the experiences I have gone through with my family. Alhamdulillah, Allah had giving me a chance in this brand new day. And I’m thankful and will cherish it each day. Insyallah..

 And with the encouragement of my supportive wife, she would want me to write and rhyme again. Simply one in a million. Of cause her writing has more depth and I do admire it so much. But the only way to be better is to read and learn from others. Now it is simply call, “Inner Awesomeness”. Why? Days go by, and that’s how I feel in life. Embrace a new chapter of life. Negative people I left behind and discard, my journey in search of serenity, to be closer to Allah and becoming a better Muslim. And yet still reflect my style and likings. But of cause, my rhymes will be back (I hope…).

 Last note: To the friends that’s been supporting “guess what, I’m backkk”
 To those who are hating “it’s my blog, don’t like it, don’t read it”
 To the stalkers “this is mylife, buzz off”
 To the new readers “welcome to my world”

 Till next post. Boom…!

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